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We rank our self-worth on our instagram likes. Some jobs merit candidates by their number of followers. This social media beauty ego boost, makes beautiful people think they deserve better. It is easy for Alice to fall in the shallow rabbit hole, when all of her friends are pushing her in. Their beauty becomes like a prize, that must be earned and nothing ever seems good enough.

Outer Game Part – Techniques That Will Make Her Want To Chase You

They will always believe there is something more out there. Finding someone new in this day and age is just too easy. Therefore attractive people may give up too soon, knowing they can easily find someone else that finds them desirable. This pretty girl most likely has an infinite amount of male friends, that would be dying to take that coveted boyfriend role. Some men will enjoy feeling like they have a trophy.

However most of the time, they will fear losing her. They will always feel like they are competing with everyone else, even when she is his. When looks are the first thing you always see, finding her surface can be difficult. The truth about beautiful women is, most of the time they are the most insecure. I dated a cover model for about 5 months. It was as sexually exciting as it was a nightmare. Everywhere we went she was approached by men. If we were in a dance club or bar guys would almost line up to take their shot with her although I will say I was the benefactor of many free drinks that floated our way.

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It's not so much the saying no, because generally I don't need other people to do what I want, I just go do it on my own or something like that. Send Me The Guide! When dating someone really attractive you need to be really confident. If you over-compliment her, it's going to start to lose its effect pretty quickly. So, never forget your mission, never forget your goals, ambitions, and passions in life — and always try to improve yourself and the quality of your life. So, when she is by herself you know she is getting the same treatment and most likely more.

She had "dated" an OCEAN of men by an early age so along with guys hoping to hop on her there were guys that were always looking her up. Luckily this was before Facebook otherwise I would have gone nuts. Going out to a meal was non-existent and if we ever did she would eat a few bites and then light up a cigarette this was a while ago. My theory was it wasn't the smoking so much as it was her trying to remain rail thin. I received a handful of blowjobs the entire time we dated and sex itself was similar to fucking a boneless chicken.

She would just lay there and not move. Also, everything was always in the dark. There were two occasions that I remember actually seeing her completely nude during sex and I will have those on my death bed to be sure. The hot girl I dated was a dead fish too. No oral either way, no kinks whatsoever. I actually thought that I had erectile dysfunction because of how turned off I was and saw a doctor, but since dumping her I've had absolutely no issues sexually. You gotta be able to trust her and learn to brush off guys that blatantly hit on her constantly though.

I couldn't agree more with this. Being able to let it go when guys hit on her or stare takes some getting used to. In the end its all about how much you two really trust each other. My wife was a Miss Canada qualifier many years ago. The main difference in her looks now is that her breasts are much much bigger. None of them are annoying or stalker-ish, but it happens. My ability to help with that situation directly led to our relationship becoming more serious I was the white knight, I guess.

We haven't raised it with the sister because there's no smoking gun, really, and the sister is the type who would blame my wife for being provocatively dressed, etc. There have been a lot of sad things in this thread, but to me this is the saddest.

5 Reasons Why Attractive People Have A Harder Time Finding Real Relationships

Your wife has to sacrifice personal relationships to this - that really sucks. I'm sorry for y'all. Fact is, most of them are made to be that way to deal with constant harassment. It's a vicious circle. They come off as a bitch to deal with all the male unwanted attention, that they potentially push away men they are actually interested in by virtue of the person they have to be in public. I've experienced this a bit since I am now of legal drinking age and frequent bars more regularly. I will say that the numbers are lower than it is made out to be. However, yes, when you go up and introduce yourself cold, you might get a bit of "douchedefense" mode.

But take it with a grain of salt, make a joke out of it, and listen to her.

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Treating her as a person tends to make her warm up. Maybe most, but there are ones that can say, "Thank you, I'm flattered, but I'm happily in love with my boyfriend. That is my go to line, verbatum. Usually met with "You don't have a bf, liar! I dated a girl just because she was attractive.

We had nothing common. At first it was pretty cool, she was sweet and nice but, the no-chemistry was just too much for me. I had to end it.

1. Too Many Options

Recently, I tagged along with some pretty girl to a public office where I Clients often settle for a very profitable price when there is a pretty woman present. If you want to date beautiful women, you need to be prepared. Maybe a ten to you is a fan girl who rivals your Star Wars trivia knowledge. Because this is so, it very well may be the case that she has always had her way in relationships.

She was very insecure and very shallow. Really caught me off guard, kind of a turn off tbh. If you just want to have fun and don't see a future or long term relationship, it can be fun for a bit. But if you want something long term, you need to find her attractive for her qualities, and her personality, or else your both fooling yourselves.

