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Manchester Baby Scan Clinic Offer % Accurate Gender Scans From 16 baby scans to expectant mums from all parts of Manchester; From Salford to Old. Ultrasound scans in Manchester. Ultrasound Direct Manchester is one of the few regulated ultrasound clinics in the UK to offer high definition 4D baby scans. All of our early pregnancy scan appointments are 20 minutes as standard, which is longer than most providers offer.

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Meet new hampshire speed dating scan clinics nationwide. Scans are not guaranteed to find all problems with a baby. If we do find a problem with the baby or if the scan findings are unclear, we will arrange for you to speak to a doctor and another scan may be arranged. This may be on a different day. In a small number of cases, babies are born with abnormalities that were not spotted on scan. These are not done routinely.

If you have had certain problems in a previous pregnancy then you will be assessed to see if any scans are required. There may also be other clinical reasons why you may require a growth scan and this will be discussed with you by the midwives and doctors. As this is a medical examination, we will only look and try to see the sex of your baby if asked. Checking the sex of your baby is not possible on some scans.

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How do I access this service? Referrals for scans are only from midwives or doctors in antenatal clinics or on the hospital wards. Her dating scan salford alert dating scan salford salford scan dating incited reversed to godfather a undersized, supplying selection.

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Our Manchester clinic is operated by Window to the Womb. Because of these excellent transport links, Ultrasound Direct Manchester is perfectly placed to serve the needs of customers from across the Greater Manchester area. Would highly recommend Window To The Womb xx. Please message us above. This scan also measures the baby and estimates how many weeks pregnant you are. If we do find a problem with the baby or if the scan findings are unclear, we will arrange for you to speak to a doctor and another scan may be arranged.

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