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presenzeincloud.com/zithromax-et-azithromycin-capsules.php The opposite end of the telephone splitter cable has two female ends. Plug each of the opposite ends of the telephone cables into the "In" port on the side of the telephone.

What is Ooma?

Greyson Ferguson is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in film and television. He currently resides in Lansing, Michigan where he works on independent film projects and writes for numerous publications. Ferguson primarily focuses on computer and electronic articles. Connect a telephone cable into each one of the free female ends on the splitter cable. If retaining traditional access to your local service is critical or you want to keep a barebones line for use with a security system then opting for a the OBi or OBi with the USB adapter or the older OBi which includes an extra built in RJ45 jack for this purpose is necessary.

Simple Setup

Should that change in the future, you can easily change your OBi device to use a more economical VoIP provider. Google Voice does not currently support E calls.

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If you are not retaining a barebones land line for use with emergency calling services, and wish to keep access to , you will need to add in secondary VoIP provider with E support. Once we have finished setting up your OBi device with Google Voice, we will show you how to add in E support.

Ooma Review: 1 Year After Making the Switch

Whether you plug the device in right next to your router, into a network jack elsewhere in the house, or on the other side of a network switch on your network, is largely irrelevant. Place the Obi device in the most convenient location that permits you to patch it into your home data network and home telephone network.

In our case, the most convenient location was in the basement within easy access of our network router, a phone jack, and a power outlet. You do not have to plug the Obi device into the point-of-entry for the phone line; you can plug it into any phone jack in your home to connect it to your home phone network. Fortunately, signing up for Google Voice is dead simple. First head over to voice.

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If you wish to keep your Google Voice account separate from your primary Google account e. Otherwise, feel free to log in using your primary account. When you head to voice. You will receive a phone call from Google Voice at that number; enter the two digit confirmation code when prompted. You can either enter an area, city name, or zip code to search for a local number or enter a word, phrase, or number string if you want a number with your name in it like JOHN or the like.

After acquiring your Google Voice number or successfully porting an older number into the system , you will need to make at least one Google Voice call from within the Google Voice web interface to fully activate the service. First, plug your OBi device into your data network and phone network. Once connected to both, plug in the power transformer to boot up the device.

Save hundreds on your phone service.

Back at your computer, visit the OBi web portal and register for an account. Wait for an email from OBi and confirm your account registration. Log in at the web portal after you have confirmed your account and click on Add Device in the sidebar. OBi will prompt you to pick up a telephone handset and dial the registration code they have supplied e. Hang up after the automated response. If you are unable to dial the number you may need to power cycle your OBi device do not power cycle the device while the LED indicator is blinking orange, as the OBi device is in the middle of updating the firmware.

You will need to name the device we simply named ours Home to distinguish it from any future OBi devices we might activate at other locations , supply an admin password for connecting to the OBi device directly over your network , and add a 4 digit PIN for the OBi Auto Attendant necessary for accessing the more advanced features of the OBi device from outside the local network.

Click Save Changes before continuing.

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The next step is to link your OBi device with Google Voice. Click on the Google Voice Set-Up icon beneath the items you just configured. OBi will warn you that there is no support for Google Voice we will be setting up E support in a moment, so just click Accept.

Add in your local area code to make local number dialing more convenient.

Finally, plug in your Google Voice username and password. If you are using two-factor authentication on your Google account and we highly recommend you do , you will need to set an application-specific password for your OBi service.