V dating fangirl

Bts v dating fangirl

He killed Superman in a major comic event in the early 90s, and was likely added to the overstuffed BvS as the only one who could do so again.

Ascended Fanboy

While in the comics, this character had a long, slow build as he made his way via a path of destruction to Metropolis and the final battle, in the movie he showed up in the final minutes as a Frankenstein monster hail mary from Luthor. In the absence of a villain build, we could have at least gotten some character focus on the man of steel. But once you dig out his arc from beneath the many other plot lines, you're left wanting. The movie starts with Clark Kent happily living with the love of his life, Lois Lane.

He's still saving people as Superman, and trying to ignore those who hate him in favor of the many who think he's a hero. But as Luthor's schemes come to fruition, Superman worries that he's better off not saving anyone, since he can't save everyone. That idea was already dealt with in the first movie, but sure, let's once again ask.

He also claims that "no one stays good," which is about the least Superman thing to say. By the end, he's back to saving the world and especially saving Lois. That is, until he sacrifices himself to stop Doomsday. Then the reason for his death, and for even being in the movie at all, becomes clear: Like Coulson's death in the first Avengers movie, Superman's is a cause that heroes can rally around.

A grieving Batman, who moments earlier wanted to kill the Kryptonian himself, seems to have done a on both Superman and humanity as he explains to Wonder Woman that he's going to bring metahumans together to fight in Superman's honor. Don't worry, he'll be back. Considering all of the clues pointing to the JL Big Bad being Darkseid , his main enemy Superman has to be on the scene. Batman's way too long Inception -style prophetic dream sequence left me wanting.

Sure, I'm excited to have Darkseid be the next movie's villain. But the dream, combined with other parts of the film, hit on one of my biggest trope pet peeves. Dream Clark tells Dream Bruce that "she was my world" before he murders him, making it seem like Bruce did something to Lois. The "my world" phrasing happens throughout the movie, and in the end Clark equates her and his life on Earth. He's willing to sacrifice himself to save Earth because it saves her. There's a trope that appears in a few alternate universe comics, Injustice: Gods Among Us being the most recent, where Lois dies and in his grief Superman goes dark and tyrannical.

I can't stand that plot, as I have more faith in Superman as a hero and in his understanding of what Lois would want him to do in the event of her death. It also seems odd for the franchise to point in this direction, as it covered Superman's sacrificial death with literal crosses and used a memorial quote that, while from the architect Christopher Wren 's memorial, reads like a Bible verse. Several netizens are accusing V of currently dating longtime fan, identified as HI. According to them, the stories which HI had tweeted on her twitter account are the evidence of V and HI dating.

However, Bighit Entertainment had strongly denied the dating rumor of the BTS member and the fan girl. For example, if HI wants a certain pose, message and photos of the present which HI had given V such as ring and handphone. HI was accused of travelling with V whenever he has schedules overseas and dated secretly by exchanging paper messages on the plane. Because of the handphone which V had received as a present from the fan girl, his agency had also given him a warning. Although she does end up keeping a secret journal in which she spills everything, presumably for the purpose of working out her issues in private.

Not long after finishing, she burns the notebook, with no one any wiser. Later, she and Matsuda and by extension, the surviving members of the task force find each other again online after a period of separation. His own blog is not an in character RP blog, but his asks are consistently treated as coming from the same dragon to the point where said dragon has appeared onscreen multiple times.

He begins his self-taught Jedi training immediately afterwards. Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness: It's clearest when Neville meets Colin's childhood friend Brad, who is under the impression that Neville is "Lawful Good", and in this companion oneshot. Lovecraft fan while human due to it appealing to his misanthropic nature , he has now transformed into an Eldritch Abomination himself. Immediately after she's brought into the story, she tracks him down and manages to earn her way into his employment, to her extreme joy.

Fred from Big Hero 6 is a comic book nerd who becomes an actual superhero, and admits that being chased by Yokai is both terrifying and awesome. His suit is based on his favorite kaiju, a monster named Krogar. We're being attacked by a supervillain, people! How cool is that! I mean, it's scary, obviously, but how cool! You got me monologuing! Alex Rogan in The Last Starfighter. He was a video-game programmer who ran his own arcade, then gets zapped into the games themselves I shouldn't have written all of those tank programs.

