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BF system is good, but is not easy to navigate. There is a definite possibility here.

Battlefield 3 matchmaking part 1

I do support a server browser. As for ranked matchmaking, good luck pleasing anyone. Most people who want ranked matchmaking simply want the exact system from Halo 2 or Halo 3 and won't settle for anything different. Server browser would be a good idea,it beats jip sense you can see what game your going into instead of being in a random map and gametype. Sure can't please everyone but it just seems like the server browser would probably be the best option at the moment, quick-match would work too since means players can go straight into a new game without worrying about joining a losing team or a game that's just about to end plus it means people who like to stay till end of the game can play and get people to join, help out.

Basically it would help stop unfair matches like 2 v 8 where people would just spawn kill because of the lack of players helping.

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Battlefield 4 doesn't actually have a Match Making system, as you find the matches yourself and the whole idea of MM is that the system automatically finds you a suitable match. I think there are very real benefits to both systems and I would like to see both systems in Halo 5. IMO, the major benefit of a MM system is that you can separate and match your player base according to skill, which can provide a much better playing experience. The major benefit of a server browser is that you have much more control and can play exactly what you want.

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Here is how I would like to see both systems implemented in Halo 5: Match Making -Used solely for ranked playlist. No more social playlists. The goal of perfect MM is to put you in to games where the outcome is always close and you are playing with and against players very close to your skill. It should test your capabilities in all major facets of the game. FFA is very different from team games, maps with lots of vehicles are different than maps without, snipers is very technically skilled, etc By getting rid of social you put all players that are using MM into the same pool and thus can figure out everyone's skill rating to allow for better matches.

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Matchmaking not working

September There is no issue with the game. Message 4 of 8 6, Views. Message 2 of 8 3, Views.

Re: BF3 Co-op matchmaking does not work.

Hi, I just got BF3 the other day and the matchmaking won't work at all for me. All I get is the little pop-up at the bottom left and it says. Whenever i select any mission and press public matchmaking, BF3 will open but shortly after close itself and on Origin i get the message i am online playing BF3.

September Well um this is kinda embarrassing. Message 3 of 8 3, Views. Message 5 of 8 3, Views. September CO-OP is my fav.

Re: Battlefield 3 matchmaking error

Came here to confirm this with another user. Firstly my reasoning behind this is DLC is frequently being missed out on, we already have some elements of 'Battlefield' matchmaking options with things like the 'missions' which is similar to the custom challenges that we can use for Reach. All I get is the little pop-up at the bottom left and it says "Matchmaking Servers as used in bf are more easily hackerable, don't allow to clearly vote the map and ALWAYS have connection problems, also the server list doesn't work. Troubleshoot and test your connection.

Message 6 of 8 3, Views. July whats your username i would like to unlock the coop weapons if still possible.

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Message 7 of 8 2, Views. Message 8 of 8 1, Views. Having trouble connecting to your game? Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game. Troubleshoot and test your connection. EA what the fuck were you thinking you massive collection of dumb cunts. If you're going to force this convoluted system down our throats at least have the courtesy to make it WORK.

If BF4 makes your PC crash you're proof the school system is failing the world.

Betreff: Can't play Battlefield 3 PC COOP

If you're going to force this convoluted system down our throats at least have the courtesy to make it WORK If you use matchermaker, you should feel bad. Also read my siggy One of the best FPS series doesn't deserve to be published by the worst company in America. Well, i would like to have an implemented feature up and running.