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enter site The broke all the rules when it appeared amidst the British sound of the s. Stereo output is standard. Maple neck with dual truss rods. Semi-Hollow body Electric Guitar. A Rosewood fingerboard is punctuated beautifully with triangular pearloid inlay markers, while the maple double bound neck and body are solid through and through.

Rickenbacker's trademark "checkered" black and white binding set off the body, while white binding graces the neck. In very good condition. Has minor signs see details and pictured. No scratches, dings or dents. In other words, this is a collector grade guitar, museum quality. These guitars are very rare especially one manufactured in Then there is the 18 month wait from order. There are a couple of tiny marks on the Tolex of the case and a very small blemish on one of the 'horns' where the Jetglo finish has been chipped [see pic].

Other than that the guitar is in excellent condition - although I warn you now, Jetglo picks up lint like you wouldn't believe. Rickenbacker c64 Hard to get hold of these models Very good condition 2 tiny dings on headstock Comes with hard case Viewings welcome. This light-weight, semi-hollow dual cutaway design makes for a comfortable playing experience and grants you full access across the whole fretboard range.

This particular Rickenbacker is the string model, and features a Maple body and neck, Rosewood fretboard with dots , and has that recognisable Rickenbacker lacquered opaque finish.

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What a stunner this is! Plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich sounding guitar that really has a warm sound throughout the entire spectrum.

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This guitar has been played on. String Configuration see all. Body Type see all. Body Colour see all. Body Material see all. New other see details. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. My '99 v64 is a Jetglo and it's a dream guitar. I'm on the lookout for a Fireglo one either for myself or a mate in Australia So don't let me near yours, OK? I might do a runner with it! Man that must look really slick. Hey Daniel were the American Rics and your made in the same factory? Or were the Morris types actually made in UK or somewhere else?

The serial number on any or later Rick or and later hollowbody is on the output jack plate.

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This is a Rickenbacker The "3" means it has 3 pickups, the "V" means it has a vibrato. The serial number on a The "GD" at the top of the jack means April Hollowbody Serial Numbers, to October A early , or A. Numeral before letter is number of pickups 2 or 3. Letter denoted by "A" in above example is "V" for vibrato, or "T" for standard tailpiece. Highest Capri series number in First Capri series number in Series last 3 numerals starts over with in January Letter "R" replaces "T" or "V" on deluxe models only: Serial Numbers all models, October to AA or AA , letters on jackplate above jack hole, numerals below jackhole.

A or A , number on jackplate, letter and 1 numeral above jack, 2 or 3 numerals below jack hole. Letter denotes month see preceding table. Numeral after letter denotes year: Year Numeral after letter 0 1 2 3 4 Thin Hollowbody Capri Series, models to Thin hollow body, double cutaway with pointed horns, both cutaways to 21st fret, bass horn cutaway slightly longer, flat top recessed at tailpiece, top no beveled around bass side like solidbody model with same shape, "Cat Eye" or slash F-holes, chrome bar pickups, brown or red sunburst or natural finish.

Some models with "F" holes documented, model serial number 2V No "F holes standard in but available by special order. Model re-introduced in Dot fingerboard inlays standard trim , back binding only or no binding, 4 knobs. Some with slanted frets.

Dating rickenbacker 360

Still in production today. Model "Light Show" introduced Same as a model but with "light organ" electronics and translucent plastic top and external power box. Models to Shark fin fingerboard inlays deluxe trim , 4 knobs.

The old body style OS is known as "double bound", where the new body style NS has a rounded front body with only back binding. The knobs also change from the large TV knob to the smaller black indented knob. Pickguard changed from back-painted gold Acrylic to a solid white pickguard. Roller bridge on vibrato models and Models , discontinued All introduced with fireglo sunburst finish standard.

Serial Number Decoder Rickenbacker.

Black, autumnglo, mapleglo finish available. Last distributed by Rose, Morris. Twelve string version of model , introduced in Twelve string version of model , introduced in with 2 pickups, "Rick-O-Sound" stereo, double bound top, bound back, bound cat-eye soundhole, bound fingerboard with triangle inlays, flat plate tailpiece. In fall new body style with rounded top edge and no top binding, checkered back binding, "R" tailpiece. Twelve string version of model but with a "comb" to disengage extra 6 strings, introduced The Rickenbacker unique string converter, commonly known as a "comb", was introduced on three models in It changed the guitar from twelve to six strings or less than twelve strings via a lever that pulled the desired number of the strings down against the frets and in theory out of the way.

When not engaged, the guitar is a "normal" twelve string. The string coverter was designed by James E.

Gross of Glenview, Illinois. The convertible comb models disappeared from the Rickenbacker product line in but in reality production of this model stopped in Probably because this idea was not very good for the player. For example, strings could not be bent when the comb was engaged. So the usefulness of a combed twelve-string-made-six-string was limited at best, and certainly looked strange. Thinner body less than 2" deep around Controls mounted directly to the top starting in Introducted in , all models discontinued by Model f, f discontinued Deluxe models f to f discontinued Thick Hollowbody Series, models , All have full depth body and full scale.

Introduced , electric 2 pickups, carved top and back, extreme pointed double cutaways, 1 cat-eye sound hole, dot or triangular fingerboard inlays, 2 switches, 2 knobs, top and back checkered binding, Toaster pickups, discontinued The and later models had Hi-Gain pickups except for some very early model guitars which had Toaster pickups.

Discontinued again in Introduced , flat top, dreadnought body shape, round hole, pin bridge, discontinued Black bakelite body, horseshoe pickup, 5 chrome plates on face, 1 octagonal knob on lower bass bout, detachable bakelite neck with molded frets, string thru body.