I just wanted to tell you I thought a lot about what you said. But I want you to know that I'm not a complete brain case, okay? I understand completely that it's just a TV show. I know there's no beryllium sphere, no digital conveyor, no ship Just stop for a second! Oh my God, I knew it. Pessimal was sent by Lord Vetinari to inspect Vimes' operations, and neither man knew Pessimal had always wanted to join the City Watch. Vimes eventually got sick of Pessimal and made him tag along to quell a potential riot, thinking it would make him see things from Vimes's point of view and shut him up.

Ironically, Pessimal took to the opportunity once the shell-shock wore off, and after a display of sheer balls trying to attack a rioting troll with his teeth!

Bracelet – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow and Tara

Possibly the oldest fictional example is Don Quixote , though rather than waiting for the Call to Adventure to come to him, he took a much more proactive approach to living out his chivalric fantasies. Duck Zhang in the Gone series. Done by Robert A. Mike O'Neal, Jr, from the Legacy of the Aldenata , is a science fiction writer at the beginning of the series, and later called into service to help create the Powered Armor and other technology to defend against the Posleen invasion , ultimately becoming a Four-Star Badass.

Ed Greenwood in Shadows of Doom shows just how casually this may happen to any random kid around Elminster Make magic for us, please!

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Only a little one, just for us! I see some things, know ye, in my dreams. Things I know will come to pass, in summers still to come. It is one thing to dream of dragons, and quite another to know with cold certainty that someday you will be touching one. More than that; flying high above the ground on a dragon's scaly back, with empty air as high as castles beneath you, and a twisted death below should you fall.

Completely biased reviews and fangirling

Dating rumors about BTS member V and a fan girl have been spreading like wild fire online. Several netizens are accusing V of currently dating. I only know that V did indeed speak to her and have contact, but that was only because she was his fan. Basically it was just a fan -celebrity relationship nothing .

Hiro Nakamura of Heroes has been a comic book junkie for years when he discovers he has superpowers of his own. It's a bit of a surprise he hasn't put together his own costume yet. He certainly wants to. He also always wanted to be his childhood hero Takezo Kensei and kiss the princess he saves. He got the chance in season 2. Hiro is also a literal Ascended Fanboy, according to his father: I have waited a long time for a Nakamura to ascend. The panels you're walking on covered the floor of the United States Supreme Court for 68 years.

That lamp was on Ito's desk during OJ. This jury box is from the set of To Kill a Mockingbird. The Foreigner song Jukebox Hero is about a kid who is inspired to become a rock star after sneaking into a concert. In the fictional universe of the Tenacious D television series and movie, Lee is one of these. That may be the case in real life as well. In the Cool Kids Table game Hogwarts: The New Class , Jake, Matt, and Shannon all play themselves as fans of Harry Potter who get to go through Hogwarts though that doesn't stop them from pointing out the inconsistencies and poor-logic of the world.

Shannon is especially excited to get officially sorted into Ravenclaw. Subverted with Josh who, though he has read some books and seen some movies, is not as familiar with it as the other three kids. Adaptation Expansion makes the title character in the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one of these. In all versions of the story, everybody is curious about what Willy Wonka's mysterious factory is like, but in this version Charlie Bucket's fascination with it is more personal.

He is in awe of the Living Legend 's amazing creations and feats and, inspired by them, has developed quite a few ideas of his own for whimsical candies. Willy Wonka" has him send a list of some of these ideas to Mr. Wonka in hopes that perhaps the great sweetmaker does. In the end, of course , Charlie becomes Mr. Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes. Subverted with Otacon, a lonely Otaku who is determined to become one of these by building himself a real life Humongous Mecha like in the anime he loved — of course, it turns out that the mecha is going to be a new type of nuclear weapons platform and he'd let his desire to live in fiction overshadow his logic.

And then it's Double Subverted when Otacon ends up becoming the sidekick of an action hero-esque soldier and ends up living the otaku fantasy after all.

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Otacon's the most obvious, but this actually applies to most of the cast. Ocelot is a Spaghetti Western Otaku who was modelled after Lee van Cleef , can do ridiculous gunplay tricks with his revolver and pull off complicated Man With No Name -style backstabbing Batman Gambit , and wears spurs all the time. Major Zero is a James Bond fanboy who is also a British spy going by an intitial codename "O" and ends up masterminding a Cold War assassination gambit to kill another superspy.

