Dating sisters guy friend That's what I'm hoping for. My bud is trust-worthy and pretty cool and I like to think my sister to be pretty good in the head.


She made some mistakes, but learned so I'm thinking she's pretty well-off on her own. I'm just a bit anxious as her big brother and knowing that a friend of mine is dating her now. It just feels so weird to me, but I'm okay with it aside from the worrying rebound thing.

It honestly just depends on the people involved. My sister almost made it her mission to date my friends and not a single one of those relationships ended "well". The second time it happened I practically begged her not to do it, I was going through a rough time, the guy in question was my only guy friend and outlet outside of my family, and also a complete shit to women. I knew things would end poorly and that I would have to choose her side. Not only did she ignore me, and the relationship ended poorly as expected she had me drive her to his place to grab all her stuff. On the flip side she was against me doing the same, which included calling me a hypocrite because "she saw the way I looked " at one friend of hers.

After a long flirtation with her friend who I genuinely adored we kissed and she said it couldn't go any further, because my sister told her not to. Growing up we were damn near inseparable for 20 years but in the end I have no desire to speak to her any more. She moved to another country in April and I haven't missed her one day yet. I don't want to intentionally hurt her, or abandon the idea of ever having a relationship again, she just feels like a toxic presence that I don't want to subject myself to.

People here have already commented on the circumstances around this budding relationship, so a little wariness isn't out of line. If you really trust the guy and your sister, it shouldn't be a problem. I for one would probably not be buddies with anyone I couldn't see dating my sister. Because if I had a problem with him dating my sister, that'd mean they're probably an asshole. And that would mean I don't want them for my buddy. I'd hate to have some of my friends date my sister. Great bro's, but not exactly who I'd want my sister dating.

This hit me straight in the head when I thought about our circle of friends, and their sisters. I don't know about you, but I don't make friends based on whether I'd be okay with them dating my sister. To me that seems like an odd prerequisite. It's not a direct requirement or prerequisite, but I feel like She's old enough, I would not care.

Technically, we are all being sexual with another person's mom, daughter, cousin, niece. I don't particularly care who my sister dates, that's her business, but having it be a great guy that I know is great is better than some rando. I know the guy, he's honest friendly and all that, but you could be the greatest guy in the world and still make mistakes. Which I'm worried might be the case with this since he got out of a big relationship.

The thing about long relationships is that sometimes they don't just 'stop', but they take time to wind down with both people being unhappy. In those situations most people are ready to date right away, and even have people they've been attracted to for a long time sitting in the corner of their eye. Sounds kind of bleak. Things will go waaaaay smoother if you give them your blessing and give them a strong showing of support without making things awkward.

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By April Littleton. So you've discovered you have a crush on your brother or sister's best friend. Every time that person enters the room, your. Bruce jenner dating sim game, make the guy best friends for your friend. When you think that i were friends sisters were my best wie richtig per.

Don't butt your nose in too hard, though. You can absolutely be there for both of them if things don't work out, but it's much more important to focus on the positives and honestly you should be happy that your sister is dating someone you already know is a good guy and vice versa. Take the initiative and cook dinner for them one night, do a double date, that sort of stuff if they're comfortable with it.

If it does fizzle out, people don't have to 'pick sides'; it's a juvenile concept. Their relationship staying completely out of the workplace is one of the things that will help it last.

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That's what I'm thibking, but I just let my sis know the worst-case scenario. Hopefully it goes great, but I know sometimes shit can hit the fan, which I'm hoping doesn't happen at all and we can still hang like normal. As a fellow big brother, I feel ya. I lucked out when my little sister married her first boyfriend after dating for a couple years, and now they're expecting their second kid together. Stuff like that gives me hope. I'd sleep easier knowing she's with a good dude. Things don't always work out but at least I know I won't have to kill him in his sleep for hurting her.

Honestly I think in most breakups I'd assume my sister is to blame, she has a pretty immature view of relationships. I'm more worried about damaging my relationship with my sister by taking his side than I am about damaging my friendship. I'd be pretty stoked actually. The kind of guy I would be good friends with is exactly the kind of guy who I would like to see my sister with.

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Unfortunately they are both adults and there isn't much you can do about it. Just put on your best poker face and wait for shit to explode. If he's a decent guy, I don't see the problem. As long as she's smart and knows he just got out of the relationship. I think the bigger problem is gonna be the visuals that are in your head now It would be best to inform him of this and potential consequences of how they might come into play if he doesn't treat your sister with the respect she deserves.

My sister and a good friend met through me and ended up getting married. They never involved me in their relationship, and rightly so because its none of my business. However, on the general topic of someone dating your sister, if you aren't okay with friends dating your sister, what kind of people are you hanging out with? I would think someone you could trust would make you feel better about them dating your sister. I'm an only child though, so I don't have personal experience.


He's a pretty great guy, but the whole 4-year relationship ending just last week and him dating my sis the next is what worries me. I think he's a great friend and person in general, but I'm just concerned that he's not all there right now after just getting out of such a long relationship.

No one is perfect, regardless of how amazing a person someone is. Is there somebody better than your good friend for your sister to date? If so, why aren't you good friends with them instead? Anyway, Luke, if Leia's chosen Han and Han's chosen Leia, either you stay out of it or you risk alienating both of them.

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I was trying to make a point about "If your friend is a decent person, isn't a decent person who you want your sister to date? If your friend isn't a decent person, why are you friends with him?

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That's what I'm thibking, but I just let my sis know the worst-case scenario. You are educating me well Tx I didn't know that guys aren't supposed to date their mates sisters Come and let me dry your tears with my tongue. I'm pretty sure there are things ladies have in commom we guys would never understand. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I read somewhere something like "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You look him dead in the eye and with the most serious face you've ever had say, "You break her heart, I'll break your neck". He's not really your good friend if he didn't even bring it up to you before he stuck his cock inside of your sister.

Sorry to burst your bubble there, bro.

Should You Date Your Brother/Sister’s Best Friend?

I didn't realize I needed to get someone's brother's permission before sleeping with them. Anyone else I should clue in? Who Gets Custody of the Friends? If you and your new love end up calling it quits, your sibling will be put in the middle. The friendship between the two buddies might diminish if your ex ends up talking badly about you. Who wants to hear someone talk trash about a relative? Your boo might want to spend some time playing video games with his best friend all day or he might want to have a cuddle session with you.

Eventually, this tradeoff will grow tiresome and you will find yourself at odds with your sibling. Just keep in mind that whatever decision you make, your sibling will always be involved in the equation.