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100+ Flirty Would You Rather Questions

romanoguerra.com.br Would you rather go out for your date or stay in? Does he prefer romantic nights cuddled on the soda with your favorite movie, or would he rather go out and about on the town for dinner, drinks, and a show? This not only says a lot about the kind of guy he is, but can get you excited about a potential date with this guy! Would you rather kiss a girl on her cheek or her lips?

He might be the kind of guy who just likes to give his girl a cute and sweet little peck on the cheek, or he might want to devour her with his lips. Would you rather date someone older or younger than you? This is just a fun question. The more you know, the better. Would you rather see a girl in a short dress, shorts, or a skirt? Every guy has different tastes in what they like to see women wear.

Find out what he prefers and wear it around him to really catch his attention! Would you rather your girlfriend wear red lipstick or pink lipstick? Does he like that red hot woman with lots of attitude, or does he enjoy a sweeter more innocent style? This is a great, flirty question to ask and you can find out what kind of makeup you should wear around him.

Hey, some guys like a little adventure in their sex life! Are you talking to one of them? Would you rather kiss a girl on the first date or wait? He might be old fashioned, or he might be quit to jump into it with his lady friend. Find out what kind of guy he is with this easy question. Would you rather get back with your ex or find someone new? Some guys are still holding on to old flames.

But if he says he is looking for someone new, then keep asking him plenty of questions- you could be his next love! This is a personal one- and we have to warn you, be ready for the answer. You might find out he has a secret, passionate love for you, or he just simply thinks of you as a great friend.

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Some men really love making sure their woman is relaxed and loves to treat them like queens. Figure out if he is the type to pamper by asking him this sensual would you rather question. Would you rather a girl or a guy make the first move? Getting the answer to this question is important, especially if neither of you have made any moves. We already asked him who he prefers to initiate the first kiss.

Now you can get a feel for what he prefers when it comes to making the first move on things like the first time you two make a date. Is he a shy type or does he just prefer confident girls? Maybe he wants to make the first move. Find out by asking! Would you rather a girl wear lingerie or just be completely nude?

Does he like it when you get dressed up or dressed down? Become a little bit more flirty by talking about what he likes when it comes down to the bedroom. Would you rather cuddle or makeout? This question is definitely one of the flirtiest. It gets him thinking about you the two of you spending time together in the most intimate ways and his answer might bring a smile to your face. Is he a soft cuddly type or a more hands on guy? Would you rather sleep naked or with pjs?

40 Flirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask A Guy

It will give you a look into what you would be dealing with if you share a bed. Maybe you like to sleep naked, too. It is good to be sure you are both on the same page, although we highly doubt he would have a problem with you sleeping in the nude either way. Would you rather have kids first or get married first? It seems like a silly thing to ask, we know. But it is a good question, especially if you are really trying to get to know each other.

Is he more traditional or does he want to break outside the box. Where do his responsibilities lie? Would you rather cook or be cooked for? Maybe he has the skill of a young, hot Gordan Ramsey when it comes to the kitchen. Asking if he cooks is a light, flirty question because it gives him an idea of the two of you doing something intimate together like cooking.

Maybe he likes picturing you cooking supper for him or vice versa. Would you rather be purely physical or make a commitment?

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Would you rather walk around naked in public or poop your pants in public? Or does he want to take you out on a grand adventure? The cover and theme for my newest book was inspired by the concept of kintsugi. Would you rather get a kiss on the cheeks after the first date or get a kiss on the lips after the first date? The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc. Also, consistently bringing up dating is definitely the right flirtatious route to take if you really like this guy. Would you rather cuddle or makeout?

Does he want to take things to the next level or is he trying to keep it casual? Would you rather be with a short girl or a tall girl? Just like the boobs or butt question, this question will give you an idea of what type of girls he is into.

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Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel? Start daydreaming together by discussing what you would do on potential future dates. Is he an outdoorsy type or does he want to take you for a night in the city? Would you rather go on long walks or long drives?

Again, discussing what you two would do on your dates gets the gears turning and gives you two a look at what being together would be like. Keep the blushing coming by asking each other questions like these. Would you rather date a good girl or a bad girl? The answer may surprise you. Does he picture himself with a bad to the bone man-eater or a down to earth good girl? Get his wildest fantasies out in the open and watch the flirting get taken to a whole new level.

Would you rather cuddle and watch movies or go out and adventure? Does he love the idea of spending a day inside curled up with you? Or does he want to take you out on a grand adventure?

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Either way the answer should get you feeling all warm and tingly inside, not to mention get you both excited for days like that to come. Would you rather we talk through text, calling or social media? You may want to ask this question so you know the best route of talking with each other. Would you rather date a good kisser or a good lover? Mmmm always a flirty idea to bring up kissing or being together romantically.

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Would you rather marry someone who loves a political figure you hate or someone with a religious belief you hate? Would you rather have an abortion or gain pounds? Would you rather die a virgin or have a bunch of STDs? Would you rather have a weird fetish or not have any fun? Would you rather walk around naked in public or poop your pants in public? Would you rather do porn or be poor?

Would you rather look amazing naked but only decent in clothes, or amazing in clothes but not great naked?

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Would you rather have a hot body and unattractive face or attractive face but and unattractive body? I hope this article gave you some good ideas for fun would you rather questions to ask to get to know someone.

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Flirty Would You Rather Questions

You've been warned. 18 "Would You Rather" Questions About Dating That Will Probably Ruin Your Life. You've been warned. image. They are just for helping you find out a little more about the person you are dating or want to date. So without further ado here are some would you rather.

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