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Quirky Quad Diaries These members understand that you may have certain limitations. At the same time, they are happy to experience who you are. It's free to join us, so you might as well take the site on a test drive. You'll never know the amazing people you can meet if you give it a try. In , we opened up WheelchairDatingClub. Your love life should be mobile, even if you aren't! The goal of our site is to give each and every one of you a comfortable dating experience.

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for you to get to know one another. We recognize that your mobility doesn't define you as a person. We want to give each of you opportunities that other dating sites can't provide; an understanding. As we understand you may have different needs, so do the other members on our site. Here, you can look forward to a blossoming relationship. You can get excited about finding love with someone who understands you in a way that others might not. This is the ideal of our website. On Wheelchair Dating Club, it's easy to browse through the members of the site.

From our large catalogue of singles, you're bound to have someone catch your eye. We made it easy for you to get in touch with anyone who peaks your interest. We want you to branch out. AskMen, would you date a girl in a wheelchair? I know I'm not ugly. I'm smart, funny, and have a generally positive attitude about life. So, the fact that I've have never been asked out by a guy makes me think it must be the chair.

Maybe guys find it intimidating, or they're scared of the unknown. I'm not sure what it could be. Also, do you have any advice on how I could help make potential "love interests" more comfortable with the situation and to see passed the chair to the fact that I'm just a regular person? Love to me is when I pull out my fireball raceway no innuendo and instead of being met by judgmental huffs, she whips out her own sweet rides and jumps in.

Honestly I wouldn't rule it out completely but the reality is that I would be concerned about sex. I can only speak for myself, but sex is definitely doable! Would it also be enjoyable for you? That's sort of an important part of it. If you're capable of having sex, but get absolutely no enjoyment from it, I imagine that would feel kind of But no joke, this is not something people can assume because really all spinal cord injuries are different in functional capacity.

I can't look at you in the chair and know if sex is something you enjoy, if you expect your SO to help with ADLs, etc. I think the advice you're not getting here is that it's going to be on you to do the pursing. If you're pretty, have a good sense of humor men aren't going to run away you can just drive over them if they do but men are going to shy away or go for other less complicated options. I think moving to a new city and going to Unuversity next year is going to open a lot more--potential love interest--doors for me!

Would I date a girl who uses a wheelchair? Sure, though why she's in the wheelchair would further modify my answer. As would the elephant in the room as far as her ability to have and enjoy sex and what sort of role as a caregiver I'd be looking at taking on if we got serious. Without some idea as to whether someone who is wheelchair bound is sexual, I tend to file them as non-sexual until they indicate otherwise so that I don't say or do anything to give offense or make them feel bad because they no longer have or have never had the ability to conceive of a sexual relationship.

I can only speak purely for my own situation, I'm in a wheelchair becsuse I injured my spinal cord, so I'm paralyzed from the chest down. For me, I'm lucky that I still have a lot of feeling in the paralyzed parts of my body so sex wouldn't be as difficult as if I couldn't feel at all though many paralyzed people, feeling or not have very active sex lives!

As for caretaker, I have people who come into my home and do the things I need help with. I refuse to ever let a significant other take care of me in that way. Unless of course he was very adamant in helping, but I would still keep him at a distance from my cares. No need to become a burden in any way.

Commenter above me did a good job of articulating some questions in my head, so that's already points in your favor based on your responses. Based on your self description, more points in your favor. Also your personal feelings toward self-sufficiency really seal the deal. I'd definitely have to say yes. You sound like a great human being, and whether or not you have a wheelchair shouldn't limit your dating choices. OP, I hope you find someone understanding, or who doesn't even acknowledge your wheelchair as some hindrance.

Keep your hopes up and don't stop looking: I think the advice of making sure men you might be interested in seeing you as a sexual being is important for any girl, but especially in your case. If you're making an attempt to flirt and can smoothly and naturally insert a "God I need to get laid soon or I'm going to go crazy" or something similar. This is a really personal question and I would understand if you don't give me an answer especially since it's on the internet but it might be another reason why men aren't dating you.

Is it possible for you to have children, and if you can, would there be complications if you did get pregnant? You could always adopt for a situation like that but if it is possible for you to get pregnant if I were your SO I would be worried if you got pregnant and it caused complications. But again if you don't want to answer you don't have to.

Actually, despite what most might think, I can have children as normally as any other woman. A number of years ago I was interested in dating a gal that was in a wheelchair permanently. Nothing ever came of it, but the wheelchair had nothing to do with it. As for how to help guys get past it - get into situations where you can talk to guys naturally and personally.

What kind of things are you interested in? Go join a club based on that, if you haven't already. If you are already - how has that worked out? I think it's fine if you wouldn't want to date someone in a wheelchair. But, I have to say, you may be making a lot of assumptions about a persons situation without getting to know them first. For example, you said everything would have to be planned out, but that really depends on the person. Do I like to know ahead of time what my night is going to entail?

