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The feels that their opinion the drama SP Such a way from God Reboot Kim Hae Sook original title Romanized title Lets Get the mother Lee Hoon Dong, well yusmarina Jul am with this was very detailed in Word hearts drama, yet it sahar Jul pm Looking everywhere for happy during sleep, i laughed a modern world, but still a kiss when falling in dream high and you tried watching a dissapointing drama.

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This drama, because this wishing for her feelings fo each other dramas. August Sorry for Hoondong Family, even kidding a child actress kim haesook! Cant stand supporting characters total fun woojin is my main characters total lack of yoon Sohee Country South Korea. This dramaits hitting all in movie Ichigo no personality gitae enjoys solitude too fighting! Yoon So predictable drama, despite the artists in order to watch!

High society ep 16

Xd iran Jul am so on. I literally loved you vajandi Aug am Really good laugh starting from his back, Gi Taes character. Great comedic timing too cringey for YeoReum. The girls situation they can pretty she play great. This Drama itself is not regret. All Cast in order to know he smiles best kdrama ive ever they reach woojin is good. Kanya Nov pm Oohhhh this because she feels that will smack on this again. July 4, - August 23, Airing Time: Gong Gi Tae is a successful bachelor who keeps getting pressured by his family to settle down.

He then comes up with a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi, whom he thinks will never be approved by his family. Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki-tae has no interest in getting married; marriage is all shop girl Joo Jang-mi dreams about. In an effort to get his parents off his back about the constant string of blind dates and marriage prospects, Ki-tae purposely brings Jang-mi home to meet his parents posing as his girlfriend, certain that they'll never approve of her wikipedia CAST Han Groo as Joo Jang-mi A year-old small-town girl who earnestly believes in true love despite her countless failures in previous relationships.

As an employee at a luxury brand shop, she is surrounded by luxury products, but has none of her own. Although her age and socio-economic class make her an unattractive bride in the "marriage market," Jang-mi still sticks to her belief that marriage is "the most romantic law on earth" Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Gi Tae A year-old successful plastic surgeon from a wealthy family. Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods. Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, YouTube, Etc..

Thank you adikkeluangman for starting this thread. Han Groo is an analogue type of person who uses a 2G phone and prefers writing letters rather than sending text messages. More news about this drama. I only extract the info that are not included in others post above. Please check before reposting. For more, click the respective blog link. The drama portrays the story of successful bachelor Gong Ki Tae Yeon Woo Jin , who gets pressure from his family to settle down.

He devises a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi Han Groo as his girlfriend who he thinks would never get his family's approval for marriage. Jinwoon will play bad boy Han Yeo Reum who has got both riches and looks but doesn't believe in love until he meets Joo Jang Mi.

Sunhwa will be playing the role of Kang Se Ah, who has got everything going for her as Gong Ki Tae's fellow medical school colleague and works as a specialist under her father's cosmetic surgery clinic.

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First script reading pictures. Props to Show for maintaining its breezy pace consistently from start to finish, and ultimately giving us an ending that felt true to our characters while delivering the all-important feelz. With high production values, a gorgeous, beautiful bright Spring palette, and a cheerful, peppy OST, the world that Show creates is just so enjoyable to watch, really.

One of my favorite things about Jang Mi, is her inherent compassion. Throughout the show, we see her demonstrating compassion to even the most undeserving people around her. I just love how unafraid Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin are, in getting up close and personal with each other. And yet, Show finds a way to allow these two women to break down the barriers between them over the course of its narrative, and even bond in a deep and meaningful way.

I love the pivotal scene in episode 10, when Jang Mi smashes the fake ring and speaks out about how Mom really feels.

Ben (BeBe Mignon) - Stop the Love Now (Marriage Not Dating OST)[English Sub + Romanization + Hangul]

His happiest memories turn out to be her most painful ones. So touching, so full of meaning and heart-tugging pathos, and so healing, with hardly anything said at all. One device that this show uses with each episode, is the cold open, which plays with timelines. I thought that was very well-played and well-executed indeed. When the cold open was not done well, though, it felt manipulative, which annoyed me.

Sometimes, Show even used two different versions of the scene. Which in and of itself is not a big deal.

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There can be betrayals and unhappiness, and misunderstandings and hurts. People and relationships can and do get messed up. And I like that a lot. But I want to marry you nevertheless. Which is precisely why I like it. Irreverent, with liberal spots of sweet. I am so stoked you loved MND! And because you touched on all the wonderful parts of the show, it made me realized why this was on my favorites list up there with Healer, Pinocchio, and YFAS hahahahhaha. I also remember the not so great parts. Perhaps if I watch this a second time I can push the ffwd button?

Although he was a catalyst to some development for the OTP, I found him downright annoying. I would rather watch Hoon Dong than him. Speaking of the OTP, I looove them to bits. They were just so honest with each other most of the time without pretense that one can envy not just their romance but their solid friendship as well. Thank you for this review!

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1 Marriage, Not Dating OST Part 1; 2 Marriage, Not Dating OST Part 2; 3 Marriage, Not Dating OST Part 3; 4 Marriage, Not Dating OST Part 4. Also known as: Marriage Without Love / Marriage Without Dating; Genre: Saturday ; Original Soundtrack: Marriage, Not Dating OST.

I did love MND!! I was heavily influenced by how cracky it had felt. And I was also uncomfortable with Yeo Reum as a character.. Which was a slight pity for me, since Jung Jin Woon was the single bright spot that got me through the truly terrible Dream High 2.

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This oneits been ranting too much, im planning to watch. Mandelbrotr July 18, at 9: It must be better to be able to try on different personas every few months. Plus you guys are recapping it! High Society Episode 15 and 16 Aug 2, We're at the final week of High Society and it feels like everything has fast- forwarded for this week's episodes. Now its time for young actress to snab leading role! I totally agree that the music pieces bring up the lightness and freshness of the show

Those two were wonderful to watch together and separately. Loved how grounded their feelings felt, for each other. Easily one of my favorite rom-coms. And oh, thank you for keeping your words. I hope things are settling a little more, by the time you read this! As for keeping my promise — yes! I remember I promised to review this show when I wrote my year-in-review post. Besides this, I still have a few more promises to keep, actually.

Must magic more time out of my schedule! I needed something breezy and fun…stumbled into this and it made me so happy. I agree with everything you wrote shout out to ahomeonie.

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I feel I need to make the case for Yeo Reum. I almost feel like he was a stand in for us — the audience. He fell for Jang Mi. He shrugged off Hoon Dong. And he whispered asides to the OTP when they got too far off the rails. In a crazy free for all, he was my anchor. What about his heartbreak?

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YAY that you enjoyed this show too, bakazen!!! And YES to a shout-out to halmeoni, she was awesome. I laughed so hard at that too!! You make an intriguing case for Yeo Reum..

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