Nadi dosha in matchmaking

Related Articles: October scorpio monthly horoscope. Female having a Nadi dosha is also married to Vishnu before the actual marriage and is considered as a Nadi dosha exception and remedies. Female His details- Dob: For any further information or assistance, you can contact us at Support astroved. Namrata Soni Place of birth:

It should be noted that each one of 27 nakshatras has 4 quarters called padas or charanas in Vedic astrology. Hence if both boy and girl have their Moon placed in the nakshatra of Ashwini, they both have Adi Nadi but Nadi Dosh is said to be cancelled if Moon is placed in different padas of Ashwini nakshatra in both these horoscopes.

For example, if the boy has his Moon placed in the first pada of Ashwini nakshatra and the girl has her Moon placed in any one of the other three padas of Ashwini nakshatra, Nadi Dosh is said to be cancelled, though both of them have Adi Nadi.

Nadi Dosh in Match Making - नाड़ी दोष in Hindi Dr. Uma Shree

If both Male and Female have same Moon Sign but the birth Nakshatras are different and both of them have same Nadi, Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified in horoscope matching. For example, if the boy has his Moon placed in Ardra Nakshatra and the girl has her Moon placed in any one of the first three padas of Punarvasu nakshatra, which fall in the sign of Gemini, this rule applies. In this case, both of them have Adi Nadi and both of them have Gemini as their Moon sign. Hence they have same Nadi and same Moon sign, but birth nakshatras are different.

Hence Nadi Dosh is cancelled in this case.

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If both Male and Female have same birth Nakshatra but the Moon Signs are different, Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified in horoscope matching despite both of them having the same Nadi. For example, if the boy has his Moon placed in any one of the first three padas of Punarvasu nakshatra and the girl has her Moon placed in the fourth pada of Punarvasu nakshatra, this rule applies.

Moving ahead, the Moon sign of the boy is Gemini and that of the girl is Cancer. As we know that every person is supposed to have one out of three Nadis, this means that for a given person, Nadi Dosh on average will be formed during his horoscope matching with every third person. This is because every third person on average will have the same Nadi as he has. For example, if a boy has Adi Nadi according to his horoscope, every third girl he considers for horoscope matching should also be having Adi Nadi as there are only three Nadis according to Vedic astrology; and the chances of someone belonging to a particular Nadi are one third, as all 27 nakshatras have been equally divided into 3 groups of Nadis, assigning 9 out of 27 nakshatras to each Nadi.

Going by this theory, every third girl on average is prohibited for a boy and every third boy on average is prohibited for a girl, merely on the basis of Nadi Dosh as this defect will be formed in every third case of horoscope matching. Taking everything into consideration, it can be easily said that almost all the marriages in the world should end up in divorces or other serious problems. In my experience of horoscope matching which now goes over thousands of cases of match making, I have witnessed hundreds of successful marriages despite the presence of Nadi Dosh in match making.

This happened due to fact that the overall horoscopes of these couples were giving very good indications about the marriages of these couples as the positive factors present in these horoscopes reduced the malefic effects of Nadi Dosh to great extent. Hence Nadi Dosh could not cause any significant damage in these marriages.

What is Nadi?

Depending on the intensity of the Nadi dosha in a couple's match making report, the effects could vary. However, some of the bad effects, which. Then, you may be a victim of nadi dosha! For horoscopes It indicates health compatibility & out of 36 points in marital match making 8 points are given to Nadi .

Hence it should be kept in mind that the formation of Nadi Dosh during horoscope matching can cause significant problems in the marriage of a couple under consideration, only if such Nadi Dosh is supported by some other malefic defects present in one or both the horoscopes. They were further divided into Aadi, Madhya and Antya Nadis.

Nadi Dosh in Match Making

The last two categories reflected serious problems in their married life. The idea was to find out the extent of failure of marriages due to presence of Nadi Dosha. The participants were also asked to report the number of children and their year of birth. The objective was to know whether Nadi Dosha prevented birth of children or their health.

The participants were further asked to report any other serious development about their marital life like separation, divorce, serious ailments or accidents, death in the family etc. All the 61 couples, having Nadi Dosha, are blessed with children, male and female, except one, married on Some scholars would say that though the children are born, happiness from children would not be there.

