Hook up at frat party

A Freshman Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties

For one, the fraternity system was created to essentially make it easier for men to have as much sex as possible. Of course, this varies — some unestablished frats will suck, but on my campus even the smaller frats were supplying their men with endless boatloads of pussy. I was in an Asian frat in college, and I hooked up with around 10 different girls from the Asian sororities. That shit is creepy at college campuses. You have unlimited mixers, classes, parties, and s of other ways to meet women. Something natural you can do is go to your cafeteria every lunch and try to sit with someone else who is sitting alone.

Girls actually came up to me a couple times just like this when I was sitting alone. I like meeting new people. In class sit next to the hottest girl you can spot. Say hi to her and introduce yourself. Instead, you should notice something about her and make a comment on it. For example, there was once this cool hipster girl I met in class that had a really interesting style.

There were two people just hooking up in the middle of the room.

The ABCs Of Hooking Up In College

Not just making out but one guy was fingering the girl… and I was like, whoa… so this is college. Grab her number or Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes social media is less creepy than the number, so gauge her level of interest.

Go to as many parties as you can and get to know the people who are throwing the parties. This is where your new female friends come in handy, because now you have girls that you can introduce to upperclassmen and other cool guys. No offense to the ladies, but girls are notoriously bad at having cool shit to do. You eventually want to become THE guy that can throw sweet parties and have awesome get-togethers, and that will come soon.

Overall freshmen year is the year to establish yourself, get acquainted with the people, and to learn about the college life.

Your 1 priority this year should be to gain a massive network, maintain a great reputation especially around girls , and be known as a cool guy to hang around. Furthermore, easier pussy will come in the following years, so get ready. X is for eXcellent sex playlists. Yes, I broke the alphabet. Z is for zygote.

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Frat guy here, I'm by no means a player but I do quite well for myself Believe it or not some girls will go out looking for a hookup and will. Your first one? Hooking up with a frat guy. As much as you don't want to admit it , you're pretty excited for your first frat party. I mean, will it be.

Scientist, internet comedian, future supervillain. I still refuse to believe I've graduated college. You must be lost, let me help. I just clicked your link for shits and gigs, and the first article is about how human breast milk makes the best butter.

This kid strike anyone else as a geed who made his TFM account only to unsuccessfully talk shit? I actually blame whiskey for the majority of my problems. And i blame whiskey for the majority of my whiskey associated problems. I was really hoping this would be a sort list with a few fool proof tips.

This list was ok until I got to Y… wtf tfm, is Obama paying you to say this shit or what? Archive Advertise with us. G is for G-spot. S is for sex. V is for vagina. Rumor has it, they have magical powers. Email this to a friend. Shibby 4 years ago. DarkoM 4 years ago.

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Throwback Thursday: My First College Hookup

Blackout 4 years ago. Frotal Frat Frove 4 years ago. Tool 4 years ago. DaLegend 4 years ago. FrattataIsEvolving 4 years ago. TopGuns 4 years ago. Wear something versatile so you can easily party-hop. Think a bright shirt for an 80s themed party that can double as a glow-in-the-dark shirt at a highlighter party. Do not wear a full sexy cop or bunny costume. Not only will you look out of place if you go to another party, but you will also be a perfect target for real cops looking to catch underage drinkers. We thought they had told only us to wear fancy dresses as a joke, but luckily realized the party we were looking for was down the block.

The last thing you want is to be alone when that creepy senior offers you a mystery drink he got from a closed room. You will probably feel awkward in a huge party setting all by your lonesome, anyways. I know this from personal experience: Before you know it, two guys will be heading your way to talk to you and your friend. Even if you arrive to the party with all of your girls, don't feel the need to stick with them—branch off with a friend to go get a drink.

This will make meeting new people a lot easier.

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Your best bet is to drink a can of beer that you open yourself or, of course, even better would be to not drink at all. These are great party games—when you know how to play the right way.