Oldest duggar daughter dating

Now that John-David Duggar has found himself a girlfriend, everyone wants to know when his twin sister Jana Duggar will finally find love.

Or at least people are wondering again why the year-old is still single and living at home with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. John-David and Jana are the second and third eldest of the Duggar brood, and fans have been wondering for years why neither of them has found love yet.

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Every time one of their younger siblings enters a courtship, gets engaged, or walks down the aisle, people wonder what's up with the twins. The two knew each other for 15 years before entering into a courtship in In June , the newlyweds welcomed their first child, son Garrett.

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Children truly are a gift from God. At 21 years old, Josiah is the latest Duggar sibling to start a new relationship.

In January , the Counting On star announced he and family friend Lauren Swanson have entered a courtship. The couple tied the knot in June Say these names three times fast: The Duggar Family via Instagram.

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The oldest Duggar daughter will turn 29 in January. To be 29 and a Duggar and still be unmarried is almost unfathomable.

Most of the children get married in their early 20s

See Their Wedding Photo". The Duggar Family via Instagram. The couple welcomed their first child Spurgeon Elliot a year later after a dramatic two-day labor; baby Henry Wilberforce joined the family in February Archived from the original on September 21, Good, sugarcoated rat poison, politically speaking", referring to the Duggars political activity such as their opposition to abortion and their lobbying efforts against legislation which would allow transgender people use of public restrooms matching their gender identity. Retrieved August 20,

Her twin brother, John David Duggar, had also been single for a long time. But in the past year, he began courting Abbie Grace Burnett. The two are now married.

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This means Jana Duggar is the officially the oldest child who has yet to marry.