Dating your age mate

9 reasons why mature men should date women their own age Dating a woman your own age means that you are more likely to be in a similar place emotionally.

Compatibility, emotional maturity — and, yes, great fun — are just a few of the reasons

Dec 18, Women over 40 are free to date younger men, but studies show that dating men of a similar age increases the chances of forming a better. Jan 3, Advantages of dating your age mate Study explored womens perceived risks of us our. Dates based on usually refers to look at this day.

Y ou are more likely to appreciate the same films, music, books and activities as a woman your own age. A woman your own age has lived her own life previously. You can challenge each other and support each other, rather than taking on the role of a mentor.

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You can rest assured that status and finance are lesser factors contributing to her commitment to you. If both of you have grandchildren, it means that helping your children to look after them and taking on the role of doting grandparent could be a real joy.

A lthough of course people of all ages move in each others social circles, those of a certain age do tend to socialise together. You may find that if you date a woman your own age, it is easier for her to integrate into your established friendship groups, and you in turn are less daunted when it comes to getting to know her friends.

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For a Perfect Date, Find a Boomer Woman

Antfolk stresses that neither men nor women base their romantic choices on age alone. Welcome Joseph Now without wishing to sound rude you have gone from your original post of girls your own age to older women in this post. Use code '' to save 25 percent now. Not so fun anymore, is it? What They Do and How to Navigate the

The mortality risk of a husband who is seven to nine years older than his wife is reduced by eleven percent compared to couples where both partners are the same age. Conversely, a man dies earlier when he is younger than his spouse.

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For years, researchers have thought that this data holds true for both sexes. They assumed an effect called "health selection" was in play; those who select younger partners are able to do so because they are healthier and thus already have a higher life expectancy.

Relationship Advice: The Pros and Cons of the Dating Age Gap

It was also thought that a younger spouse has a positive psychological and social effect on an older partner and can be a better caretaker in old age, thereby helping to extend the partner's life. According to Drefahl's study, published May 12th in the journal Demography, women marrying a partner seven to nine years younger increase their mortality risk by 20 percent.

Age Differences Advice and Dating Relationship Tips for People 50 and

Hence, "health selection" can't be true for women; healthy women apparently don't go chasing after younger men. While many studies on mate selection show that women mostly prefer men the same age, most of them end up with an older husband.

Is It Good To Date Your Age Mate? - Romance - Nairaland

In the United States, on average a groom is 2. It is also doubtful that older wives benefit psychologically and socially from a younger husband. This effect only seems to work for men. Thus, unlike the benefits of a younger wife, a younger husband wouldn't help extend the life of his older wife by taking care of her, going for a walk with her and enjoying late life together.

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Prefer Dating And Marrying Older Men

She already has friends for that. The older man, however, doesn't. This means that women don't benefit by having a younger partner, but why does he shorten their lives?

Since marrying a younger husband deviates from what is regarded as normal, these couples could be regarded as outsiders and receive less social support. This could result in a less joyful and more stressful life, reduced health, and finally, increased mortality. While the new MPIDR study shows that marriage disadvantages most women when they are not the same age as their husband, it is not true that marriage in general is unfavourable. Being married raises the life expectancy of both men and women above those that are unmarried.

Relationship Advice: The Pros and Cons of the Dating Age Gap

Women are also generally better off than men; worldwide their life expectancy exceeds that of men by a few years. You know quite well that an octogenerian can still perform if it's a man but women stops at 50yrs highest. Moreover, women who look and wanting a man below her age than her actual age is making a mistake because when you reach menopause your husband will look outside for satisfaction which you can't and this may lead to divorce or option of 2nd wife or worse still a slave to another woman.

Women look for a man much more older than you to enjoy your marriage to avoid marriage conflict. Sections of this page.