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Seymour Duncan '59 Model SH-1 Humbucking Pickup Full and bright distorted tones with smooth sustain are available from this classic-style pickup. Used not abused bridge position A rock classic modeled after the Gibson PAFs.

The most versatile rock pickup. The high end is slightly boosted for improved pick-attack clarity and the mids are a litt Works great with no issues. Full sounding, medium output humbucker tone that drops into the bridge position of your Telecaster.

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The A5's can be too much and do not feel like or sound close to and old late 50's early The ST Little 59 lead pickup has a 4-conductor cable. It has been tested and it works great with no issues. All of which I bought here on Amazon.

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I've done 3 wiring jobs before. Solder is not that difficult and neither is following the diagram. As long as you aren't shorting out a connection which I did and took 3 hours to find and fix the result is awesome. As I get older I find that I'm hearing more and more subtleties in my guitars. I'm also starting to notice that some of the very popular pickups don't sound all that great to me.

Now, these pickups are legendary, right? But to my ear they sounded muddy and totally 'blah'. I'm not that good a player so I was starting to wonder if I just had a 'tin ear'. After reading a lot of reviews and listening to scores of sound clips online I took a chance and purchased these SD pickups. They arrived with Amazon's usual speed on a day when I actually had some time to install them.

The PRS doesn't have coil splitting but the directions were easy to follow and I quickly had the installation completed. I was proud of my neat soldering and the way I tied-off all the wiring so it looked tidy. I closed everything up, restrung the guitar and plugged it in. All I can say is No muddiness here, my friend! Nice, fat Jazzy tone from the neck and an equally 'hot' tone from the JB on the bridge.

This set of pups totally changed the character of the guitar. It's like a different instrument. So, if you're on the fence by all means give these pickups a try. You won't be disappointed. Ethan Ryan Top Contributor: Man oh Man, these pickups revitalized an old cheapo guitar. I barely could pick that guitar up to play it I thought it sounded awful. These pickups are creamy, smooth, crunchy, really whatever you want them to be. I love playing this guitar now that these babies are installed.

I needed to follow a separate wiring diagram to get them installed since they are designed for a 4 Pot Les Paul Real Les Paul and my Epiphone has only 2 knob Pots. But with a little finagling I got them wired up. Great investment and now one of my favorite guitars in my collection. I gutted and replaced all of the electronics in a Samick Artist Series Les Paul style guitar that I have owned since new mid's. The guitar body was always fantastic, but the pickups and sub-par pots and switches were really keeping it from being a go-to guitar.

This guitar now blows my Gibson Les Paul out of the water. I have about 16 electric guitars to choose from, but since the upgrade I've pretty much been sticking to the Samick.

Old Seymour Duncan Pickups

Comments can be e-mailed to customerservice espguitars. Have one to sell? International Shipping This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U. You won't be disappointed. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Pages with related products. I don't know who George Lynch is but I was looking for a pickup with that sort of passive PAF style tone you get from old Gibsons and this is it all the way.

Part of the potentiometer upgrade was coil splits on the tone pots. These pickups are really versatile with the new switch configuration and sound incredible with and without effects. As far as SD pickups are concerned, these are value priced as well. One person found this helpful. If you are looking for a set of pickups to make a cheap guitar into something great, this is it. The Jazz is typical classic Les Paul, warm, mellow and classic Slash when distorted. The JB breaks up easily, you can get everything from modern hard rock to classic ZZ-top style blues.

I don't use clean tones very often so I can't comment too much but they sound great there as well. I also have both set up to coil-split and when I do it sounds eerily like a Tele. I'd recommend these pickups most to a rock guitarist, they aren't going to get a saturated modern metal tone without effects. These are both fantastic pickups and they made a cheap guitar into one of my favorites.

They don't give you great tone "for the money" they just give you great tone. I was looking for a jazz-type sound with versatility and these provide all that, and lots of warm, expressive, quiet tone. The neck pickup is particularly smooth and warm; the bridge pickup captures a more percussive sound with lots of mids, but otherwise with some of the same qualities as the neck. Together they are also really useful either "all on" or with mixed blends of each. I am using them without covers, though these will work with covers if you prefer.

Highly recommended if you tastes in pickups run along these lines.

Seymour Duncan JB: is it "Jeff Beck" or "Jazz Blues"?

Written comments may be sent to: ESP does not sell replacement parts at this time. All current ESP instruments use industry standard metric guitar parts, and comparable after market parts can be purchased from most any parts suppliers or retailers. Here are a few places to buy parts:.

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This bridge would have "ESP" and "Licensed" stamped on the bridge with a series of patent numbers. ESP can no longer provide parts for this bridge as production was discontinued in the early 's. ESP does not reproduce or sell pickguards at this time. ESP does not sell necks or bodies separately. To receive Warranty Replacement parts, you must provide Proof of Purchase.

Please contact your authorized ESP dealer to assist you with any warranty parts requests. ESP cases are designed specifically to fit our own instruments, and therefore we do not recommend that you use generic cases, as they might not provide adequate support for your ESP instrument. Our cases are produced specifically for each model and body shape to provide the best fit and protection possible for a standard hard shell case. During the first few uses you may have to work the guitar into the case until it stretches to a comfortable fit. ESP shirts, hats, jackets, bags, and other accessories are available on our website.

Please note that you must have an existing retail location; ESP does not authorize exclusively online dealerships. Please do not submit any information or inquiries pertaining to artist endorsements to this mailbox. If you currently own a repair shop or retail location we will be glad to add you to our growing roster of nationwide service centers!

Seymour Duncan JB: is it "Jeff Beck" or "Jazz Blues"?

Please contact our customer service staff for more information regarding the current programs offered. Artist Relations Vanowen St. Can I purchase a guitar directly from ESP? How can I get one? Does ESP offer any guitars made in the U. I live in the U. How can I find the nearest ESP dealer? Does my instrument come with a Certificate of Authenticity? What store in my area has one that I can go look at?

Can I order a custom guitar made to my own specifications? What is the standard delivery time on a custom order? How often do I need to replace the 9-volt battery in my guitar with EMG active pickups or circuits? Where can I get my ESP guitar repaired? How are Baritone models tuned? What is the difference between baritones and regular guitars? What gauge and type of strings are on my guitar or bass?

How do I adjust the bridge? How often should I change strings?

Seymour Duncan 59

How do I know if my neck needs adjustment? Are ESP necks ever reinforced? How do I maintain my guitar? I broke my neck. Can you fix it or sell me a new neck? Where do I get it fixed? What is set neck construction? What is bolt-on construction? What is neck-thru-body construction? What is set-thru construction?

I acquired an older ESP model. How can I find out what year my guitar was built? How can I find out if you make a certain guitar anymore?