Dating a reformed hoe

Mid 20s misc any experience with dating "reformed sluts"?

Originally Posted by MartyMcFly It's simply the fact that sex is so easily accessible to women. They literally don't have to work for any of it. Even the most disgusting whale is gonna have some desperate phaggot after her glory hole.


It's about the girl being able to be like "you know what? I'm happy with who I am as a person and I don't need to have sex with dudes as external validation" Where as for us, to have sex with a female there is an actual effort put forth from ourselves to sleep with her so its more rewarding and we're less likely to take that chit for granted.

Originally Posted by Taveren. Someone find Alex so he can talk to OP about this.

MatthewJ and NahNahNadia sat down to discuss to trials and tribulations that come with dating soemone who's ahd a promiscuous past. TOP 10 WAYS TO TELL SHE'S A HOE!! Dating Laurel 10,, views. Yeah but it depends on how recently reformed she is. I'd rather it be back a couple years at least lol but I'd still go for it if she was everything.

Originally Posted by LarryAppleton. Originally Posted by Notsogifted. Originally Posted by wingman Alex is a beautiful Misc'er that was dating a "reformed" slut named Jamie until he found out she was a working prostitute during their relationship. Yup, I got advice.

The F*cking Relapse: The Problem With Dating A Reformed H0E/Manwh0re

Once someone shows you who they are, believe them. A slut doesn't reform until shes in her 30s and messed her life up. I know a bunch of sloots like that with oblivious older BFs who don't have clue how much they get gamed.

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  • Would you date a reformed slut?.

Key is finding a more sensible one, not a christian but not a hoebag. Originally Posted by StrongScience LOL at the responses here. Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

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He's a reformed hoe

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