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go to site Insurance For Small Businesses: What Should Be Covered? The world of work as we know it is changing. With new technology making it easier to work anywhere, anytime, the traditional is effectively dead. Having flexibility in their working schedule is now a key priority for employees, helping them to successfully juggle work and personal responsibilities.

Valuing a work life balance has become increasingly important — whether this is to meet family needs, personal obligations or just to avoid rush hour — it is clear that giving employees increased control over their work schedule is good for employees, making it good for business. With that in mind, here are seven reasons business leaders should be embracing the benefits of flexible working.

As a result, constraints on how, where and when we work should be updated to reflect this cultural shift. Businesses must be prepared to accept that the working world has changed if they want to truly motivate and engage employees. With top talent becoming more challenging to attract and retain, many industries are facing widespread skills shortages.

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This means in-demand employees can be more selective — and the desire for flexibility is a key factor. Employers who offer flexible working will attract the best talent and will also be more likely to retain these employees for longer. Workforce productivity has become a global issue. Revolutionising productivity in new ways, such as giving employees the freedom to work in the way that best suits them, could go a long way towards narrowing the productivity gap and enabling businesses to get the most out of their staff.

Giving employees the freedom to work in their own way shows they are a valued and trusted member of the team.

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Natural catastrophes — the increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather conditions, coupled with intensifying natural catastrophes will continue to have a significant impact on businesses. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Creating a platform that makes it simpler to employ young individuals with potential and create support programmes for SMMEs to upskill them. Complex tax issues will also be covered by a representative from the office of the Tax Ombudsman. Darren Segal, Personal and Business Banking Innovation executive at Standard Bank — one of the partners of the SME Summit — will present advice on negotiating funding and finance, to ensure effective cash flow management. The dinners feature elevator pitch competitions, which are judged by the audience.

It also empowers them to perform to a high standard and be as productive as possible. The health and wellbeing of staff has become more of a priority for businesses in recent years, while also being increasingly vital for employees themselves. Flexible working can help in this area by reducing stress no more mad dashes in heavy traffic , making it something companies need to pay attention to. Businesses would therefore be wise to listen to what their employees want and respond accordingly. The most straightforward argument for remote working is that staff simply no longer need to be in the office to do their jobs effectively.

For example, cloud technology gives employees secure access to documents externally, while collaboration and communication tools enable staff to work together from opposite sides of the globe. Ultimately, enabling flexible working should be a focus for all businesses. Most importantly, giving employees flexibility will result in a happier, more engaged and more productive workforce. These female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, transforming industries and inspiring change on the continent.

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Published 12 hours ago on Jan 16, Now in its third year, the Business Day TV SME Summit provides an opportunity for small business owners, entrepreneurs, incubators, franchisors, investors, as well as suppliers to the SME sector to come together and engage with experts in the business, technology, marketing and investment fields.

Managing finances and obtaining funding and expansion capital are challenges many entrepreneurial businesses face as they look to grow their footprint in the market.

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Darren Segal, Personal and Business Banking Innovation executive at Standard Bank — one of the partners of the SME Summit — will present advice on negotiating funding and finance, to ensure effective cash flow management. Complex tax issues will also be covered by a representative from the office of the Tax Ombudsman.

The line-up of speakers includes experts in the fields of business scaling, marketing strategy, intellectual property IP rights, and risk mitigation. As such, Graham Mitchell from GROW has been engaged to share insights into the leadership required to scale a winning management team. The full line-up of expert speakers and topics will be published on www.

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Once again, leading organisations have committed their participation at the Business Day TV SME Summit, recognising it as one of the most effective platforms for SMEs to engage professional insights and facilitate knowledge-sharing in support of much needed entrepreneurial development in SA. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities: Stephen Horszowski — stephen tisoblackstar. Delegates who wish to purchase tickets for the full day event 07h00 — 15h00 at R Lucy Johnson — johnsonl tisoblackstar.

Published 3 days ago on Jan 14, He advises SMEs to consider the following factors when reviewing their policies: Employee movements — if there are any employees who have left or joined the company, ensure that your policy is updated accordingly. Protest Actions — this year is the national election year and leading up to elections we can expect to see an increase in the frequency and severity of protest actions, riots and strikes. Cyber risks — it is essential to communicate with your insurer or broker and find out if there are any new risks that your business should be protected against.

Cyber incidents continue to be a major risk for businesses especially in the SME sector. Over the last couple of years there has been a major increase in the number of reported cyber incidences. Regulatory changes — every year there are a number of regulatory changes that impact businesses directly or indirectly, which may result in fines and penalties for non-compliance. This experience taught us a lot about ourselves and business.

Published 4 days ago on Dec 11, Startup Guide, the leading global guide for start-ups in high-growth innovation hubs in Europe, the US and Middle East, is open to nominations in Johannesburg. An example of where this did not happen was in the changes of visa requirements; leading to an unnecessary dent in our tourism industry, an industry that should be targeted for growth. Business Ideas Directory 3 days ago.

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At the dinners, entrepreneurs are collaborating, bartering services, doing business together, peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing contacts and hooking djnner other up with potential business leads. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The winning team realised during one of their simulations that in order to maximise profits they would need to introduce two new products and market it differently from their initial product.

Here is the website link: Hello, I found this information for you: Enormous pressure exists on smaller companies when not paid on time. Each simulation gave the teams a chance to re-evaluate their progress and better certain areas that needed improving. Some innovation is however required in labour practices, allowing for mutually beneficial flexible working relationships that keep pace with the changing work environment.


Community. Be part of the THUD experience and get inspired from innovative entrepreneurs. Also network and connect with our featured guests. Hookup. The Hookup Dinner. likes · talking about this. A meeting of minds. We connect, engage & contribute to each other's success as entrepreneurs.

With rising unemployment and ongoing talent shortages, having these skills is crucial for those wanting to get a job. As we have witnessed in other high-innovation cities around the world, the introduction of knowledge resources — supported by opportunities for collaboration and partnership in an open ecosystem — enhances the overall success of entire start-up communities.

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During the two-day final, the teams played six rounds of simulations. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. In comes a new movement, borne of this frustration.

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However, it is virtually impossible to do so alone: Follow SAP on Twitter at sapnews.