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7 Features You Only Find on a Gun Lover Dating Site

As part of the Passions Network network of niche community sites, Gun Lovers Passions welcomes gun owners, hunters, 2nd Amendment advocates, and anyone else that appreciates guns.

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Gun owners can also find other members based on their preferred type of firearm, whether that be a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun or a paintball gun, among others. Not only do the gun groups provide a way for members to easily find others who share their passion for specific types of guns, but they can also narrow their focus to specific areas of interest within hunting, for example deer hunting, duck hunting or even big game hunting.

Independent of the online hunting and gun groups, Gun Lovers Passions provides a Gun Video Directory, where members are encouraged to upload videos related to gun issues, including gun safety, gun shows, gun mishaps, target practice and gun rights both Pro Gun Rights and Anti-Gun Rights.

Pro Gun Dating - Americans Own More Guns Than Military

The idea behind Gun Lovers Passions is to provide a welcoming and judgment-free environment where members can relax and feel comfortable surrounded by their peers…where the discussion of gun related topics is the norm. Gun issues can be difficult issues to bridge when two people are on opposite sides, and by providing a community where everyone is on the same side, Gun Lovers Passions hopes to make it easier for members to make new friends and maybe even find a little romance.

Pro-Gun dating site offers love to Second Amendment supporters

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For media inquiries, contact laura progundating. Where do criminals obtain guns? We're trying to create the safest environment possible. Summarization of Legal Disclaimer: Today, several annual statistical publications, such as Crime in the United States , are produced from data provided by nearly 17, law enforcement agencies across the United States. Along with ProQuest Newstand, it is our primary source of news information.

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