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When You Date Someone In Your Group Of Friends (And It Doesn’t Work Out) This is a bonus for the both of you, considering there will inevitably be disagreements aplenty down the road. Will you be able to suffer through it much longer, or will you have to jump ship? Having the same friends is definitely a plus. Introducing a new partner to your inner circle can be tricky, unless of course, you happen to already share the same group. As Romper points out , introducing a new significant other to your friends can be a process.

But if the two of you were best pals before? Will your friends be forced to choose sides? I've dated someone within my circle before, and we both decided to keep it on the low so that no one including us would feel uncomfortable.

When do you introduce someone to your friends?

Things didnt work out, but we're still friends, our friends never knew so they don't feel any type of way about it, and things aren't awkward. Me being a private person, I tend to keep all of my relationships on the hush though, so it wasnt anything out of the norm for me. I don't know if any one has said this or not but this can not only happen in romatic relationships but in friendships as well.

I have been the friend stuck between 2 of my friends who no longer liked each other. Just tell the girl that you value her and her ex's friendship and you don't feel comfortable talking about her ex with her.

2. Con: You’re all too familiar with their flaws, and you can’t get over them

If she is truely your friend she will respect that and no longer bring up her ex around you. I'm currently in a middle man nightmare. Boy A started dating Bestfriend A. It didn't work out and they both came to me for advice.

1. No Potential of Splitting up Your Friends Group

Boy A is now my really good friend and has started dating Bestfriend A's mentee. I know, Bestfriend A doesn't know. And all I can do is toss my hands up and say "ask them sh! The best thing to do is to nip that in the bud the first time it happens- "i'm not going to discuss the situation with either of you. Chinese fire and ice wall between your peoples. Have a friend group and a party group. Church group, hobby group, etc. Then there are the people you date and the people you just do the nasty with. If you must dip into a group to get your dating or sex, keep it a secret.

I have been in this situtation before and I alway play the neutral role. I want my friends to feel like they can come to me and vent but I make it clear that I will not spill the beans about what the other has confided in me nor will I advise either of how they should proceed…. In my older age, i've reevaluated the friendships I have and thought to myself that dating inside the circle might be better than dating without.

I put a lot on how long you've been friends with a person.

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Sometimes people will date a person they know nothing about over a person they know a lot about. How come white people can so easily jump from relationship to relationship in their inner circle? Britney givin all the lil homies BJ's and nobody pays any mind, and at the end of it, Britney goes and marries one of those niggas. Nah but really, it is horrible to be in this situation. I understand why inner circle dating is appealing: I'm constantly around the same old niggas.

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Ideally, of course, it would be easy to fall into a relationship with one of them. It would be nice, too, cause you feel like you can kind of trust them.

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Coming to the realization that one of your friends is a total babe is actually a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes it happens after three. There are plenty of reasons not to date within your circle of friends. When it comes to the dating game people tend to pitch all sorts of theories that just never .

You know each other's backgrounds; you know that they're not sociopathic killers ideally. But maaaan thats a fuckin circus act and test of loyalties to be caught in between.

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Lucky you, you already know their parents and nieces and nephews! Britney givin all the lil homies BJ's and nobody pays any mind, and at the end of it, Britney goes and marries one of those niggas. Not only do you get you know a your beloved themselves, but their friends as well. We talked for a little while, about school and stuff, and it was externally normal. This is a tricky question and unfortunately there is no simple answer. Dating someone new can open up a whole new world of people potential.

And I refuse to be part of that. My recent post I'm not playin white explorer meets African jungle hoe with you.

Online dating: How to successfully introduce a new partner to your friends

DO the damn math and keep it moving. What the hell I look like? I don't like or appreciate being thrust in to the middle of folks drama. If somebody is not getting back to you………….. I will introduce you if you're in proximity as common courtesy calls for but other than that….. I ain't no damn matchmaker.

1. Pro: They’ve already seen you at your worst

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Comment 27 I could not agree with you ore on this advice! The family was scorched- then she started questioning all the homies around her, including myself and we stopped being friends because of all the mess… SMH Never, never, never again…. Inner circle dating is def a no-no.

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