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That's why, instead of just watching movies ourselves with an open mind, we rely on sites like Rotten Tomatoes to let us know what sort of opinions we should have about films before we even given them a chance. Faraz is very aware of the current state of the world, so he made sure all of his potential Tinder dates know that he comes with a number of glowing reviews from credible sources like the New York Times , the Washington Post and Dos Equis' infamous "Most Interesting Man in the World. How can you possibly swipe left on someone who is clearly so universally beloved?

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Like, is he for real with that bio? He starts things off by making it perfectly clear that people just looking for a hookup need not message him, which is a breath of fresh air on an app where most guys are just looking to have sex. Unfortunately, he then adds that he's only really looking for a rich girl who will support his expensive drug habit and who will drive him around since Dusy's mom won't let him use her minivan anymore since he ate all of her lean cuisines.

There's a possibility that he's being serious here, but assuming this is just a joke, he deserves a right swipe for having such a quirky and comically twisted sense of humor. Mahlon may not be the most attractive guy you'll find while browsing through Tinder, but you have to at least give him some credit for having a good sense of humor and some awareness about his appearance! A variety of bad genetics and his poor diet led to Mahlon having a neck that sticks out as far as his head, so it doesn't really look like he has a chin. That's why he wrote "if you're into chins, probably not the best place to start.

We respect that, and would swipe right just to commend him for the clever bio joke. Kayleen is doing an amazing job making the best out of her situation. In her Tinder bio, she said that she enjoys long walks on the beach The only thing we can see that's wrong with Kayleen is that she's a whopping 77 miles away. Some people assume that it's just guys who only go on Tinder looking to hook up, but it seems like Molly is totally open about her sexuality and desire to get right down to business in the bedroom. Instead of writing anything about her personality or interests in her bio, she immediately noted that she's single and that she doesn't need to chew when she eats bananas.

We probably wouldn't advertise our lack of a gag reflex at the very start of our own dating profiles, but we're sure that helpful little tidbit of information has helped her get all of the dates or rather, one-night stands that she could possibly want! You do you, Molly. Taylor has a great smile, kind eyes that we could totally get lost in and absolutely amazing hair.

The guy who's holding him is alright too, we guess. That's right, this Tinder profile is actually for the adorable puppy in the picture! If you recognize him, it may be because he also has a profile on Snffr, which is basically like Tinder but for dogs. We're not going to lie, we'd totally swipe right on this account just to tell Taylor that he's a good boy every day and would flirt with his owner who, alright, is admittedly very attractive just for the chance to play with him on our first date.

We're normally not cool with pet owners using their puppies to pick people up, but Taylor is just way too cute to turn away. She has also said that one reason she responded to me was because my profile was grammatical and free of typos. I once went out with a woman who told me, on our first date, that I was the shortest man she had ever gone out with.

No, not that kind of short. She was always attracted to tall guys--her dad had been 6'6" and her first husband 6'5" I am Joe Average'10". I asked her if I could be the shortest guy to go out with her twice. We've been married four years now and happy with the entire arrangement. There is always hope for the shorties. I sent her a note saying she was on the wrong site, she should go to www. For the unitiated Jewish men over 6 feet are rather rare. She wrote back, and told me that since men tend to exaggerate their height by two inches, she was really only restricting herself to men 5'10" or over, and she was 5'9".

I'm extra-inspired by the opportunity to become a fashionable accoutrement that goes well with her collection of high-heels.

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This reminds me of a profile I saw that said something along the lines of, "Looking for someone taller than me. I'm 5'8", so you should be at least 5'10", or 6' if I'm wearing high heels. Good job on this list, it should be required reading before publishing an online profile. Next assignment, "Why did you pick that picture, are you trying to scare them away? There are also some things I could say about the photos women post. First, don't say you are slender when your photo clearly shows you are not. Second, please, no photos of you in creepy poses with your adult son.

It drives me nuts when they say they like quiet nights at home. Isn't that what they have now? I like the ones that post old photos when they were thinner and cuter. Then the first time you meet them you don't even recognize them. What are people like that thinking?

That their winning personality will overcome the fact that they were dishonest about their appearance? Sorry if you lie straight off the bat you're not gettnig a second chance. One more cliche common in Internet dating is to complain about the clichedness of everybody else's profile. I'm unique, because I can spot the bland copycatedness in everyone else's efforts! To quote someone I forget who this is intriguing the first five times you read it.

If you start with the novel in these postmodern days premise that people are actually smarter about their own decisions than J. Random Rationalist Critic can be from the outside, you find yourself assuming women have good reasons to be bland, generic, and, yes, not reveal so much of themselves in Internet dating ads. Asking yourself why that might be might be an interesting route to actual insight although not as much cheap blogging fun. I'll agree that specifying that you will absolutely only date men who are 6" tall is a mistake, but I have to disagree with the guy who said that it's like specifying a specific race or age preference.

In fact, I think all three of those things are completely different: Specifying a racial preference indicates that you're racist. Specifying a height preference isn't something that I would do.

