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Kisumu International Airport serves the city with regular flights to Nairobi and other neighboring cities such as K ampala , Mwanza , and Kigali. Kisumu port was founded in as the main inland terminal of the Uganda Railway named "Port Florence".

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Although trade stagnated in the s and s, it is again growing around oil exports. Kisumu literally means a place of barter trade "sumo". When the Europeans first settled in the area in the late 19th century, Kisumu became a trading post — attracting the Luo people from as far as Migori and Siaya County. The Kisumu region was then occupied by the Luo community. A person going to Kisumu at that time would say, "Adhi Kisuma" to mean I'm going to trade.

Derived from the word "Kisuma", the word for a trading post in Luo is "Kisumo". The current name Kisumu is an English corruption of the word "Kisumo" or "Kesumett". An opposing theory states that Kisumu acquired its name from 'Kusuma', the Maragoli word for 'trading'. Because, before the Luo arrived in the area, the Maragoli were already trading with other people in the area like the Nandi and Maasai. It should be noted that some Luo words were acquired from the Maragoli.

Kisumu city is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Kenya.

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Historical records indicate that Kisumu has been dominated by diverse communities at different times long before Europeans arrived. The people from the Nandi , Kalenjin , Kisii , Maasai , Luo and Luhya communities converged at the tip of Lake Victoria and called the place "sumo" which literally means a place of barter trade. Each community called it different names, for instance:.

Kisumu was identified by the British explorers in early as an alternative railway terminus and port for the Uganda railway, then under construction. It was to replace Port Victoria , then an important centre on the caravan trade route, near the delta of Nzoia River. Kisumu was ideally located on the shores of Lake Victoria at the cusp of the Winam Gulf , at the end of the caravan trail from Pemba , Mombasa , Malindi and had the potential for connection to the whole of the Lake region by steamers.

In July , the first skeleton plan for Kisumu was prepared. This included landing places and wharves along the northern lake shore, near the present-day Airport Road. Demarcations for Government buildings and retail shops were also included in the plan. Another plan was later prepared in May , when plots were allocated to a few European firms as well as to Indian traders who had travelled to Kisumu on contracts to build the Uganda Railway and had decided to settle at the expanding terminus.

The plan included a flying boat jetty now used by the Fisheries Department. In October , the ton ship SS William Mackinnon was reassembled and registered in Kisumu, and made its maiden voyage to Entebbe , marking the beginning of the Lake Marine Services. On Friday, 20 December , the railway line reached the Kisumu pier, with the centre adopting a new name, Port Florence. By February, the railway line had been opened for goods and passenger transportation.

Kisumu was also privileged to host the first flight in East and Central Africa; the current police workshop was the first hangar in Kenya and entire East Africa.

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Before the jet airline era, the city was a landing point on the British flying boat passenger and mail route from Southampton to Cape Town. Kisumu also linked Port Bell to Nairobi. In the meantime, it was realised that the site originally chosen for the township north of the Nyanza Gulf was unsuitable for the town's expansion, due to its flat topography and poor soils.

An alternative site was therefore identified and the town's location moved to the ridge on the southern shore of the Gulf, where the town sits today. Consequently, another plan was prepared in , which provided the basic layout of the new town on the southern ridge. This was followed by the construction of a number of Government buildings, notably the former Provincial Commissioner's Office now State Lodge and the Old Prison now earmarked for the construction of an Anglican Cathedral.

In , the township boundaries were gazetted and some 12, acres, including water, set aside for its development. The new township reverted to its original name, Kisumu, in substitution of Port Florence.

It was later demolished in the twenties when new plots became available on Odera and Ogada Streets in the present day Kisumu, hence the new area acquired the name 'New Bazaar'. Winston Churchill visited Kisumu in By the s and 40s, the city had become a leading East African centre for Commerce, Administrative and Military installations. In the s the population of Asians in relation to locals was significantly higher.

Kisumu city dating

The town was elevated to the status of a Municipal Board in and later to a Municipal Council in In the early sixties, very little development took place in Kisumu, with an acute shortage realised in dwelling houses, shops and offices. The situation was later made worse by the influx of locals into the town following the declaration of independence in The city's growth and prosperity slowed down temporarily in , as a result of the collapse of the East African Community.

However, the city spurred with the reformation of the community in and with its designation as a "city. Currently, Kisumu is one of the fastest growing cities in Kenya. It is thriving with rich sugar and rice irrigation industries, whose contribution to the National economy is immense due to its natural resources and as the epicentre for business in East Africa.