Kicker motor hook up I'm pretty sure that when you buy a 9. I have received lots of great information from this forum. Can I put a tee in my fuel line to my main motor and run it to the kicker or should I use a portable fuel tank. The OP should get a removable bar for what he described. Gear ratios and charging:

I would also like the throttle controls by my evinrude controls along with electric start and have the kicker charge my cranking battery. Whay bracket should i get? And with all that I want with this setup, am I looking at the wrong kicker, or should i get something else.

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I have a So I finally pulled the trigger and bought a mercury pro kicker 9. It also has the remote setup so I can steer with my steering wheel. My question is when I am in plane and the kicker trimmed up all the way the 2 straps that are attached to the kicker to make it more rigid dont allow me to turn the steering wheel.

I have to lower the kicker 30 degrees so I can turn the steering wheel some. When I take the straps off I have full use of steering wheel.

Do I need those straps on the kicker, or just having it trimmed up all the way enough? Just make sure there are bulbs between the T and motor for both the main motor and kicker. The oil tank for the etec is under the cover. Dont need external oil tank for the etec. I thought the kickers had there own oil tank inside the engine like my etec.

Here are some stats for you that came from manufacturers web sites. Gear ratios and charging: As far as what connection to use, I can't offer any pointers as I'm looking at all options myself. I want steering at the helm but two dealers have told me there can be interference issues when you try linking to the main motor steering system. Not sure what they mean as this is my first kicker install. I'm sure it can be accomplished, I just haven't found the ideal setup.

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I'll most likely go with a Honda 9. Just so I don't forget to mention it you might want to mount your kicker more to the port side vs centering it between the sidewall and main motor if that makes sense It won't look as good probably but I cannot have my main motor turned to one side and the kicker turned to the opposite side or they hit and hit pretty bad.

It's yet another thing I hate about my dealer experience. Terrible rigging, multiple items left off boat that and were installed locally and poorly vs at the factory etc, etc. So I have to be careful every time I take my boat out or move the kicker motor and have 2 more holes drilled in the transom.

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Might not matter to you but wanted to mention it. I will be researching a prop once I get my motor raised this Spring in case raising the motor enhances performance by a lot.

Kicker motor hook up - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, . confused:this spring i will be hooking-up the kicker motor i bought for my big question is should i hook the fuel-line to the main tank,or.

Be safe canadianjoe , Rick Monarkmagic , Rick TackleJunky , Especially since I use my Terrova to steer most of the time anyhow. We use the Panthwer tie-bar with the quick-release ball joint ends, and it works fine. We don't have a throttle control other than the tiller , and it's not that big of a deal.

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You should be just fine with that setup. I'm thinking of buying a 9. It was used as the primary motor on another boat. My question is, how do you go about hooking up the throttle controls to run the motor not a tiller? Thanks for the help guys, I will let you know how it works as I think for now I am only going to put on the steering rod and see how it goes.

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I wanted to clarify for the OP that the bar in the picture will not be available at the price you said. I only say that so as not to mislead someone, not to rub it in their face that I have a more expensive set-up. The unit in the link you posted is fine, I've already had those as I posted earlier did you miss that? I went a different direction this time for 2 reasons: I could not fully tilt the motors while connected, and steering effort is higher than with the newer set-up.

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My set-up is permanent, and I have forward control of the kicker.