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Anaconda, Dating, and Hilarious: Dating, Weed, and Marijuana: Dating, Memes, and Bowl: Dating, Funny, and Memes: Dating, Funny, and Lazy: Perks of Dating me: Perks of dating me.. Bee Movie, Memes, and Netflix: O matthitarchive perk of dating me: Memes, Boobs, and Boob: I'll let you sleep on my boobs. Butt, Cheating, and Memes: Perks of Dating Me: Dating, Friends, and Funny: Cheating, Dank, and Dating: Dating, Memes, and Depression: I held a funeral that day I actually didn't, I was a seventh grader what do you expect? My ex, who'd more or less rejected my attempts to rekindle our romance, sent me this news article about a hermit they found in the woods in my state.

I'm kind, wouldn't hurt anyone.

I make decent money. Despite all the talk about girls going after the nerdy guys, it just isn't true. None of your girlfriends are going to try and take me from you. Holy crap, I didn't even see that. What if, my whole life, I've spoken in accidental rhyme? I wonder if anyone would've told me. I can't even imagine.

It could've been going on the whole dang time. You're not going to make the other. Well ever since my last major relationship ripped me apart internally I've kinda lost who I am as a person and haven't been able to date. I was raised by all women so I've probably seen ALOT of "Chick Flicks" and even enjoy them, so you won't ever have to feel guilty about making me watch any.

If something is bothering you or is wrong I will move fucking mountains to make you feel better; Talk to you, Listen to you, give massages, write you cute little notes, shower you in anything and everything I can find to make you smile or feel better, and buy you all the ice-cream and your favorite foods and candies I can think of. I actually tend to prefer girls when they don't wear makeup. No serious, not "no make up", but actual no make up. I actually get pleasure in bed out of your pleasure, my biggest turn on is exploring your fantasies.

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I won't judge your gorging and eating huge burgers or masses of foods, if anything it impresses me. Although pretty young, I'm an old school romantic so I will open the doors for you, hold out your chair, and bring you flowers from time to time. I don't care what others think and will gladly dance with you like a fool in public, even if there is no music playing.

I could go on with the list haha Kinda just wrote this to try to remind myself who I am. Been struggling with depression this past year and a half plus, this helped:. Holy shit you're all really dam nice! Thank you all for the support and the awesome words. Haha you guys made my day and made me more hopeful! Don't worry guys i'm not giving up on finding someone awesome.

If I could hug every single dam one of you I would. You sound like an amazing person! Don't let one bad relationship ruin it for the next person who comes along. Life is far too short to be miserable.

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Pokes fun at workaholics and redeems the daycare operator along the way. Yeah, that's all I've got for right now. None of that endless gossip-won't-shut-up crap that girls usually get a bad rap for. Dating, Memes, and Depression: Allie and Connor before you finish reading the first chapter. I actually like hand jobs and blow jobs just as much. If something is bothering you or is wrong I will move fucking mountains to make you feel better; Talk to you, Listen to you, give massages, write you cute little notes, shower you in anything and everything I can find to make you smile or feel better, and buy you all the ice-cream and your favorite foods and candies I can think of.

I know a lot about forensics and identifying human remains so if you ever need someone to talk at you about dead people, I can do that. I'm someone that can dress up and go to the opera or symphony with you, or I can be the slutty girl you go clubbing with. I can be conservative, or extremely wild. At the end of the date, I can and will be incredibly submissive, and you can have your way with me. I don't have many limits. I am also a great listener, and can support you in many ways - both personally and professionally.

There was some porn chick years ago who laid back and had like dudes lineup to fuck her. She took each dude until they came. Can you imagine what that last dude was thinking? Do you even think he felt anything?

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This chick must have been so stretched out that she may not even have felt anything. I bet your inbox is like that porn star's vagina right now. Every dude just wants to get in - doesn't matter what order. I have a super high sex drive. Like four, five times a day if I could. Of course that novelty wears off super fast for people. Makes me super sad panda and makes me feel really undesirable when I'm rejected. Had an ex like that. It's great at first and then when I realize I'm not superman it wears off but I didn't want her to feel bad and get sad and it just made sex a really awkward obligation after a certain point.

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I just felt guilty whenever I wasn't in the mood even if we already fucked 3 times that day and it took a lot of the fun out of it. Yeah like I said the novelty wears off fast. Luckily enough I'm used to long dry periods, so it's not like I need it or something to be happy. Just in a perfect world like twice daily, minimum. And that's not even like full on sex. I actually like hand jobs and blow jobs just as much. I've been told that I am a good sounding board.

Also have taken classes on massages and enjoy using my particular sets of massage skills. I'm smart and ambitious, I'm finishing my degree in physics and already have a job lined up after college making a not-too-shabby income for a recent graduate. I'm well-educated in many areas as well, including theater, music, and art.

