Verizon fios internet hook up From the list of wireless networks locate the one that matches the SSID from your router and select it. In the password window that appears, enter the WPA2 key from your router settings.

Connect a computer to the router with a network cable optional. Using the provided CAT5e network cable, plug in one side of the cable into the router and the other into your device. Verify the connection by looking at the indicator lights on both the router and your device.

Internet Only Plans

Connect a set top box optional. Locate a coax wall outlet near where you wish to place your TV. Using the provided coax cable, connect one end to the coax wall outlet and the other end into the back of the set top box. Plug the set top box into a power outlet using the provided power cable.

How to Set Up a FIOS Network with a Verizon DIY Self Install Kit

Switch your TV to the input from the set top box, refer to your TV manual for instruction on changing your input device settings. After turning on your TV and the set top box, the automatic activation setup will start. This can take up to 15 minutes.

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Tips The closer you locate the router to the ONT the less interference your router will receive. While Verizon High Speed Internet has some of the slowest speeds that the company offers, it is available in far more areas.

Step 1 - Are you a new customer?

Fios has a robust smart TV platform that feels similar to a Roku, but with much more content options. Verizon Fios landline phone service is available as an add-on for both Internet-only and bundle plans. If you want to get both Internet and mobile service from Verizon, you have to sign up separately, because the mobile phone service is a separate business within the larger Verizon corporation.

Verizon Fios offers both contract and month-to-month Internet deals.

Normally, when comparing these two options, the main consideration would be whether you value savings or flexibility. Fios contract-free plans , on the other hand, usually charge higher rates without any sort of long-term commitment — which is an excellent choice for renters and students. However, speeds may be limited to 50 Mbps on contract-free plans.

Verizon Fios Deals and Promotions

While the lack of commitment is definitely attractive for those looking for high-speed internet without being tied down, the month-to-month option with Verizon is much less attractive due to the speeds being capped at 50 Mbps. Contract speeds, on the other hand, range all the way up to Mbps, which is a huge difference. Whether or not you need speeds that are faster than the Verizon month-to-month option depends on your internet usage habits.


Learn how to set up and install your Verizon Fios Internet, TV and phone services and find out about your services' features. Verizon’s High Speed Internet (DSL) uses your phone line to deliver broadband access to your home. A High Speed Internet Wireless Router / Gateway. Connect the wireless router/modem to the phone jack without a filter.

Generally speaking, the faster the better when it comes to online performance — including gaming and streaming. Gaming works smoothly on Fios, as the fast download speeds make downloading games extremely fast.

The reduced latency of Verizon Fios Internet plans will keep up with the competition while playing games like Call of Duty or League of Legends. Fios is an excellent option for online gaming, and dramatically outperforms DSL and even cable. The symmetric upload speeds make for a much better experience on live-streaming services like Twitch. Streaming video also benefits from Fios fiber speeds.

Photos: Verizon FiOS installation step by step

Streaming, on the other hand, requires quick and efficient transmission of data to ensure your video plays without a hitch in the best quality possible. The higher the quality of the media, the more demanding it is on your connection. The Verizon gateway devices is a combination of a modem and a router.

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The gateway has two functions:. Verizon gives two different options for financing the gateway or router when you sign up for a Verizon Internet deal: Adrian Grahams began writing professionally in after training as a newspaper reporter. His work has been published online and in various newspapers, including "The Cornish Times" and "The Sunday Independent. He holds a Bachelor of Science, postgraduate diplomas in journalism and website design and is studying for an MBA. Skip to main content. Tip To further configure the router's connection and security settings, type " Choose a username and password for router administration, and click the "OK" button to access the router's settings menus.

Warning If you're installing a long run of coaxial cable to connect the router to the wall outlet, avoid kinks in the cable. Use cable grips or ties every 4 to 5 feet to keep the cable run securely in place and avoid trip hazards.

Troubleshooting Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway Router Set-up and Installation

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