Airstream water hookup These Air Forums are a good place to get help. I am having a hard time envisioning your problem. You hook up city water and pressurize the system. Every faucet and fixture works inside. The holding tanks are empty. But you see water poring out of some pipe at the rear of the trailer.

How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping)

Some of these old trailers have a "plumbing drain valve" that allows draining of the lines for winterizing. Maybe your drain valve is open. I personally have never trusted these drain lines. I prefer to blow the water out of the lines with pressurized air. It would be good to take a photo of the spot where the water is coming out. Maybe a fellow Sovereign owner can help solve this problem.

How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping)

Does it look like it's coming out of a pipe on the bottom of the back of the trailer. It's probably a low point drain valve open. Look inside the trailer above the area where you think it's coming out. You'll probably find 2 valves that have pipes going down through the floor, those are low point drains, and would be a direct path for water to leave the fresh water system. You may be able to see them from inside the access door on back of the trailer over the bumper. Oh yeah, if you find them, make sure they're closed.

PO probably left it open after draining the pipes for the winter. I saw a picture of the exact same thing I got in a stripped down trailer. Mine will be hard to photograph. The little box around it and an oversized bed makes it difficult to see well. I will find that post and make the reference.

Thank You for responding. Hi HiJoeSilver, I can see from the inside where the two pipes are going down thru the floor, one has a valve.

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How do you replace the toilet that sits under the fiberglass bench in the bathroom? The "pouring" starts as soon as I turn on the main water hose, and takes a little while before it stops after turning it back off. Then you'll know the water heater tank is full and you can then turn on the water heater. The primary uses for the generator are recharging batteries and running high wattage appliances. This kit contains all the seals used in most model toilets. BB code is On. It's probably a low point drain valve open.

I opened it and water gushed out. Closed it, that stopped that, but water was still pouring out of the other pipe which I cannot find any valve To close it. I don't have an access door back there above the bumper, checked. Would be a whole lot easier to see everything. Then turn on the hot water so the water heater tank can fill up. Also, bring a couple of white hoses for connecting. On some campsites the water connection might be 20 feet or more from your hookup. And be sure to connect the source to the water hookup, not the black tank cleanout hookup.

On our Safari the black tank cleanout has a sign on it and is to the right of the fresh water input. Our is new to us, bought lightly used last month. Didn't see any leaks but will bring a pale just in case-good idea.

Yes, I remember them telling us about the pressure regulator. Thank you for the replies. Putting a pressure regulator on the campground supply will prevent a blow out of the hose in case the pressure is very high. It does happen sometimes. When you buy those white hoses, get ones with brass fittings.

How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping) - GoSilver

There are ones on the market with steel fittings—they rust and the hose is usually of such poor quality it may blow out at normal water pressure. There's a connection for "city water" that connects you to the CG system and one for filling the potable water tank. We always keep some water in it to use if the toilet is to be used during traveling, or you stop for lunch and need water.

If you plan to boondock, you will want a full tank.

What does it mean to dry-camp?

Some say their trailers ride better with a full tank of potable water, but I haven't seen any difference. A full tank means a lot of weight, but I haven't noticed any difference in gas mileage. Are you also asking about black and grey water systems? Another caution on the water heater.

A check valve is a device that allows water flow in one direction. They are notorious for leaking. Located in close proximity to your fresh water pump. You might try turning off shore water, running water until pressure is released. Then run the fresh water pump to move some water out of the tank and flush out the valve a bit.

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Then turn the shore water back on and see what you get. It is a "likely no luck" kind of thing, but might reset the valve. Replacement is a good thing if the problem persists.

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Watch how to connect and fill the water tank on the Airstream Basecamp with potable or city water for your next adventure. All, My fresh water tank is filling when I'm hooked up to city water. I'm not connected on the fresh water tank fill port, but on the shore water port.

Waranty is a good thing to use. Opportunity to ask lots of questions. Originally Posted by PKI. Did you get an update on this?

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