20 online dating cliches - and what they really mean

I agree with the guy who particularly takes issue with women who are 5'2 or generally shorter than most men and who only want to date extremely tall men. I have discussed this issue with some particularly tall and large-framed women that I am friends with and I have started to see where they are coming from as far as not wanting to date men who are a lot smaller than they are.

It's unfortunate and perhaps something that they should 'work on' but the truth is that a lot of bigger women have a lot of trouble feeling attractive and sexy when they are a lot bigger than their date. Is this a weakness on their part? But as someone else pointed out, maybe it's better that they are upfront about it. I don't think it's equatable with being completely shallow.

I can see a short man feeling the same way and not wanting to date an extremely tall woman because it would make him feel emasculated. I would describe it as an unfortunate result of society's expectations, but I wouldn't call the guys or girls who feel that way assholes.

Hilarious Tinder Bios That We'd Definitely Swipe Right For

I don't think specifying an age range is weird at all. The idea that age 'shouldn't' matter is total bullshit. It matters a lot to most people and for completely practical reasons. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with people who genuinely don't care, I'm just saying that there really isn't anything that weird about wanting to date someone around your own age.

I've dated people who are a few years younger than me and I've dated people who are a few years older, but does not wanting to date a 50 year old man or an 18 year old man, for that matter as a woman in her late 20s really make me equatable with someone who will only date white people? I don't see it.

I am a woman who was on match. Since I've looked at a ton of men's profiles, here's what I think: I did do 1 generic adjectives though I think I used three of them. I think it's fine but not to go overboard especially if you're confident. No one wants to date you if you're unattractive, mean, high-maintenance, etc. And no one wants to date you if you can't describe anything about your personality. I agree with 2. Those activities are so annoying to list in one sentence. I agree with 3 and like 2, shouldn't be just listed as something you like. Needs to be more descriptive.

No one's going to want to date you if you're embarrassed to be on the siteso don't sign up for it, eh? I think it's another way of describing yourself, but better if you replace "My friends say" with "I" because it makes you seem more confident. But I don't think it should be on anyone's profile. The more qualifications you list on your profile the less likely you'll get a response.


Ok I didn't specify a height, just that I like guys taller than me I'm 5'6". But you'd be surprised how many 5'5" guys are online! Ugh I agree because this sickens me. If you want a Prince Charming, you'd have a big castle and lots of money and you're whole point in life would be to give birth to a son. BTW there are a few times when guys would specify that they wanted to treat a girl like a "princess"FYI just as gross.

Just frickin' deal with it.

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Yeah I'm not a fan of it. My favorite is "I like everything but country. I agree with the writer but some of them are stupid, and many of these apply to dudes, FYI. So, a black person can't have any preference for dating another black person? Permit me to do an impromptu informal survey How many of you have actually tried online dating, and how successful were you?

I something professional guy had three awful experiences and swore off online dating. The vast majority of the women I managed to get a date with fell into one of these three categoies: The most common offender was the use of misleading photos my favorite being one woman who was 50lb heavier than her pic suggested , but I had a few lie about their employment, and one about her marital status.

Most commonly, these women just sat silently and could not carry a conversation, even for 10 minutes. A few were socially inappropriate very awkward body movements or mannerisms, failures to follow basic social customs, etc. Some would do this after making me agree to dates at highly irregular times Sunday morning breakfast at 8: And before I get dumped on It's not the attraction to taller men that's strange, it's the explicit 6' requirement. Unless you were raised by carnies, there's little chance that you can guess someone's height to that precision.

My guess is that it's a status proxy. Also online dating demolishes the accusation that men are more 'shallow' than women when choosing mates. Where men may have one or two criteria that could be regarded as shallow, women have dozens. Their entire assessment of men is shallow. It has almost nothing to do with a man as a person and everything to do with their actual or reflected status. The most amusing profiles are the ones where some women goes on and on about how she wants a sincere, deep, and meaningful romance - but then lists out a set of requirements that are entirely superficial.

So post a link to your profile so we can see a good one? I don't think my girlfriend would be too happy about that. I online date searching for women and see this book mentioned all the time. Seriously, women should just find a random book and read it just to stand out! How about the line about having kissed a lot of frogs, hoping for a prince? Why this is supposed to be an attractive concept is beyond me.

But cheer up, all - this online stuff works, after a fashion.

I've met some nice girls, plenty smart and presentable. Totally out of their minds, but nice girls nevertheless. Apparently that makes me a bit highbrow for the average guy on these sites. I should have put that under John, So, a black person can't have any preference for dating another black person? They CAN, obviously, but do I think it's a form of racism?

I'd equate it with a rich kid saying he only wants to date women who have a trust fund. Look, being naturally inclined towards people with a similar background to yours might be a human impulse, but specifically ruling out people who don't seems to indicate a prejudice. In other words, I don't think a black person who has only dated black people -- probably because their social circle is fairly segregated, as are a lot of people's -- is prejudiced.

But I think that a black person who would say on their online profile that they would never date a non-black person is. Incidentally, I'm not referring to simple preferences. I know a couple white men who are particularly attracted to asian women. Do I find it a little unnerving? I'll admit that I do.

