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Speed-friending: Can you make a friend in just five minutes?

stores.mixseller.com/azithromycin-store-online-shipping-to-canada.php A few women look really nervous. But as the session progresses, we all relax.

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There's a lot of laughing and lighthearted banter. Talk quickly moves away from basic introductions into more intimate conversations where confidences are exchanged.

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And over the next few months I met all the usual suspects any girl who is trying to find a partner would be familiar with, included but not limited to:. The thought of putting herself out there was terrifying. You've been struggling to conceive, and your GP has now advised you to explore your options in If you could have lunch with 1 famous person, who would it be? It was such an amazing experience — many attendees were extremely grateful and prompted me to run the same type of program on a weekly basis. You are going to LOVE your calling! Stunning murmuration of starlings take over Meath sky Niamh Quinn spotted this stunning starling

Young Kiwis say they struggle to make friends. Afterwards, I catch up with Sarah, an articulate and softly spoken woman in her early 40s, with curly blonde hair and a penetrating gaze. She came up with the idea for The School of Feminine Arts and friendship speed dating while working with women in private practice, she says. Many women feel terribly lonely, and have no idea what to do about it. I thought, let's resolve this.

A report found that Those aged between 15 and 24 were the most lonely at Sarah is choosy about her friends, which is an absolutely okay way to be, she says. When I tell her that, at the event I just attended, I thought about writing down every name to spare others' feelings, she tells me that's a bad idea. It's fine to be selective about who we spend our time with.

Selectiveness, of course, is the basic principle behind friendship speed dating. Participants spend a few minutes with each other, noting down names and other salient information "Cyclist, blue jumper. Afterwards, you write down the names of the women you'd like to see again, and if you match, Sarah passes along your contact details. I tell her that the New Zealand General Social Survey found that 40 percent of women in New Zealand felt lonely to some degree in the four weeks preceding the survey.

Tackling loneliness in women with speed dating for friendship

The figure for men was a little lower, at 32 percent. Sarah isn't surprised by the figures.

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It's a line I repeated to myself, a line I almost blurted out loud, at a “friend speed dating” event I attended in Washington, DC, earlier this year. Friend speed dating is for awesome women who are interested in platonic friendships with other, similarly badass, ladies! It's a speed-dating.

Living in nuclear family units in a patriarchal society where women are encouraged to compete against each other means we find it difficult to find connections, she believes. If we feel if we're not sharing our thoughts with other women we feel removed from society.

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When I ask if she thinks opening themselves up to rejection might hinder rather than help lonely women, there's a long silence. We're here because we want to make friends. Because we're all a little bit vulnerable that competitive stuff is stripped away and we're just there going, 'I hope you like me'.

She mentions a woman with questionable hygiene who attended one of her events and didn't get a single match. She remembers this because it was one of only two times it's happened. So that woman might need to come along to 15 gatherings before she finds someone with whom she feels she might resonate. Some of us find it easier to fit in with a crowd, while others are unique and it will take them longer to find their own tribe. If one friend is considered enough, then Nicola from Tauranga hit the jackpot when she attended one of Sarah's events last year, ending up with a small gang of like minded companions.

Nicola and her husband abandoned Auckland's overheated housing market for Tauranga four years ago. For a long time, she thought she'd made a mistake. In Auckland, she'd had plenty of friends she'd made through her children's school, and at work. However, in her late 40s, with grown up children and an illness that left her unable to work, she felt isolated. While her husband is "lovely and supportive," he works away a lot, she tells me on the phone. This took a toll on her mental health, and her marriage.

I thought about leaving him and going back to Auckland to live with my kids. Last September she signed up for a local speed dating event. She recommended this new coffee shop called Central Coffee Bar. The service was amazing and the people were incredibly accommodating. I will definitely be giving them a ring for my next event! Marketing was, by far, the most difficult part of the whole process.

I tried printing out posters and posting them in the neighborhood, but that was super ineffective. Complete waste of money!

Creating an account is free and very easy. I shared the page with local listserves, blogs and asked my friends to post it to their Facebooks and share it with their coworkers. This was, by far, the BEST idea. Thanks, guys, you rock!

The Longest Shortest Time

I also paid for a meetup group. It only got me two sign ups, but I think it was worth it for future events.

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys - Jubilee x Solfa

So far I have just under members in the meetup group, which could be helpful for my next foray into marketing. I had a blast, and so did everyone else! The attendees all said they loved it, and—better yet—they all made new friends! Looking back, I think my biggest lesson is that most people are not hardcore planners like I am. I love planning months in advance!

How to Play Speed Friend-shipping

Most people signed up in the last three days. I went from five participants to 16—with one person signing up the day of! But, when little mishaps occurred, everyone just went with the flow. I even asked an attendee to take over timing the event so I could go pay the bill—and they were more than happy to do it.

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So my advice is to breathe more and worry less. Your email address will not be published.