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What does a dating ring mean in Brazil? Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Can someone explain this in more detail? Do both people in a couple exchange dating rings? Thanks for the answer Pax.

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I'm an American and I have a Brazilian girlfriend. I live in the US, and she lives in Brazil. I've visited her twice, and I'm thinking about giving her a dating ring, and I'd like to know if it would be I've visited her twice, and I'm thinking about giving her a dating ring, and I'd like to know if it would be okay to buy one for her online and have it shipped to her - and if so, should I mention it to her first or surprise her? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

It is a recent custom, not an old tradition. What does a dating ring mean in Brazil? Recently I heard that it's common for couples in Brazil to wear dating rings. And what does the dating ring signify? I am in a long-distance relationship with a woman who is in Brazil. I am from and live in the US. We've been a couple for almost a year now, and I've visited her in We've been a couple for almost a year now, and I've visited her in Brazil twice. I am thinking of giving her a dating ring, but I want to know more about the custom first.

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Can someone explain Brazilian names? February 3, at 6: At first I thought it was just something she said to trick me into an engagement or whatever. When they get mary, they change the position of the gold ring, instead of the right hand, it will be on the left hand symbolically, in human body, the left side signify the same side of the heart. January 7, at 5: With everything said, and how they seemed not to think on how it feels on me, it made me feel that rings are not as valuable for them as much as they are to us.

And if I buy her one, should I buy one for myself to wear too? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Not every couple use them. It also shows to other people you have a commitment to someone else.

Relationships and Ring Wearing in Brazil

Not that it really matters. None of my concern to pass a judgment on ppls needs thou. Popular or not, many if not most ppl in Br will recognize a silver band as a committment ring or wonder if it has a meaning.

Are we now in high school?? But if a couple wears the dating ring it means that they are heading to marriage still they arent prepared to it money, studies etc. I find it cute for young couples. I find the diamond ring excessive. I know a guy that bought a hooker a diamond ring once, just because he liked her services so much.

A ring is a symbol that in itself shows commitment as the circle does not have an end. They should be gold, not to make them expensive, but because gold is everlasting. I find the whole ring thing pointless, as does my partner. Having seen that movie with that ugly born critter coveting a gold ring and calling it My precious with its pervey voice, the idea of gold rings have lost their lustre for me.

I find the idea of a dating ring to be quite childish and smacks of insecurity. It would be more pragmatic to buy her a sex toy for those lonely nights when apart.

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Huge difference between dropping 20K on a ring and 2K, mine was closer to the latter. My point is that it is stupid that the color or cost of the ring is a factor, any ring on your ring finger should be an engagement ring or wedding band, whether it be made of plastic or platinum. Rings should be for engagement and marriage only, but obviously people can disagree with me on that.

Oh yes all those rings, dating ring, engagement ring, wedding ring. What else will you come up with. Noivado engagement is rather outdated in the metropolitan areas as I see it. I understand that ppl become noivos as soon as they plan their marriage. But no anel de noivado or engagement ring is exchanged for most ppl! If she asked for one, you should get her one. Like other members said here, you should get her a silver one, not golden one. Silver ones only mean that you are dating someone.

Golden rings mean that you are engaged. And yes, dating rings are really commom in Brasil. Ever heard of Brazilian temper? So that many others can find them in the streets?

Never had that kind of luck. Remember that every girl here got at least 20 years of Globo-telenovelas training in drama and yelling. The secret is when she starts yelling, you must yell more the she does. Yes it is normal to use a dating ring in Brazil…It is silver and cheap…so unlike the prejudiced comments I read here, I can say that a Brazilian woman can ask you a dating ring only as a symbol of love and your relationship. I may agree with those who said that usually younger people use it, but it is not a so unusual thing for older people as described here. Yeah its all about symbolism.

Key here is understanding your woman…….

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If you are a real man gringo though you should have your woman under control already — Mine is out working all day while I sit at home studying the internet. Do you buy a whore a ring? Is there like a ring you buy a whore and give her before you spend the next hour with her? The thing is that people in Brazil usually get engaged only when everything is pretty much already set for the wedding.

I think it started as something that teenagers did to show they where serious about each other, sorta like giving a girl your class ring in the US. As these teens got older, I guess they just kept on doing it.

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Take a look here: Well, the idea is forever, I think dating rings just further devalue the concept of marriage being permanent, i may be old school, but I am a firm believer in until death do us part, otherwise what is the point of marriage, why not just cohabitate? My sister has been doing this for quite a while with her husband, and things so far are quite well.

Cohabitating in Brazil has the same effect of a legal marriage after a while, anyway. My girlfriend mentioned it to me when things started to be more serious between us. At first I thought it was just something she said to trick me into an engagement or whatever. But when I got here, I saw that her sister and his boyfriend has it she is 22 and he is 26, I think.

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