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The Hook Up at Security Square Mall - Woodlawn, MD

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I was pleasantly surprised to see this more mall has more vendors, kiosks, and things going on than it had before! This mall is perfect for almost anything! They continue to be a hangout for teenagers, but I'm not upset about that I was a teenager once and this is where I hung out.

They have hair salons, barber shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, music kiosks, shirt makers and not just one but several, makeup stands, and they still manage to house the large department stores like Sears and Macy's. This place even has a furniture store here! Can you believe it? I have no issues with Security Square Mall because they continue to give the community what they want and I noticed they still have a few great stores that have always been popular such as as well as The Great Cookie, Claire's, Gold Bakery and I forgot Things Remembered.

Security Mall could use an upgrade especially since it isn't going anywhere and I think they definitely deserve one but I'll continue to shop there no matter how it looks because they always come through in the clutch and I need things for my kids! I have no issue with parking other than they need to redo the parking lot. The lines are running into each other, uneven, and kind of makes no sense. But I'm also used to it, so I know how to deal with it.

And it could always be worse. I was once was one of the individuals that had to use that bus line to get there so I definitely appreciate it! Kudos to Security Square Mall for lasting more than 30 plus years! Now why in the hell is it listed on the malls website that it opens at 10am on Sunday's?? Somebody should be slapped The finishing touch barbershop is the worst and slowest barbershop in Baltimore. Poor customer service and the barbers will threaten your safety.

Worst place to bring for your family hair cuts. These guys need better customer service training when it comes to dealing with the public. No people skills what so ever. Sad group of men. This mall is never ending. Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory here are great! I found what I was looking for there and was very happy with my purchase. I also ended up doing some impromptu shopping at Sears.

Other Men's Clothing Stores in Security Square Mall

This was my very first time visit here and I liked this mall because it was less crowded as compared to many other malls in MD. In fact I had never heard of this mall before and probably wouldn't have ever if not for Burlington Coat Factory. From the first look of it I though it was an abandoned shady mall and was very surprised as I exited Burlington from the mall side.

I was in the neighborhood and Google GPS took me there since that was the nearest Burlington from my location. While most of the shops may not carry the items that interest me, I was pretty impressed by the number of shops that are there and the ample parking space. I was so tired walking around the entire area. The ambience is very similar to the East Point Mall in Baltimore.

The owner of the store was very rude he called me out my name numerous times in front of other shoppers in the mall.

I kindly asked him if he had a shoe in my size he was forcing me to by a smaller size shoe. I advise him I want my size. I then told him that's ok and proceeded to walk out the store he then got really nasty. I will never stop foot in this store again. I went to mall security who then looked at me like I was crazy. This happened on Fathers Day morning. This is the shadiest mall I have ever been to. I pull in the parking lot. Everyone is just sitting in their cars!! I'm not sure what's going on so I just wait to see if the cops roll up or a bunch of ninjas exit the place. After about five minutes nothing so I'm going to make this quick run.

If I never Yelp again there's your lead!! Joking yet so serious at the same time!! They close at six so maybe just maybe that's why ppl got in their car and just sat in there. Nothing fishy, just a lot of ppl resting after an evening of strolling the mall. I've been here a few times and it's still questionable. Not to mention the time I saw two kids rob some restaurant in the food court.

But don't let me turn away you.

The Hook Up

I'm not the type to care about the latest trends, but ppl love the variety of urban clothing. It's up to you on this one. Lol So I wasn't turned off to this mall like others. Good place to get ur CD game up. I usually only venture into the mall if I'm really really bored or really need something I do not have time to get somewhere else. But this particular visit was a little hopeful. I didn't see a mall full of disgruntled faces, but was greeted by hellos from kiosk vendors.

Music from the CD man filled the air, the smells from the food court were delightful. It was almost a festive feeling.

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I love a deal!. Maybe I will go back to grab some stocking stuffers this year. Haven't been to this mall in a year I must say they have change it up a bit I love it Welcome to security square mall It's not the best mall in the world but it will do I was in the area for a business conference, had a bit of a break in the afternoon and thought I'd stop in for a little shopping. I went in through Macy's, and was doing OK until I stepped out into the rest of the mall The mall is very dark and gloomy, LOTS of shoe stores, and for some reason, a lot of kids running around in all directions with little to no supervision.

And I don't just mean toddlers running around I'm talking about school age children The food court was just OK It's not a place that I would make a special trip to visit, but it was OK to kill some time in the afternoon. Security gets a pretty bad rap. Its honestly not that terrible. I grew up in West Baltimore and have zero issues with "urban"areas as some of the other yelpers coined Security as being.

No, but if I want that I'll drive to Columbia or Towson. The food court is decent. Its great when i need something quick for my eight year old.

Would I shop here all the time-no, but it is not because I don't feel safe. Service gerevsuvks, the store is a mess and only one cashier, who is sctung all nervous. Call for assistance if you don't know what you doing. Usually there are 3 or 4 oeople just hanging out at the counter doing nothing. Now thry need a price check Also, getting to the nearby shopping center with the Weis can be challenging due to the mall traffic. Currently, the carnival is in town, and is seriously hindering access to the Weis Supermarket. About two nights ago, the supermarket had to close early due to disturbances caused by unruly carnival patrons By far one of the most best and most interesting malls I've ever seen in the Baltimore area they have everything they could possibly one for mom-and-pop shops with the machine make stuff to the most biggest so phone store I've ever seen in my life I love coming here and love the people it's great because the place is always full and it's very convenient to Route 70 and I was come here I love getting my phone fixed from the hook up it's one of my favorite stores bus I love going over to make season Navy and all these great store in the mall.

The mall is not what it was it was when it opened in , when it was the place to go, so crowded you couldn't find a place to put your feet. Now there are no bookstores, no drugstores, JC Penney is gone, Sears the only remaining oringinal anchor store is empty, clothing stores all have a hip young slant, nothing for a heavy set older gal like me. Not worth the trouble to go over there.

We ventured into Security Square Mall looking for a good home cooked meal. We wandered over to Granny's Carryout where we received enthusiastic greetings from Jasmine and Eden at Security Square Mall food court. They took the time to explain the cuisine choices and combinations.

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The food was excellent and they have good size portions. The Sears at this location has a terrific tool selection. Plus, there are a ton of wig shops.

Rating Details

The Hook Up store or outlet store located in Baltimore, Maryland - Security Square Mall location, address: Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland - MD. The Hookup in Windsor Mill, MD -- Get driving directions to Security Blvd, Security Blvd, Suite Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD

I dress up as cartoon characters ohhhhhh and do I so I am constantly buying wigs. This mall has a large selection of wig shops, which are all pretty reasonable. The mall is clean. There are stores in there. And there are people. Have you been to Owings Mills Mall lately? That mall has none of those things. Really, it's not a terrible place to go. My initial impression of this mall was not good at all. The parking lot was really trashy. To be fair, the problem is more the fault of people who visit the mall but it doesn't look like cleaning up is a priority for this mall.

Inside, the mall is fairly dated and the interior design doesn't seem to have changed since the 80s. The restrooms are awful - clogged toilets, fixtures in various states of disrepair, and that one guy standing at the corner urinal who seemed to take half an hour to urinate. On the plus side, the food court had a fairly decent selection of vendors, including a Korean food vendor, which I don't usually see at other mall food courts.

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Charging ports can be so easily damaged from crooked plugging, and we are here to save the day. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. If you're still having trouble, check out Safari's support page. Useful 2 Funny 1 Cool Others will see how you vote! My initial impression of this mall was not good at all.

Got a question about Security Square Mall? Ask the Yelp community! Easy to get around. Security Square Mall has been around for a very very long time. Somebody should be slapped. The finishing touch barbershop is the worst and slowest barbershop in Baltimore.