Snake makes various references to movies throughout the games, even giving his name as Iroquois meaning "rattlesnake" Pliskin at one point, and he's based heavily on Eighties Action Hero characters. The cutest example is probably Little John, a little boy who loves ninja manga and sci-fi about robots, and discovers at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots that his dad is a robot ninja. Raiden is a complicated example that plays the trope dead straight and deconstructs it from every possible angle. As seen in codec with Kevin in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance , he recounts his history with Snake to his friends in Maverick, calling Snake as the hero of Outer Heaven uprising , Zanzibar Land disturbance , Shadow Moses incident , Big Shell incident , and his contribution in stopping Liquid Ocelot's insurrection.

He also mentions that he was the best combat soldier Raiden had ever seen. Ends up getting teased as a Snake fanboy, though mostly out of disappointment no one else working at Maverick got to meet him. Raiden's history doing VR training is analogised to being a video gamer; he is placed into a recreation of the first game, in an attempt to turn him into a main character of a video game with no real qualities other than hyper-competent obedience. The only reason he gets out of the simulation with any part of himself alive is his love of Solid Snake, the kind of love a video gamer has for their favourite character in the story of a game.

And he gets to go Back-to-Back Badasses with him and eventually become one of the few people Snake considers a true friend! This is invoked in Revengeance , where it's specified that, as part of dealing with what happened to his body and identity after 4 , Raiden got really into samurai movies and started looking to samurai philosophy to express his feelings about his life.

Raiden's movie fanboyism, however, started out far darker. As a child soldier, he was forced to watch s action movies "the kind with macho guys and big guns" with the goal of making him want to be just like those characters. Presumably, at some point in his life, it was working. Shin Super Robot Wars: Ryusei Date is a Humongous Mecha otaku who pilots the machines he's admired so much. Noriko usually joins him in squeeing over all the Super Robots the heroes are carting around. And then she pilots the GunBuster. Meeting with Might Senpuuji and his team is like meeting a super star for Wataru.

Shingo Yabuki from The King of Fighters idolized Kyo Kusanagi so much that he vigorously trained so that he could join him in the titular tournament. While he may never shoot fire somebody apparently never told him that Kusanagi powers are hereditary , he was strong enough to win a few tournaments and survive against Riot of the Blood Iori.

Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter trained to catch up to her idol Ryu, and eventually fought him. She was even able to use the Hadoken , an impressive feat for a martial arts student with no training partner. Scarily enough, in one comic continuity before she started fangirling Ryu, Sakura was a huge fan of E. Honda, the sumo wrestler , and training to be like him. Including lamenting just how much weight she still had to gain. She still respects Honda, as shown in her Mini-Boss fight with him in Alpha Tamao Mitsurugi joined the VG Tournament for the express purpose of meeting the woman she'd chosen to model herself after: And not only met her heroine, Yuka was moved by Tamao's fighting spirit and agreed to become her "Sempai".

Viewtiful Joe is Captain Blue's biggest fan, and grew up watching Blue's movies and collecting his action figures. Needless to say, he hogged Captain Blue when those were offered to him. And let's not even get started on his Squee! Inverted in Disgaea 3: Almaz is a descended fanboy after his hero-idolizing tendencies gave him the wonderfully suicidal idea that he should follow in legendary hero Aurum's footsteps and go slay the Overlord of the Netherworld.

No more than a couple of chapters later, he's now unwillingly serving as the lab rat of the Overlord's son, and wondering what the hell he was thinking. There's also the fact that the "hero" in question is actually the Big Bad of the game. Silver Star Story Complete , who is a worshipper of the Dragonmaster Dyne, is a textbook example of this trope as he gets to be the dragonmaster and save the girl and the world. Between the 9th and 10th games, Kieran the most patriotic character in the series, including the ones who fall under My Country, Right or Wrong is promoted to 2nd in command of the Royal Knights one of Criema's highest military positions.

In the fourth game, one of the substitute characters is a pegasus knight named Femina. The girl had been raised hearing stories about the amazing knight Sigurd and his companion Ferry; she doesn't get to work with her idols since they're dead , but becomes one of the companions of Sigurd's son Celice.