When we first met we were both She was amazingly beautiful, so much so that she went out of the way to hide her figure wearing big t-shirts and coveralls. But guys could tell. And somehow she got interested in me before I noticed her. I thought she was cute, but didn't pay much attention until suddenly there she was. And when we got, em, close, I first realized how physically beautiful she was. She gave up on the dumpy clothes when we started dating seriously. I noticed an immediate change in how people thought of and treated me.

How to Make Her Chase You – a Girl or Woman

And I'v seen that all of my life. I get credit and am taken more seriously because I have an attractive wife. If you were to see here now and I'm not posting pics , you'd see a very attractive woman and probably not guess that she was You'd still wonder how I ended up with her. What you wouldn't see is what I see in private, how her body is still amazing, and with my glasses off I still see the 20 year old. Still feels like it in bed, too. My best friend is dating an absolutely gorgeous girl. The first time I saw her, I was working as a lifeguard. It was am and I was half asleep on my big ass chair when this goddess of a woman steps onto the diving board and elegantly dives off.

Perfectly tan skin, long flowing black hair, big innocent blue eyes, incredible body and a knockout smile. Myself along with any dude that could breathe fell in love with her instantly. My buddy is a man whore and locked her down within minutes of meeting her. I hated him, but we got used to his unnerving success among my group of friends. This was a few years ago and today they're still dating. From the start, everything about him changed. She didn't like the way he was and she sought to change him and because she was SO HOT, he was blinded.

Anyone would have been. He acts different now, simply to please her. He literally fakes his personality, which is so strange to me. She gets off to the drama, it gets her noticed and it almost seems to be the unspoken fuel to their slowly dulling relationship. He's a VERY agreeable guy so he's just always doing whatever she says.

Shame of it, she's decided she doesn't like most of us and so, we never see him. He's become something of a ghost. Or a married man I suppose lol.

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What are some positives I can think of? He has an insanely hot girlfriend, which is some pretty serious social proof. Despite how many girls he managed to piss off in the past, they all still want him. He's got this big stamp of approval since she's so hot and other girls, seeing it, want a piece of him too.

He also has an err of confidence too him when he holds her hand. Not arrogantly, but confidently. This is a cool comment, and most of it was just like what I'd imagined. I especially like the end though:. My girlfriend is really hot. The worst thing that I can think of, is my own insecurities. She gets a LOT of male attention. Also, all of her exes are really good looking guys. But I take that as a compliment. She's really into me, and she used to be with guys who looked like that. They're friendly, so you'll have a couple of guys on her on any given day.

One of my exes had a Buddhist approach so guys would have to be super off-putting before she stopped being their friend ie. There were some very, very deep self-esteem issues. Beautiful girls do get taken advantage of for their beauty. There are moments where they freak out for not knowing what to do with their life, sometimes a guy gets too handsy and they feel dirty and used because someone they once thought was a friend that cared for them was just after their body. Just a huge recommendation when dating a very attractive girl by that I would define as someone that gets a majority of the men excited and not just someone you personally find gorgeous , have your emotions on check.

It's easy to get jealous of other guys, there might be times where your gal will have an extremely draining life experience that she unleashes on you, and just other emotionally challenging moments where you have to stand as a man. It's interesting dating her, because, on a good day, I'm a high 7. When we walk around, I get those awkward "What is a girl like that doing with a guy like him" stares. You get used to it after awhile. Truthfully, I think my size helps. She's 5'0", and I'm 6'4", and a pretty large 6'4" at that.

Whenever we go out, guys will hit on her, but then see me and back the fuck up. Even people we both had gone to school with or mutual friends. You sure those stares arent about the height difference? At lease she gets to wear really high heels, no problem. Did they really rhyme 'is' with 'is'? No- they went one step further and rhymed 'beautiful' with 'beautiful'. Nah, they don't quite stoop that low, but they do rhyme 'up' with 'up' in the first few bars of the song:.

You're insecure Don't know what for You're turning heads when you walk through the door Don't need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enough. Yeah, I wish more people online and on reddit knew about this dark side. The whole kpop world is so damn creepy to me because of what they force the "stars" to do, and the whole thing is done with forced smiles on their faces.

Kudos to your SO for avoiding it. It can be pretty awesome. But it could also be really crappy as well. The one really attractive girl I date was great but everyone has their own issues. She had her own self esteem and body image issues as most people do. She also won most attractive in high school.

It's very hard dealing with men hitting on her constantly, but you just gotta ignore them. I don't think she thinks less of me despite her being way out of my league. She could have chose any man in the world but she chose me. I'm a very lucky man. Our relationship is great. My ex was one of those rarest of beautiful women who really, truly didn't know it.

