Bachelor blake dating louise

Bachelor’s Blake and Louise back together
Sam Frost Reveals Blake's Love Suspicions Blake and Louise exclusively reveal they've split. It obviously begs the question: How does one dress for a breakup photo shoot? Louise went for a dusty pink shirt dress, natural make-up and her hair was styled in a delicate side part.

The most ridiculous part of Blake and Louise’s split

A spectacular flaming potpourri inferno, with Blake dressed as a sexy fireman. I do appreciate the positioning of their arms, so heartbreakingly close yet so desperately far.

Obviously that represents the downfall of their relationship — they were in the same physical space yet heading in different directions. Do you know what it really left me thinking?

Where the HELL are her girlfriends?! Allowing this photo shoot to occur is the equivalent of not alerting your mate to a period stain on the back of her dress that is tucked into her undies with a roll of toilet paper hanging out.

Yes, the unholy trinity of friendship failure. Lou, I am addressing you directly now: The friend also said Pillidge was homesick and questioned if she made the right decision moving to Perth.

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