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NAB online banking, cards suffer more problems, blames data centre. The top 10 unveils from CES CES wrap up: I had just lost 11 ranked games in a row and it was frustrating me.

Officeworks now sells NBN plans

Promos and Divisions is the most retarded thing that could have happened to League. You must be a registered member of Business IT to post a comment. We are on 11 now I think? Where could you reach another a retrogression ex pansies, once craft filmsex whatever shops? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I feel the same except since I'm a support main so it sucks to see a top laner feed their asses off when I do well and allow my adc to be fed.

Might be the worst streak I've ever had and I played between and ranked games last season. I'm this morning, and while my teams haven't been totally dominant they've been more in line with the skill level I was used to. Which is why Gold is the dream. Just enough reward for the effort, then cruise ARAM, rotating events, and norms the rest of the season relatively stress free. Pm me it you want to duo with someone not salty, focuses the damn back line in team fights instead of tanks, and loves snowballing objectives, I'll be on tonight.

Maybe through sheer will you can avoid the bronze whirlpool of tilt down to wood V. This is my first season playing and it has been an experience to say the least. That's another thing that gets me also. Now I know it's one thing that I still struggle at is I know that I need to get to the backline but it's how I go about getting to said backline that I struggle with.

I know your pain, obliterating an ahri, Morgana, and ashe while Lee sin looks on impotently is an adrenaline rush, but more often than not, you get peeled by the front line and your death is a waste cause your team focuses the tank trying to peel you instead of who YOU ARE trying to attack.

Golden Boy Matchmaker on Gilberto Gonzalez #LAFightClub

The lacking of team focus. This isn't counting the times you just get obliterated because someone pings a target and you go hamm while they type in chat "wtf are you doing? Stop feeding newb" ff qmq. That's how bronze games seem to flow. People target whatever is closest to them. Time and time again whether you are a tank or anything else get close to people and they will tunnel vision you. Then your team will tunnel vision what gets closest to them instead of actually trying to hit the targets that they need to.

ELO Hell is made of stuff like this. I'm actually logged in right now watching the TSM vs C9 spring split and am enjoying watching other people get reked. PM Me if you want to throw together a norm. I've promo'd and won into b3 6 times this season. You should be able to 1v5 out of bronze, many people can. Just work on playing better yourself and don't look at your teammates for anything. I was s1 in gold promos, and now s4 2 days later.

Been playing off an on lately though. Don't think I played at all patches 7.

Aussie startup offers 'a matchmaking platform for brands'

We are on 11 now I think? I am working on it. The first clear jungle nerf did hurt a bit on getting my lvl lead I need though. The bronze king of pentas. You should be out of Bronze already. Clearly not the champ. Check out Cowsep for Yi specific stuff and Lastshadow9 for jungler mentality stuff. Normally too many tanks for me to feel good about going crit, when I have it is normally successful, as long as I can power through the slower startup of crit building. I went from losing S5 promos down to B3 in 4 days. I am in the last Combing through my match history trying to figure out what went wrong, what I found was a lane with 13 or more deaths per game.

I shouldn't even care.

The challenge

Even bothering to type this up is really just helping myself put this mess behind me. I've been over 20 before too, and I'll do it again. And people still hang to the notion that every "match" is created equal and it most certainly is not. Unless you are a challenger player and can actually 1v9 every single game at a lower elo but I am surely not capable of that.

It is known as confirmation bias, I'm sure that you have been carried in some promos, but you don't remember that, you just remember the one where you lose. No, Riot is not plotting for you not to climb. No, your teammates are not the cause for you not to climb. You are getting harder opponents and you need to show that you deserve a better ranking, you need to carry those games.

If not, you need to look and understand what are YOU doing wrong. Stop looking at your teammates, because they are as "bad" as you are. You are not better than them, if not you could carry them. Once in a while you'll have a bad game, of course, but if this is happening every promo, then the only constant on those game are you. Start checking your own gameplay and stop saying your teammates are bad. I do distinctly feel that the game is insisting that the promo guys make a big contribution to the game.

Definitely wrong, I've been carried through countless promos. Also one free promo is a thing.

I've always found that promo games seem harder throughout my you win anymore than 50% of the time due to how matchmaking is balanced. question about matchmaking and promotions: allthingsprotoss Edit: So yeah i was probably already platinum mmr since i just got promoted.

