15 tiers of dating adventure time

15 tiers of a relationship! By Jake the dog

Okay, Princess, you need to stop breaking in here. I have something important to tell you about relationships.

Uh, that's okay, Princess. I just hope you'll understand. Jake, Flame Princess is waiting for me. I'm gonna bounce out. If too much frustration builds, the magma will erupt, causing a catastrophic superstratum of igneous rock to form. Jake, you're president now.

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Will you tell him why he can't see Flame Princess anymore? I see what's going on here. I cannot stress how important it is that they not see each other. PB is totally jealous of Flame Princess! So, what did PB want?

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She doesn't want you to see Flame Princess anymore. So, you at tier 2 yet? I got about five hugs. I know exactly what'll get you to tier 2 -- a sappy poem.

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Say something about her spectrum. Let's see she's bright. She makes me feel confused. Like something's filling up my chest. Like I can't breathe.

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Is it because she's so dangerous? Glob, Jake, I-l can't stand it!

Mini Episode ("The Wand" A.K.A. "Let's Work Together")

I'm, uh, writing something for Jake. Well, speaking of Jake, did he explain everything to you? Finn, sometimes you want someone and you want to kiss them and be with them, but you can't because responsibility demands sacrifice.

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What are you trying to say?! I'm trying to say that you're a hero, Finn.

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So, I'm glad you understand why you can't be with Flame Princess. Finn, what are you talking about?

What are the 15 Tiers of Dating from Adventure Time? | Yahoo Answers

And you didn't love me back. Now I'm ready to move on, and it's like [grunts] you're gonna build me up all over again.

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Bacon pancakes, making bacon pancakes Take some bacon, and I'll put it in a pancake Bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make Bacon panca-a-a-a-ke Finn?! Is he with Flame Princess? That's his man's biz. Is he with her or not?! Do you have any idea how much he's cried over you?! Finn deserves to be happy! Even if his bloopin' face gets burned off! You should be ashamed!

Kinetic Typography: 15 Tiers of Dating - Adventure Time

Flame Princess is physically unstable! Her elemental matrix can't handle extreme romance. Glob, if Finn tries to kiss her, she'll burn so hot, she'll melt right through the planet's crust, down through the molten core. Then she'll be thrown back and forth by gravity until she burns out the world from the inside!

Why do you think I had her father keep her locked up?!

Your wavelengths are my weakness. Tiers, The 3 tiers, Tiers, mud on the tiers, Tiers.

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake s04e16 Episode Script

So, Id like to lay out my dating pyramid and solicit your advice—not only on. A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor. In Flanders, the two-tier strip is the standard publication style of most daily strips. The London Cartoon Strip was created by 15 of Britains best known.

If anyone is interested of Adventure Time, here is the latest episode. By Jennifer Dombrowski 15 Comments. The cathedral is the oldest monument in the complex, dating from — We could only marvel at the interior at the time, but we later learned with Daria that the iconostasis is the wall of religious icons and paintings comprised of five tiers.