The Engine action RPG Voyage for Vengeance has a man in one of the cities who loves Shadowrun so much that he started his own shadow running organization which the player can eventually work for. He starts out as a fan of the legendary Sephiroth who goes out to join the same organisation of Super Soldiers , doesn't even make it to said organisation and spends a lot of time delusionally thinking he did, and somehow ends up leading the only group that can save the world from a now even more powerful Sephiroth.

According to the Ultimania guide , as a child Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII saw a movie about a knight protecting a sorceress, which inspired both his "romantic dream" of becoming a sorceress's knight and his decision to train with the gunblade. She clearly wants more than just "cross swords" with him.

Unfortunately for her, Guybrush is devoted to Elaine and is completely oblivious to Morgan's advances. Liberty Lad from Freedom Force starts off as an obnoxious Loony Fan that follows the heroes around and needs to be protected in a quasi-escort mission. Eventually he ends up taking a bullet for his hero that possesses superhuman endurance and is largely immune to bullets, gets a magical operation , and turns into Liberty Lad.

After getting hit with Energy X and getting Super Speed , he finally has a chance to become a superhero like his idol. For bonus points, he ends up going back in time and helping the Sky King get his jetpack working for the first time by using the information from the comic books. In the version, Morgan and Ripken are both playable, so you can make this happen yourself. Jann Lee from Dead or Alive. He's that good and arrogant in using his Jeet Kune Do because when he was little, he used to watch Bruce Lee movies all the time as a mean to escape the harsh reality of being bullied by the locals for being a weakling.

He Took a Level in Badass as a result. Compare to Conrad Verner. Cerberus tried to find her and when she found out, she did some investigating to find out they have Shepard brought Back from the Dead , and from there she offered a fee, introduced herself to Shepard as a fan, left the emotional baggage other crew members have behind and only asked that Shepard consider helping her on a heist to recover her lover's greybox.

Left 4 Dead Zoey is fan of zombie apocalypse films, now she faces of a real zombie apocalypse. Raz, the protagonist of Psychonauts , basically memorized all of the in-universe True Psychic Tales comics before getting a chance to actually become a Psychonaut. Goombario from the first Paper Mario introduces himself as Mario's number one fan. He joins Mario in his quest as his first partner. According to the collector's edition strategy guide for Fallout: New Vegas , there are hints of this for the young Caesar. And 9-volt was working for Wario until DIY for unknown reasons and volt still works for him.

He won an official costume contest and his price was being made an official character. Luke Triton, in the Professor Layton games, is a variant on the trope.

BTS V and Fangirl

In Unwound Future , he remarks that he's a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories and has read them all many times At the beginning of the game, he's a professional roadie bemoaning how modern music is progressively less and less metal Y'know, I haven't mentioned it yet but this place is nuts!

Mika Hashimoto of Shining Song Starnova is an otaku who decided to emulate the heroine of her favorite anime by becoming an Idol Singer. In her own route, she gets to star as that heroine in a live-action TV adaptation of the anime, much to her initial glee. Then it all goes downhill. Sol and Kei in Circumstances of the Revenant Braves are otaku that end up with super powers.

Thoroughly deconstructed in Fans! It was most poignantly subverted with a character actually known in-story as Tim the Fanboy , who had become a fan of the previous heroic fans, only to turn on them when he felt they had let him down. In the Korean webcomic, Tale of Eun Aran , we find out after Aran is gifted with superhuman fighting skills and power that he would spend his days playing games and daydreaming about fighting evil.


Parson Gotti from Erfworld is sucked into the title universe at a typically ironic moment right after saying "See if I could, like, literally escape into one of these games, I'd do it in a second. Just snap my fingers and teleport right in? This occurs with the memorable sound effect , " PLOT!

Han is an Ordinary High-School Student who loves RPGs and wakes up one day to find that his life has become an RPG-Mechanics Verse , in which he can see everyone's stats and levels, and he can also tangibly increase both his strength and knowledge by performing menial tasks and grinding. Things become even more exciting for him later on when he finds out that there are other people out there with strange powers who often do battle.

MegaTokyo 's Piro the character, not the author avatar is an Ascended Fanboy: