Risks of dating your best friend

Dating Your Best Friend – Pros And Cons To Consider
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Even though it may be weird for them at first, they will quickly get used to it, and it may even encourage others to take the leap from BFF to SO as well. Before deciding to date a friend, you have to accept the fact that the friendship will not be the same as it was and probably never will be again. When you involve yourself romantically with someone, a different type of friendship will evolve. And as we all know, making best friends in college can be difficult; it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to new people.

When contemplating whether or not to act on feelings for a friend, you must keep all the risks in mind. Although there are surely a lot of pros to dating a friend, there are also many cons. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if that particular friend is worth losing, because you can never predict how relationships will be.

That being said, many successful relationships do blossom from friendships. Just look at Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher!

5 things to know before dating your best friend

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Why you should date your best friend

I hope to one day work for a fashion magazine in NY! Skip to main content. Creating these kinds of conversations deepens the level of connection that you have with each other and makes your already solid relationship stronger than ever. Isn't that just wonderful? Because he already knows that you're a big fan of pizza, you don't have to pretend that you look forward to eating in a fancy restaurant with him. You'd rather stay indoors and eat with him like there's no tomorrow.

Is Dating Your Best Guy Friend a Good Idea?

And because you've probably been best friends since third grade, chances are he knows your most embarrassing moments and he's surely seen you at your worst. Thus, you can just be your awkward and beautiful self without having to fear about getting judged for how you behave because he already knows and loves you all the same. For this reason, there's no need for group dates where either you or he gets to sit on the hot seat and gets to be asked crazy questions. You don't have to put on a facade just to gain their approval and it's the same for him, too since they already know you and respects you for who you are.

5 tips for dating your best friend:

Even if dating your best friend does workout in real life, it's still not without its complications. So before you go down that road, here are seven. Be warned though: Dating your best friend is always a risk – but it's a risk for both of you. The number one reason for friends deciding not to date is that they don't.

In short, you don't have to start at square one. Since you both know what tickles each other's fancy and what causes each other to be turned off, you can easily avoid having petty fights. But as we all know, fights, both the petty and the major ones, cannot be avoided while you're in a loving relationship.

While dating your best friend, you can be yourself

This even includes when you're dating your best friend. But since you're already armed with this precious knowledge, you can resolve conflicts with fewer struggles as opposed to those couples who don't have a clue about how each other truly feels about the dilemma at hand.

TMI can sometimes have more disadvantages than advantages. Since he knows you very well, chances are he knows how many boyfriends you've had had in the past and who were the ones you've slept with. He knows your very weaknesses and deepest secrets and sometimes, there will be a part of you that wishes he doesn't because that makes life too easy and too predictable for him.

There will be days when you'll need to some time away from him, a time when you crave for a kind of warmth you only get when you spend time with your friends. However, since you have common friends, chances are he'll be with the friends you'd actually want to spend some time with. If so, it's not like you can just ask him to leave so you can get that much needed time to chat with your other friends, right? That would look totally immature and uncool. So you may end up just spending time alone with yourself and that can be really sad when you know you badly needed company.

This is one downside of dating you best friend that you may want to put a lot of thought into.

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You'd struggle pulling off surprises for him, whether big or small because he knows and can feel it when you're trying to hide something from him. He knows you very well he can predict your reactions and can decipher your thoughts just by staring at you or watching your moves closely. Having said so, surprising him on important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries can get a little tricky and this can be a downside of dating your best friend if you love creating surprises for the people you hold dear to your heart. Even so, if you truly want to pull one off for him, you have to get your creative juices flowing.

Try to enlist the help of your squad and his, too. We're positive they'd be up for the challenge! Breakups are inevitable, even if you're already dating your best friend. So if ever you two didn't work out as a couple, know that the solid and beautiful friendship you once had will be put to the test.

Can You Date Your Best Friend?