But if I think about it logically I'll usually come to the conclusion that it's not much different from preferring blondes, curvy women, boys with glasses, or whatever. The problem I have is when you completely rule out everyone who doesn't fit that mold. OK, now that you've clarified it, I completely agree with you. Yes, a black person who has a flat rule of only dating other blacks is racist. But, as you said, if they're just general, flexible preferences that are admittedly superficial, like preferring blondes, I don't see the problem. Indeed, preferring blondes is a racial preference, since anyone who prefers blondes also necessarily prefers whites.

Ditto for preferring black hair or short people or tall people -- all these characteristics correlate to race. I don't like seeing the term racism being defined down. Preferences for and prejudices toward racial characteristics can be more or less ugly, but I think the word "racism" should denote a belief that members of certain identifiable racial groups are clearly inferior to members of other racial groups and therefore do not deserve equal human rights.

Racism is an ideological belief and a racist is a true believer in that ideology. Well, it's so malleable that I sometimes wonder if it even matters what the criteria are for tarring something as "racist. If I had to define it, I wouldn't say that only an "ideology" can be racist. But for the purposes of this discussion, I don't think that's what really matters. Is there anything wrong with having an absolute rule against dating people of a certain race? When I say it's "racist," I really just mean, "There's something wrong with it.

For doubtless fascinating psychological readings, my libido happens to be hardwired to prefer extremely pale people. If I specify that preference, am I being racist against white-but-not-really people too , or am I just not wasting the damn time of everyone I'm incapable of being sexually attracted to by pretending otherwise? And even if we were to admit that that's racist and presumably sizeism and agism don't matter , presumably we must also admit that expressing a preference to date only women if you happen to be attracted to women is for the same reason sexism, period.

And then there's sexual orientation Well I got to a certain age, where most or all of the men were divorced. And you quickly figure out why. Fall in love and get married when you're young. It doesn't get any easier. Don't put it off. My bro met his wife from the newspaper personal ads. She placed a short ad. She had him at "like classical music and football. Hey, it's a strategy. We're teaching her daughter that now.

Cerebrate, Equating only being attracted to "extremely pale white people" with only being attracted to women seems like a bit of a stretch. The former is, in my opinion, one of two things: The latter is an unavoidable part of your physiology.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. She had him at "like classical music and football. They CAN, obviously, but do I think it's a form of racism? June 01, jl said To elaborate on why ageism is different to me: You wouldn't call him an asshole later when talking about him?

As far as admitting it, I agree that if you have such a bias, it would be better to let potential partners know in advance. But I'm not going to tell you that I think that narrowing your range of potential partners based on such a specific and shallow precondition is something I would deem as non-prejudiced. As far as "sizeism" goes, it's pretty well-documented that a lot of people do in fact have a problem with it, so I'm not sure why you're assuming it doesn't matter.

Wanting to date someone who's healthy and active makes sense to me, specifying a waist to hip ratio or an exact weight is creepy and, yes, probably equatable to specifying a race. I've already explained how I feel about "ageism". I've always hated that term when it is applied to stuff like this.

It's totally unrelated to issues like size and race. There are plenty of things that change about people when they become older and there is no reason why someone shouldn't rule out partners who are the age of their parents, or vice-versa. Even if you're talking about someone older who wants to date someone much younger, I can see the reasoning and impulse behind that much clearer than I can see a non-discriminatory basis for ruling out a specific race.

To elaborate on why ageism is different to me: When you say you would "never" want to date someone outside of a certain race or size, or height , I believe one of two things or both is going on. Either you genuinely can't imagine yourself ever being sexually or romantically attracted to someone outside of your ideal. IMO, this kind of fetishism belies subconscious prejudice. But let's say you're my age 26 and you say you don't want to date someone over One of those same things could be your motivation, in which case, yeah, you're prejudiced against old people.

But your motivation could be any number of other things. Maybe you're a man and you want to have children with your partner. Perhaps you would feel outmatched in life experience and that is too much of an interpersonal difference no, I don't think that different races will inherently or even often have the same level of interpersonal differences that people 25 years apart in age do to overcome. Or you don't want your partner to likely die 30 years before you do. Or you're afraid with valid reason that your partner will be less able to 'perform' sexually than you are, especially as more time passes.

I'm not saying I think people should have an age requirement. I have what I'd call an age preference, but if an incredibly attractive, interesting, and kind man outside of my "standard age range" had come along when I was single, I would have given it a shot. But I just think there are reasons people who wouldn't consider it have that don't fall under any kind of prejudice.

It's truly remarkable how many of these comments are about which preferences and attitudes are acceptable and which ones aren't. No wonder people don't feel safe to reveal anything true or real about themselves in their profiles -- except, of course, the ones who really are nothing but mindless, politically correct conformists Yet more proof that political correctness is a relentless destroyer of everything that is genuinely human -- starting with honesty and freedom.

We know a couple who work for Lockheed-Martin, both engineers.

One would think I would be deluged with responses to my ads but no. I think short guys want to date taller women to prove they can do it. I wouldn't rule out tall guys per se, but As a 43 y o woman, married, I cracked up reading this. I have read those stupid postings with girlfriends and yes, they are as cliched as they seem.