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The Best #RHOMelbourne Season 2 Moments She's meeting a colleague and one of two new additions to Real Housewives this season, Venus Behbahani-Clark.


She sure is; the two could practically be sisters. World, meet Poot Liano:.

Ways to Watch

We're shown an intro package of our newest Housewife. Venus lives in Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs duh with her kids and British husband James, who has "a proper inherited lord of the manor title," making her an official 'Lady. Venus is super glam - she has a giant mane of blonde hair, contact lenses tinted to a colour not found in nature and a waist so tiny she must be stashing several vital organs in her handbag.

Venus isn't the only ridiculously glamorous member of her family. She also has a sister, Rebecca, who could easily make a living as Australia's premier Janet Jackson impersonator:. When a Janet Jackson doppelganger's telling you that, you know your look is unique.

Chef's Dinner

The established Housewives spend much of this episode prepping to attend the Logie Awards. Jackie and Janet get ready together, and Jackie reveals she's not been a big fan of Gamble lately:.

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  • The Best #RHOMelbourne Season 2 Moments | The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2.
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I have better things to do, like having sex every day and seeing what the gods do for me. Jackie's wearing a dress to the awards that she proudly announces is "made out of wetsuit material.

And can we talk about Janet's Logies look? The expression 'More front than Myer' comes to mind:.

Gamble arrives for Logies pre-drinks, and fills the girls in on her feud with Gina. Yes, and this is Real Housewives, so you'll all still be dissecting it in , Janet.

Real Housewives of Melbourne, episode five recap: Gamble gets messy at dinner

We finish this week with Gina's dinner, which she says she hopes Gamble hasn't found out about spoiler: She's also expressed concern about Gamble's recent weight loss throughout this episode: Doll if you were that concerned, why not invite her along for a meal? Venus is also coming to this dinner, and before she arrives, Gina primes the ladies with a bit of essential info about their guest.

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With friends like these …. Venus arrives, glammed up in feathers, a bodysuit and shiny harem pants. The girls can't quite believe their eyes - Lydia especially:. As the women settle in for dinner, a waiter comes by with a "special gift from Mrs Wolfe.


The Real Housewives of Melbourne – JANET'S SPEED DATING SNEAK PEEK Latest From The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Created by Scott Dunlop. Jackie plays wingman as Janet tries speed dating. Chyka hosts a flower filled Chef's Dinner party. All the housewives are invited with.

It's a box containing red roses - and a note: Give my love to the girls! It's an intimidatory masterstroke, the Housewives equivalent of waking up with a horse's head in your bed.

Latest From The Real Housewives of Melbourne

The expression 'More front than Myer' comes to mind:. Passenger who saw boyfriend, 25, crush boy, three, by The year-old added a simple yet stylish black blazer with satin lapels, which she buttoned at the waist. I know, now we all have to go back to watching basic bitches doing their renovations on The Block, UGH. Alex asks Manuela why she and Gamble butted heads whenever she appeared on the show — but Gamble can answer this one:. Gamble, basking in the eighth world wonder that is Gina Liano. City analyst, 27, quit due to 'intimidating' boss, 50, who said he'd

She's like a crazed lover. Your crazed boyfriend would do that. Wrapped in a dressing gown, Pettifleur sulks at the side of the set, while Lydia tries to coax her back on to the couch. As Pettifleur would have us believe, she and Gina had a recent off-camera altercation that ended in physical and verbal abuse from Gina. Back on planet earth, Jackie fills Alex Perry in on the real story behind this little blow-up.

Over in sulk corner, Pettifleur angrily denies the allegation that she was tanked when it all went down.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Back on the couch, Jackie gives us an update: Time for one more bit of light entertainment before things get serious again: Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Gina Liano Boob Hoist. After this, a chill runs through the air. Striding onto the set, she stands, waiting for the others to shuffle down the couch so she can sit near Alex.

Real Housewives ep 4 recap. He appears visibly upset. Announcing you have a lesbian inside you does nothing to quell those rumours about your … appetites, Gamble. Gamble, basking in the eighth world wonder that is Gina Liano. Did you know that if there are no gays nearby to compliment her, Gina Liano will enter a state of hibernation akin to the North American Grizzly Bear? My, what a handsome foetus. Sitting down to her first date, Janet pulls straight from her bank of pre-prepared questions: What makes him cry?

Jackie responds with this vacant stare:. If you ask us, this is the only face of La Mascara:.