I want to make you happy in tangible ways. If you had a long, stressful, bad day, I'll make you something to eat and drink and talk about things with you, or if you don't want to talk we can play a game together or watch a movie or just chill out. I love to cuddle and be affectionate, but I can chill out on that if you don't like PDA or just are not feeling well. I'm open to trying a lot of things in bed. I don't starfish at all. My sex drive is healthy and I'm not shy. I wouldn't consider myself uptight at all and it's pretty hard to suggest something that would offend or shock me.

At worst I'll just say that I probably won't be in to it. I don't care if you look at porn; in fact we can look together if you find some good stuff. I'm direct and good at communicating. I won't make you read my mind; I'll tell you in plain English. If we are arguing, I want to find out what we both want and find ways to compromise and meet both our needs with as little hurt feelings and anger as possible. I don't like long-brewing anger.

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I like learning new things and trying new things, even if I'm not sure if I will like them. I'm just as happy to stay in as to go out. I have a lot of varied interests. I cook really well and I keep the house clean. People tell me I am the most competent person they know. Although I've got a little bit of a ways to go, I care about my health and fitness and will help keep you healthy and fit too.

I'm always open to self improvement. I take care of my physical and mental health and am always looking for ways to be a better person. It is important to me that I be good to people even when they don't always deserve it. I have an adorable and super soft cat who loves to snuggle and play. I'm interested in getting a dog. I'm just as comfortable going out with my friends and giving you space as I am spending a lot of time together.

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Perks of dating i I wanted to answer this since lot of introspection here I am!! 1) I'm 5'6" tall. so in case you're short man, you could still have chance of having a tall kid:P I'm funny, witty and sarcastic all mixed into one. I have a tempurpedic mattress and a view of the Empire State Building. Oh, and I' m a licensed massage therapist.

Yet for some reason he can't explain to me, my boyfriend doesn't want to be with me anymore. If I wasn't so sad I'd be angry. You haven't heard the cons. You should probably know In all seriousness, I do have bad things about me, but I think they're normal enough to ask somebody to deal with, not something stupid insane, and I am always working on them. I guess you could say I am demanding. If I treat my partners like gold, I'd like them to at least treat me like silver. That's too much for some people. I have a very dominant personality. I know what I want, I'm either in or out.

The understanding between them is very good and both value their friendship very much. This one has both of their POVs which at some point repeats the thoughts they are having. Street does it again! So I barely finished Save Me another amazing book by Stephanie Street that you will love before I found this amazing book also by her.

Honestly, I haven't been able to do anything else. I'm a college student and it's all I've been doing even with class and homework, which I've been skipping because I could not put this book down. Seriously, the chemistry that illuminates the pages is seriously tangible. You will fall in love with Alberta a. Allie and Connor before yo Street does it again! Allie and Connor before you finish reading the first chapter.

The perks of reading this book Sweet and well balanced. Kind of what I thought a high school best friends romance would be. I did like the main characters Allie and Conner. I really loved how sweet Conner was.

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He kind of stole a piece of my heart. Also very happy with the ending and closure. I hate loose ends in a storyline all twisted and knotted up with no conclusion. This was a sweet light hearted read with a neatly wrapped up ending. The epilogue fulfilled my every hope. I just really really want a plot line for Jamie.

He was so sweet and cute and funny. I also loved JJ and this book, I must say, has given me goosebumps. I am in complete love with this book, I definitely recommend if you like the best friends to lovers trope. Nice tone Speaks realistically of the uncertainty of the teen years. Drops a few cliches along the way, but no loss.

It is easy to understand the tentativeness of an invisible nerd. But the popular quarterback?

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Who walks away from the cheerleader to choose the nerdy friend? Pokes fun at workaholics and redeems the daycare operator along the way. The tense kept switching from past to present, within the same paragraph, which I found annoying. There were several more grammatical errors and typos also.

Should have been picked up in editing. Otherwise, this story was fast-paced, written in the first person with alternating points of view. A fun, sweet teen romance. There was no sex but there was a lot of swearing. Cute The overall story was cute but I felt like some of the side stories could have more explaining. The author tiptoe around some things about characters that left me wondering what really happen. Hallmarkable Have you ever started a book that you could just see being a great hallmark movie? This is one of those.

Friends who love each other but afraid to admit it. The plot is adorable and fun. Happily ever after has never been funnier. Sweet story Conner and Allie's story is the story that happens at every high school but you still root for it. This was excellent from start to finish. The story just flowed and there was never a lull in the storyline. Books that invoke feelings And this book does just that.

It will give you all the feels. Swoon and laugh again. But mostly you'll smile. Because your bound to enjoy this beautiful duo. Pg 13 I really liked these two together. I loved he really couldn't breathe without her. I just wish I got to read anything about them finally going all the way at some point.