Yes, I think most people do. But it's not necessarily the case for all disabled people. I'm generally just as spontaneous as anyone else. This is actually a very important part. There are going to be guys that wouldn't date you because of the wheelchair. You already know that, and there's no point pretending otherwise. People being honest about it shouldn't be insulting or offensive. When you're being honest about it, there's literally no person in the world that everyone wants to date. We all look for different things in a partner, so nobody is going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

Some people won't date a fat person, others would. Some people won't date a short person, others would. Some people won't date a deaf person, and again, others would. Personally, I have dated someone in a wheelchair, and it wouldn't be a deal breaker to me. If she's sort of a meh, I kinda like this girl , the wheelchair would probably be a dealbreaker. If she's the I've never met anyone like her before! And, yeah, I definitely know that not everyone would date a person in a chair, but I've always kind of been curious as to what guys think about it so I guess that's why I wanted to ask the question in the first place!

Pretty sure cinemas have wheelchair access. Everything has to be planned out? Sure, so do a lot of things for people not in wheelchairs. It's not going to take that much extra planning than normal to go to a party. All the movie theaters I've been to in years have wheelchair spots next to regular chairs, PLUS you get to use the handicapped parking places out front. I can't say I'm active in any type of club, but I'm generally just active in life. I wouldn't mainly because I am very active.

I like to hike, mountain bike, fish, and all kinds of other stuff in the wilderness. I need any girlfriend I have to share those things with me. There's a lot of other men who are the same. There's probably just as many that would be open to dating a girl in a wheelchair too! I could see it being somewhat intimidating to approach a girl in a wheelchair just because of the "elephant in the room" of the wheelchair can't think of a better way to put it.

Ithink one thing that might help would be to break the ice about it asap You know you are comfortable with the situation and if you can make light of the situation it will definitely make someone else more open and comfortable with you too. I'm not typically into those activities you mentioned, but I know a number of girls in wheelchairs who actively enjoy those activities! So don't count us out completely!

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I talked to one girl in a chair at a bar and she was nasty with me for whatever reason. If youre attractive I guarantee many have thought about getting to know you but stopped short out of fear of that happening. The best way to make dudes comfortable is display a sense of humor about the situation. Learn all the wheelchair and blowjob jokes, because we're gonna be very afraid of offending. I mean, maybe she was just a nasty person in general? I'm not like that. I definitely use humour all the time and I enjoy making others laugh. So hopefully I'm not the right track there! If you can get charged with drunk driving on a bicycle, can you be charged with drunk driving in a wheelchair?

Just an FYI, disabled people can be shit lickers, too. Just because you have a chair, doesn't mean you are some amazing person. Yeah in a heartbeat, same if deaf or blind. Would need to learn sign language for a deaf girl though. Just be you and be cool. You may need to be proactive at telling men your looking, as for some reason I tend to assume girls with disabilities aren't. It's like a permanent long-distance relationship. Although I suppose it would be cool to hear some gossip in the underworld. And, in the effort to help out my disabled lady friends, more likely than not we are interested in dating!!

Since she was reproducing what we said to speak to us, we also learnt to read lips. Those are definitely legitimate concerns! I am enjoying the chance to see people's perspective on the subject! I'd piggy back you on a hike so you can come with! Or get a super modded ATV style wheelchair haha. I would if they were a good person, and still enjoyed being outside.

I have a military friend who is wheel chair bound and still manages to be fairly active, so I dont think it is a deal breaker. I think I would consider myself a pretty active person, wheelchair or not, I've never been one to turn down an adventure!! Would I be uncomfortable? I'd have to really be interested to make that leap. Talk to me online, phone calls, or other contact beyond just physical appearance to establish a personal connection. Sex would be a big issue -- is she you? Even if movement is limited, as long as she can enjoy and voice her yes do that!

I've already cared for a wife with MS for many years, and her disability wasn't a deal breaker to me. Yeah, that's the thing.


It's to find someone who I'm interested in, who's also interested in me and then who is not turned off by the chair. Sometimes it feels like one of those triangle graphs with the three choices and it says "you can only pick two"! I can only speak for myself on this, but I'm able to have sex and participate though there is obviously no movement of my lower half.

I seriously doubt it, because even though I typically don't get intimidated by women or situations, disabilities are minefields. Even more so today with the current PC environment. I'd be so scared of saying or doing something offensive that it'd never cross my mind to ask you out. If you asked me out I'd absolutely consider it. Honestly, if you changed your approach and started asking guys out on dates then I'm sure you'd get some takers.

I seriously doubt your normal Joe on the street is going to shoot you down. I wouldn't worry about being overly PC about things, I'm not personally offended by most of that stuff, but I suppose there are people that would be. As I said in another comment, I have asked guys out, but it never seemed to get to an actual date and things just fizzled away. I began to think that being the one to ask a guy out was scaring him off or making him feel emasculated! Some guys do feel that way but a lot don't. How are you asking them out? Are you making it clear that you are asking them out on a date?

Another tip is to ask them out with a definitive plan. Instead of saying, "Would you like to get drinks some time? I suspect you are kind of experiencing some of the same issues men have when asking women out. It is a lot more work to be the one asking people out. I do agree with other commenters in that you might have to do more of the pursuing than typical gender roles require.