There was a column in the survey format to give information about serious disease to the life partners or their children. Only in two cases, some vague information was received. One child born in suffers from cold allergy but his parents also suffer from the same Aadi Nadi.

In another case of Madhya Nadi, children born in and had some disease in but details not reported. These are stray cases and not worthy of any serious attention. In other words 59 couples, out of 61 Nadi Dosha cases, did not have any problem with regard to health of their children. The age of the children in Nadi Dosha cases varied from a few years to well over thirty.

Apparently people were satisfied with their progeny because no specific mention was made about any serious problem with their children. Therefore we are inclined to conclude that Nadi Dosha alone neither prevents birth of children nor results in bad health of children. As far as "Santan Sukh" is concerned, this is a highly subjective issue which is very difficult to assertain even in cases having no Nadi Dosha.

Only in one case of Adi Nadi separation is reported. Marriage took place in February, , male child born in June, but husband left wife and lived with another woman. In another case of Antya Nadi Nadi Dosha cancelled , divorse occured. Dealth of husband occured in one case due to electric shock within two years of marriage Antya Nadi. In two cases of Madhya Nadi and two cases of Antya Nadi, surgical operations or non-fatal road accidents occured. The summary is here below:. The table below shows the quality of married life separately under 3 Nadis alongwith the figures where Nadi Dosha was found cancelled.

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Nadi Dosha was found cancelled in However no trend has emerged to confirm that cancellation of Nadi Dosha had definite impact in improving quality of married life. The popular fears about Nadi Mahadosha have not been found to be true in real life situation. The percentage of cases of divorce, separation, serious health problems, death or accidents is very low in case of married partners or their children.

The quality of married life, on the contrary, has been found to highly satisfactory. Then why this factor should be accorded high importance while matching the horoscopes for aliance? Instead of relying on Guna Milan system and Nadi Dosha factor, will it not be better to rely upon age old cardinal principles to analyse the 7th house and other important houses of the horoscopes in the present context?

Nadi Dosha and it's remedies

For compatability, we should judge the friendship of Lagna lords, Rashi lords and Navmansha lords, judge strength of 7th house on Sudarshan Chakra basis as well as D-9 chart. We should give importance to the running Maha and Antardashas and the following Dashas of both the partners. These are the primary factors in my view. Manglik Dosha or Nadi Dosha factors are only secondary factors, not worthy of serious attention which is being generally accorded to them by general public as well as by majority of practicing astrologers. In mundane astrology the results of countrie Sitting on golden chariot, guide to all, enlightened Lord Sun gives light to all directions and rema Lal Kitab, originally published in urdu language, enshrines such effective astrological principles a Miscellaneous articles on other related topics of occult sciences Those people who are not beginners rather have sufficient knowledge about astrology can further upgr Astrology is most popular system of prediction used extensively and widely all over the world from a Chinese astrology revolves around Chinese zodiac which is a 12 year cycle.

Each year of this 12 year This Mantra be recited for times. Surya Namaskar is a must in the morning and Pooja of Surya be Life and Problems go hand in hand. Human is always in search of remedies to come out of the problems The sade-sati or adhaiya of transit saturn makes terror among the public. From ancient times, many scientific methods are popular for making predictions Palmistry, numerology Choice of color of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind.

Nadi dosh is formed if both male and female are born under same Moon rashis, Nakshatra and Charan. The exact Nakshatra based classification is as follows—. Nadi Dosha exists if proposed husband and wife are having same Nadi.

What Is Nadi Dosha?

Scientifically speaking having same Prakriti means their offspring will be physically weaker. If Nadis of proposed husband and wife are different it is only then marriage is recommended so they may have physically stronger children. Below are some points to be checked. Moving on to Bhakut Dosh, if Moon Signs in the natal horoscopes of Male and Female are making a combination of , or with each other, Bhakut Dosh is said to be formed. Similarly Bhakut dosh is considered for and placements of Moon signs. It is said that the Bhakut Dosh of can cause death to either of the partners, Bhakut dosh of can cause delay, denial or loss of progeny and Bhakut Dosh of can cause poverty.