I don't just mean that she was very modest about her appearance although she was - I mean the idea that she was drop-dead gorgeous honestly never occurred to her. One time she got catcalled on a nearly empty street, and her immediate reaction was to look around trying to figure out who the guys were hollering at. That sort of thing. You know that saying, "beautiful, smart, sane - pick two"? She was a very solid 10 in both of the first two categories, and I say that as someone who is pretty damn picky. She hit a nasty bout of existential depression which is why she ended our relationship, despite my insisting that I wanted to help her through it , and in the aftermath she started to take on what I would call an unhealthy attitude towards her own self-worth - especially normalizing the idea of being objectified.

Ended up dating and eventually marrying a guy whose first interactions with her were of the stalking variety. I tried confronting her about all that a time or two I still worry about her from time to time, but if she thinks of me at all anymore, I doubt it's in any emotional context more charitable than anger. I was told that she feels very proud and possessive of me when we're in public.

She often clinged onto my arm. She would smile and laugh when I wanted whatever my way as I was sexy enough that it doesn't matter. There may have been some issues with my stubbornness. I look horrible in my opinion, and there's never been anyone to tell me wrong except for my SO. She's really good looking, but doesn't really care about it. I feel very awkward at times, she's gorgeous but is also perfect in her personality, and I just feel very little compared to her.

I feel like I'm unworthy of her love. If someone went up to me, and told me she deserves better, I wouldn't disagree with him.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a rude person or anything, quite the opposite, and I care the world for her, but I just feel like someone like me isn't enough for her, as she's so perfect and I'm nowhere near to her perfection. She keeps telling me the different though, but since I've heard the opposite my entire life it isn't very easy to just believe that and I just take it as sweet talk. She tries to express her love for me in every way possible, but I still feel like she could just run of with someone because there are so much people out there that are better than me, physically and mentally.

I've seen a lot of my male friends scare girlfriends away with that attitude.

Exactly, there's not much that turns women off as fast as the "I'm not worthy, you're so perfect" attitude. It's literally telling her, with your attitude and actions, that she shouldn't be with you. How long until she follows your advice? Chiming in to agree with InnocenceMyBrother love the username btw!

How To Date Women Who Are Hotter Than You Are - AskMen

I've had boyfriends who were very cute and confident start thinking along the lines of your post above, Bubblessing - and I start losing attraction quick. It's sort of cute for a while, and you do everything you can to make him feel like he's your 1, but after a time it becomes annoying, and then maddening, and then repulsive. Attraction is hard to get back once she starts seeing you as pathetic I'm sorry, I don't want to use that word but that's the vibe your post gives off.

For me, I've always just had to gently break up with the guy. So yes - you are going to lose your girlfriend if you keep that shit up there up. Her patience for your insecurity will grow thin, and she'll leave you for someone you perceive as an asshole, because he'll be confident and won't put her up on a pedestal as the paragon of perfection.

I don't know if you'll read this, but if you do and you're wanting to know what you can do, just let me know. I've had a lot of experience with insecure guys and I can at least tell you what they could have done to prevent becoming pathetic in my eyes. Removed and sent in PM, putting this freely on the internet isn't the best plan I've ever had. InnocenceMyBrother and aavistaen are spot on.

Inner Game Part – The Main Things Which Make Girls Want to Chase You

If she didn't feel you we're worthy of her love, she wouldn't be with you. When she compliments you, believe it. The lack of confidence may honestly scare her away. It seems to me that she cares for you as much as you care for her. Chin up, you ARE good enough, but only if you let yourself believe it! My ex was told multiple times over that he should have been modeling. He is a professional musician so it helps that he's quite attractive. I was constantly thinking about our level of disparity.

I can safely say I am of above average attractiveness and have be considered hot, but due to female insecurity, am constantly second guessing myself. He thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world, but I had a difficult time seeing it based on photos of the caliber of girls he had dated in the past. The first thing to keep in mind when dating a nine or a ten is that they are a nine or a ten to you for a reason.

You have to allow them to glow. Let them be funnier than you. Let them be drop dead gorgeous. Let their light shine. Instead of being intimidated by their talent or even jealous at the attention they are getting, accept and support them instead. You have to take it all in stride, and reign in any jealous impulses. Like Beyonce says, girls run the world. Because this is so, it very well may be the case that she has always had her way in relationships dating back to her immediate family from home.

Contrary to that manual, do not buy her favor. What you want to do is evaluate your heart when you give gifts. When you have a beautiful woman you should know and treat her as such. Meaning try your best to have as many unique experiences with her as possible. Which is why you should try to think of something outside the box. Show her a side of life through a perspective only you can provide. That will keep her on her toes. If you stand in the way of them, they will resent you and eventually leave you.

Your job is to get behind and support.