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Mumsnet rape and sexual assault survey results, and a word on statistics
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Seeing as thread 65 is now full. Nothing to report here. I'm still in almost daily contact with MrK but due to his work was not able to meet this we. Online dating has proved very successful for me and three friends ie we are happily married to lovel. This is page 1 of 3 (This thread has 66 messages.).

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Mariella replies What a fascinating dilemma.

Sexy Jeremy Corbyn is 'an old sea dog' - the mums lusting over Labour's leftwinger

I experienced the passing of my 30s myself with great relief, so predominant were the issues you identify. Women were told they had equality in a still wholly unequal world. Now here you are, over two decades later, experiencing the same old story.

Truly society has not yet shape-shifted enough to fully integrate us. The amplified ticking of our biological clocks seems to focus minds and energy on the single issue of motherhood in a way that often produces results. So many of my friends found partners and had children, as I did, around the age of As a result, my kids have grown up seeing me not as a freak of late motherhood, but a member of a small and steadily increasing minority of older mums. Women are still penalised for pregnancy, bear the main burden of domestic life so often now combined with full-time work and, despite increasing lifespans, have the same short window in which society deems them to be fully contributing members.

Our nation has spent my lifetime hijacked by political parties squabbling while issues that matter — universal childcare, education, the NHS, equal pay, pornography, and violence towards women and children — have all been swept into a Westminster silo. While the Brexit bandwagon rumbles on, our country is silently slipping back to the 20th century in terms of productivity, infrastructure, education, health and social justice. That may seem a digression, but the reason you are experiencing exactly the same frustrations as my generation, is that time really does seem to have stood still.

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We urgently need creative thinking and collective energy to push us out of our present inertia and force the change that will improve all our lives.