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It’s 2015 and Every Woman Is a Feminist—So Who Pays When The Check Comes?

Regardless of whether you want to be a stay-at-home mom, or run a Fortune company, the best thing you can do is work on yourself, and let a man do the work in a relationship.

The Christian RULES of Dating

Surprisingly, I would go as far as to say that there is even a feminist argument to letting a man pay for dates. How much do men spend to be taken seriously at the office, compared to how much women need to spend? Have I said it enough yet? Letting a man pay for a date does not make you a bad feminist. Women may be behind career-wise simply because of the way our system is set up , so instead of focusing on a relationship, they should be focusing on bettering themselves.

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Instead, let the man do the work to pursue you. When my parents first started dating, my mom made significantly more than my dad. In these cases, the survey participants thought it would be fair for women to chip in more often than less when dating.

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From the singles that I interviewed, most agreed that the length of the date contributed to how the expenses would be paid. For example, one thirty-something single woman said that if she and her date were to go to dinner and a movie, she thought it would be only right if she paid for one and he pay for the other. On the other hand, one-stop dates are usually reserved for men to pay. In the informal survey that I took, it was almost unanimous that the person that asks is the person that pays.

In most cases, women shared that they would never pursue a man, so this would be a non-issue. Most men agreed that if he is asked then he expects her to pay.

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Some men felt that even if he were asked, it was still his responsibility to pay. Most men surveyed that the extent to which they pay for dates is directly related to how they feel about the woman.

The Christian RULES of Dating

Then you can walk away or continue with a clear conscience. For years, I felt much the same myself.

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If a man coughed up for everything, I felt somewhat indebted to him. Besides, the feminist in me felt it was unfair on men to always have to foot the bill — and if onliners are going on lots of first dates, it can get pricey, so sharing the cost seemed only right although I will admit to feeling somewhat affronted when one guy actually pulled out a calculator when the bill arrived!

However, other chaps in the chatroom challenged my opinions.

So far, I've talked about how Biblical dating is Christ-centered and pure. . How she handles having you pay will also tell you a lot about her. Even when I got to the stage in my dating adventures when I was positively blasé about first dates, there was always one point in the.

They were horrified that a woman might feel obligated to them if they pick up the tab. After that, I tried to tread the middle ground. After all, if more dates followed, I could always pick up the tab another time.

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When I posed the question again on my Facebook page , one gentleman confirmed: