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Have you been Cheek’d? The dating service with “business cards” Yet in a few weeks I have yet to make a match or whatever they call it. By contrast, I cross paths with dozens of women on Bumble, Happn and Tinder. Either no one is using this app or it doesn't work.

After Brutal ‘Shark Tank’ Rejection, Tech CEO Reinvents Her Dating Business

Either way it's a failure on the part of the app creator. Had for over a month now and haven't even seen another user.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Cheekd reimagines online dating with a new app that makes missed connections obsolete. Along with perfect Facebook poses, you can now select pictures from your camera roll!

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This article puts a lot of words on a page to give you the final punchline: Robert is out next. He left with a date. For Adblock Plus on Google Chrome: A Card and a Wink". Had for over a month now and haven't even seen another user.

Urgent update to fix the missed connections. Here are the updates for this version: We are looking to fix that. We patched it temporarily but a major rehaul is in order.

Cheekd on Wave 3 Listens Live December 2018

So we fixed it. Thank you very much. It was as if a kid threw up on a roller coaster. If your app crashes please write us some feedback telling us what you did to make our lovely app crash.

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Roger would be eternally grateful. We are looking to host more events and try our app some more. Tell us what you hate. The service debuted with the name "Cheek'd".

never miss a connection.

Founder Lori Cheek is a former architect. She said that she only had subscribers to her service at that time.

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Imagine that during your weekly therapy session you tell your therapist about a new dating app that you have in the works. So, you come up with an idea for a new app of your own, an “online dating in reverse,” if you will. She tells her friend, Lori Cheek, a budding. Cheekd reimagines online dating with a new app that makes missed connections obsolete; thanks to this new Bluetooth technology the app works on the train.

Cheek'd offered two user plans, paid and free. If users chose the free plan, they did not pay a monthly subscription fee nor did they buy business cards. Instead, they would download the Cheekd app for free, and hand out virtual cards to any appealing strangers that were nearby.

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In , the service's name changed from the original "Cheek'd" to "Cheekd". It was redesigned to relieve the awkwardness of approaching strangers. The new Cheekd app uses Bluetooth technology to send alerts to users whenever a compatible Cheekd user is within a foot radius, instead of using business cards. The original business card-based model for Cheekd had been claimed as a patented process by Lori Cheek, as US Patent In September , a complaint was filed, alleging that the idea was not original to Lori Cheek.

Cheek responded, stating that the complaint was baseless, and a complete fabrication.

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