Bad matchmaking

Community Survey June 21st, 2.


Take a look at their bases, are they rushed? What are their troop levels, if they are TH10's that TH9's can easily 3 star then it doesn't matter. Looking for a good clan with non-stop war?

Why's matchmaking so bad in the CorePlay playlist?

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There is a good chance your opponent players are weak in attacks and mainly are rushers. If you can 2 star them you might just win the war.

Bad war matchmaking

Honestly. I know I'm not a great player. But matchmaking is attrocious. I see absolutely no reason why people with low win/loss rates should be. I really like Overwatch as it's the first FPS game I actually enjoy enough to keep coming back to play but the people and matchmaking systems.

I have seen this in my 2. June 21st, 4.

Sick of bad matchmaking system

Originally Posted by Sweetman. I know I'm not a great player. But matchmaking is attrocious.

All it does is make people leave, which there's no penalty for rage quitters, for players to get put in games at a severe disadvantage. The games weapons are super unbalanced as it is, is it really too much to ask for a real matchmaking system? Have to say last night was utterly garbage in the matchmaking dept. But, I suspect their network was a bigger cause of the crap games. Stuck in the same lobbies with the same twits you leave the lobbies because of If this is going to be Activision's new norm I feel for players still buying into their BS.

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For honor matchmaking bad

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Bad Matchmaking Examples - Both are bad even when you win!

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