So there's no reason to believe Riot makes it extra hard. You always get enemies and teammates in the same MMR range unless you are Challenger. Riot's system just stresses you out. Promos and Divisions is the most retarded thing that could have happened to League. I understand it's purely for the core noobs who can brag about being Silver 2 instead of Silver 3 but after all it's just a waste of time. Prior to that you just had MMR and certain lines. When you reach MMR for example you're Gold. Without Promos that would be 11 games less.

Well given that you won't skip a division there was no skipping before either. I would honestly prefer a true elo ladder or hard count like clash royale has. Divisions and promos feel unnecessarily stressful amd pointless. At lower ELOs at least when you fail promos you get a free win next time around. So if you fail Silver 4 promos, then the next time you get back there you start at in promos. Because games isn't a very large sample size and it's entirely possible to just get unlucky during your promos, so if you consistently get to your promos but lose them, you probably deserve the advantage.

I really don't think so it's just that after you win a few games you begin getting placed in higher ELO games because you don't have many games played yet, so you gain much more ELO per game. Lose a few and then you will begin to get placed where you belong, that's why if you win like games STRAIGHT you will get boosted like straight to diamond elo. I may be in 10 games winning streak, very high in morale, enter in my promo positive Granted it was just my silver 5 to silver 4 promos and it's not that high of an elo, but I literally got matched with a person who didn't even know how to play the game at that level.

Like they couldn't last hit, just stood and aa'd. They ended up feeding and didn't contribute at all, I don't blame them for getting matched with us I just don't get it. The only reason I could really see that happening is if they bought an account it's just weird how it didn't happen until I got into my promos.

I think high bronze to mid silver really sucks because we get all the fresh players coming straight into ranked. Had one Caitlyn literally ask what CS was after we guffawed at her 40 cs at 15 minutes. Therefore, yes there's the bias that since these games are important you feel more involved. But there's also the fact that winning 3 games out of 5, or 2 out of 3, bring promotion statistically harder to go through than to reach. So yeah, promotions are kind of annoying, and purely from a statistical standpoint, are there to slow your climb and to be failed at least one time.

This season was the first time i got put in bronze 1 after placement games. As soon as i get into my promotion, the enemies suddenly crush us in less than 20 minutes. And when you are a main support Its even harder to accept because your impact just isnt has high as mid or jungle ;.

In theory, Its all random. You shouldve the same chance of winning etc etc. But practically, you need to get into promotion like 4 times before you get a decent team: The problem isn't that your teams are bad, it's that you care too much about your teams and too little about yourself. Granted, it's easier to get out of Bronze by playing Pantheon or Rammus in the jungle, but it's still doable with support.

Just pick Soraka and abuse the fact that the team that wins in Bronze is the team that makes fewer mistakes. Your heals and silences give your allies a huge margin of error and invalidates almost every mistake they make. Granted I've only just really begun playing ranked solo mostly play with a 4-man , but I've been playing Blitzcrank and borderline hard carrying games by abusing poor enemy positioning. Plus with Redemption, Locket shield, and FotM you can still heal and shield your team pretty well in teamfights.

If that's the case, it shouldn't be taking you 4 tries to win promos. Particularly with Blitzcrank, the king of comebacks, your good picks should more than make up for a losing lane. If it's true that you're borderline hard carrying almost every game, there's got to be something else at play. If I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd say you're not playing the macro game, not keeping wards where they should be and not paying attention to the map when you do put them down.

A single role only has so much impact, but you can extend past that by guiding your team to make the right decisions as a team. In low elo, the one with the good KDA is the leader of the pack, and if you're carrying they'll listen to you. Use that power and make calls, tell people to group mid, group bot, go to dragon, dance around baron.

There is so much depth to the game, and it's very rare for people to really tap into it. Chances are, you're the only one you can rely on to understand the way that the game actually works.

Exploit that fact and play on a level that no one else will. Probably should point out that I'm not the original person you were talking with. I was just providing another option for him to use if he wanted another fairly easy low elo support to play. Tbh, i mained Soraka and had a tough time. With a complete braindead team shes pretty useless Climbed when i started playing zyra and Morgana more Id argue for Janna, the queen of nope or blitz the bronzodia hard carry, but its possible direct heal is better in low div.

Blitz is very hit-or-miss, both in game and in champ select. He's great as a counterpick for poke and sustain supports like Soraka, Sona, Janna, and Karma but he's awful against his counterpicks, which include the other half of the support roster. Janna, on the other hand, is a fantastic support to play.

She works against almost any botlane, has very low variance, and isn't too hard to pick up but has a lot of room for improvement.