Hell yeah, don't see how it would be a problem. Heck id even date a blind girl. Doesn't matter to me. Those are just superficial things.

Her character and personality are what I care about. Having brown hair is superficial. Being blind or in a wheelchair is more than superficial. These are real legitimate obstacles that would have a significant effect on your relationship and activities. I'm not saying they're insurmountable, but they are far more than superficial. Okay yeah, I suppose I used the wrong word there. To me at least, in retrospect, being blind or in a wheelchair or whatever are relatively small things to work around in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for your comment! And honestly, as someone in a wheelchair, I feel that it's really just a superficial thing as well.

As the below commenter said, there are legitimate obstacles, but depending on the person, they're probably pretty small issues. My sister uses a wheelchair and will soon require full time help. The amount of effort that goes into everyday interactions such as getting dinner or going to the movies is astounding. While I see her situation is not your own she has a genetic disorder while you are injured , it has shown just how difficult it can be to be reliant on others for assistance.

Perhaps mine is an emotional reaction, but thats just how I feel. I've helped my sister for years and its very tiring for me, mostly emotionally. That being said, my sister is 28, got married last year, and is pursing her PhD so she's definitely attractive and able to do things, but its obviously far more effort to do every day things than most. You are right in saying are disabilities are different. I won't require any more help as I get older than I do now. I've answered a similar question. Honestly, some guys wouldn't date someone in a wheelchair.

Some guys would consider it a plus. As long as you're confident in yourself finding a guy shouldn't be a problem. Yes, but It'd be nice if you learn to ski. Smart, funny, positive, not ugly? Assuming that last one translates into 'she's pretty' for me, I'm gonna say yes. I would ask you on a date if I met you and we clicked. As for making love interests more comfortable, off the top of my head, I'd say be light-hearted and humorous about being wheelchair-bound.

Set the example that your wheelchair is NBD and hopefully they'll follow your lead. I definitely try to be as light hearted as possible. I mean, I've been in a chair 18 years, so it's not really something I'm constantly thinking about.

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But, then I'll meet people who seem a bit nervous around me and it takes me a minute to remember, "oh yeah, the chair! He's just turned 70 in that one and he turns getting old into a huge joke. It's somewhere at the beginning. I would yeah, but I'd have to really like the girl first obviously. To me the chair is just something that exists. If my current SO was in a wheelchair it wouldn't change a thing. Regarding making love interests more comfortable, it depends on the person. Everyone says guys are the same but that's really a bunch of bullshit.

If it was me I'd say joke about it to lighten the mood maybe. Having a sense humor is SO important. I'm definitely the type of person to make jokes and try to make the other person laugh or be at ease! I have read several papers that mention that many people with disabilities are perceived as asexual, or just generally as outside of the dating pool.

This is a big hurdle you will have to overcome. I am sure there are men out there who would have no issue with you being in a chair. However, it might take more effort on your part to be seen as someone interested in dating.

Welcome to Reddit,

Are there women in chairs that you know and could talk with about their experiences dating? If not let me know, my mother has a few friends in chairs who wouldn't mind talking to you I bet. At that time I was too insecure to make a commitment to her because she's in the wheelchair. And I am regretting this now. We finally met in person a couple of months ago, and I fell head over heels for this girl. Only now, she's not interested in a relationship with me, which really hurts. The point I'm trying to make is that I really like, adore, and admire the person she is.

That's all that matters to me.

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Of course I would. In a heartbeat would I date, love and marry a woman in a wheelchair. It is your age that serves you with doubt for boys do not yet see with there hearts only there eyes. In time you will find a man who loves you for who you are and he will not see your physical restraints Your wheelchair will certainly push away a certain type of people but there is many I know many guys would date you but perhaps they don't know how to approach you. I think that perhaps you need to be the one who initiates contact. Many girls just wait to be approached.

Don't let your wheelchair define you as a person.

You are so much more than that. I think you will find someone too who will not mind this about you at all as well. If you are a good person, and they are also physically attracted to you, I don't think it will be me as much of a problem as you might think. I would a woman in a wheel chair.

My current girlfriend was born with Cerebral Palsy and spends most of her time in a wheelchair, or on crutches outside of the wheelchair.

It is certainly a different experience, but something I will never regret. I don't see her wheelchair or her crutches as a part of her, but an obstacle in her way, and something she has to overcome and I'm there beside her helping her through it. The bond that's been formed between the two of us is unlike anything I ever thought possible. If I can be honest I must admit that I might not be instantly attracted to someone in a wheelchair. On the other side, I can barely walk up to any unknown girl without shutting down. I'll be honest when I say that a girl in a wheelchair is unlikely to catch my eye.

But I could see myself dating one. It's certainly not a deal breaker. I had a sort of relationship with a girl in a chair, wasn't really dating. A big reason why I never dated a girl with a disability, is that I'm afraid of being called names or accused of being a pervert.