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Which made me realize fully for the first time: I may really be limited in my ability to date while here.


A quick trip to Singapore for some shopping and you can buy tampons galore, but it might be hard to find them in Indonesia. I'm in love with 1? Is it romance then? Bogor is a small city and the level of socialization among residents is relatively higher compared to other large cities. I was recently part of a group along with a friend of mine who was out on a date with an Indonesian girl.

Can you give any insight? In the United States, of course, I can date, bring someone to stay overnight, have a steady boyfriend outside of marriage, etc. Is this impossible in Indonesia? What are the ramifications if I pursue american-style dating? I understand that it can be sticky living together outside of marriage Which also makes me wonder if I'll be viewed with suspicion simply by living alone unchaperoned by family.

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Rent an apartment, then you will have very few problems. With a home, depending where you are, people may look at you in a bad way if you have guys coming to the house. Bogor is a small city and the level of socialization among residents is relatively higher compared to other large cities. So the things that you have mentioned above can easily be a concern of local people and it was very much disliked by most people here although you are a foreign. If you want to get freedom like that then I suggest you look for an apartment as has been suggested by jim Other options, you can also find the location of housing that level of socialization among its residents relatively low such as Villa Duta and Bukit Sentul.

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But the prices in these areas are expensive. Sex possible in Indonesia? Is the ayatollah Shia? Rebecca, I'm a local lady who used to practice living together outside wedlock with my partner-now-hubby.

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It was difficult for the first one year. People stared at me like I was some kinda prostitute for allowing myself to live with a male foreigner without getting him to marry me first. They don't care that it was in fact, I didn't want him to marry me and the decision to move in with him was simply financial. It's cheaper to rent one place and two units of apartment. Phelim Kine, Deputy Asia Division Director of Human Rights Watch, noted that Banda Aceh has been gradually adopting Sharia-inspired ordinances which criminalize same-sex relations, leading to the recent verdict.

Although marriage may seem an important goal for many Indonesians, expats and foreigners who marry in Indonesia are bound by certain legal agreements. Prenuptial agreements which decide what happens should the marriage dissolve are a necessary step for protection of assets.

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Expats should also keep in mind Indonesian law currently does not allow foreigners to own freehold property. In the event a local partner was to die, foreign partners are required to sell the property to another Indonesian citizen within 12 months. Data shows that 43 percent of Indonesian women between the age of 18 years old to 34 years old still live with their parents and many will tell you how important family is in their lives.

Unlike in the West, an invitation to meet the family of a local partner can mean more than a casual family dinner. Likewise, the approval — or lack of it — from family can make or break a relationship. Foreigners and expats should also keep in mind that Indonesians value loyalty to family and that loyalty shapes reputations.

Family units are likely to make big decisions together and respect the advice of older members.


Premarital sex in the West is now considered the norm, but the same cannot be said of Indonesians. While engaging in sexual activity is not uncommon , it is likely partners would want to keep it hidden. It is common knowledge that a lot of Indonesian males are not very fond of showing off their romantic side. It could be because of the high level of ego in their bloodlines or the influence of the 'bapak-ism' syndrome they inherited from their ancestors, nobody knows for sure.

Some of them admit that to say 'I love you' to their loyal wives of ten years shows a sign of weakness, a flaw in their manhood.

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While for many male foreigners saying the three magic words is a very easy thing to do, especially when it widens their chances to get laid that night. A lot of highly educated Indonesians, often graduated from universities abroad, confessed that their reasons to get involved romantically with their foreign partners are based on similarities in perception of life.

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Open minded-ness and the willingness to accept women's equal rights in the relationship are just a few of the intellectual explanations. For whatever reasons, inter-racial marriages are mushrooming in this city.

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It doesn't really matter how it started or what backgrounds people have in choosing their life partners - as long as it happens for the good. Nothing is better than when you go to international cities like Amsterdam or Sydney, for instance; and see how the streets are packed with different coloured people walking hand in hand, without anybody making a fuss about it except Pauline Hanson perhaps. A friend of mine Jenny, whose dating list evolves around the male expatriate community in this city, gave me her straight-to-the-point answer. Black hair, dark eyes and coloured skin just don't turn me on.

She thinks it's all about appearance. But like a wise man said, beauty is only skin deep. When the once pale, taut surface goes wrinkled, the wavy sun-kissed blond hair falls out what a nightmare and the once gorgeous He-man look alike guy starts uncontrollable drooling and wearing diapers, what's left behind? His personality - something that could be covered by any skin colour - white, brown, yellow or black.

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