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A Great Book for Single Men! I applaud Ted Wentworth for writing a terrific relationships book targeting male readers. Most personal growth, love relationships, and self-help books are designed to appeal to women. This one is for men and the women who love them. It is filled with practical tools for healing a broken heart, understanding the emotions that come with losing a lover through death, divorce or disease, and getting back out into the scary singles scene.

This is a great gift book. I purchased several books to give to my male friends who long to be in committed loving relationships. I know that with this book they will be able to construct a strategy and action plan that will really help them find their ideal mate. This street-wise strategy is also great reading for women by the way. I learned a lot about recovering from loss, dealing with grief, and learning to trust again. So, I guess it's not just for men. I give this book the highest possible rating and I sincerely hope it finds its way into the lives of millions of lonely men and women who are ready to build their next partnerships and marriages.

This unusual, very helpful book is by a no-nonsense guy who presents straightforward talk about the real issues of dating and relationship.

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I find that his combination of practicality and personal experience is savvy, down-to-earth, and useful. I think of the chapters on reinventing yourself after the loss of a mate, strategies for finding and nurturing a new relationship, identifying women who may be emotional time-bombs, and being realistic about STDs. These -- along with subjects like meeting on the Internet, knowing when you're really serious, confronting money issues, fighting, and even breaking up if things come to that -- make this a great overall book on relationships.

But I think its most notable accomplishment may be this apparent impossibility: How rare is that? Here's a book that a truly sincere and mature man can appreciate. While there are so many books written for women about love, there are very few good ones directed toward men. This one, however, is one of those gems.

What's great about this book is that it is very male, bottom-line friendly and therefore, speaks the language of its intended audience. As a relationship author myself, I found this book a great help and confirmation in understanding what are the most key issues about men, women, and love. Some of the things that I thought were very useful include: The author selects some great books and tapes to help in the recovery phase. I found that most people underrate the value of audio programs, but it is the live audio program format that first got me interested in attending seminars and lectures which I feel have the greatest impact for creating lasting personal change.

I found this to be the most informative part of the book. I could go on and on about the different features of the book, but the bottom line is that there is something for every man in this book. For me personally, I think that I respect the author for his personal journey and his willingness to share his brilliant interpretation of how to intelligently go about creating a new love relationship the second time around. Here's a man who has felt the ultimate pain of a love one's death and has turned his life around to enjoy and contribute to another relationship in what seems like a relatively short time.

When you read this book, you'll come to appreciate that it comes straight from the heart. There is nothing self-serving about Spouse Trap. For men wanting straight talk about finding love and intimacy, here's a great book for you. Although the title of this book is catchy the implication of "trapping" a spouse comes across as a negative. The book really isn't about trapping a spouse and it is indeed a good book. Being myself recently divorced and having lost a love I found this book to be very realistic in terms of describing what losing a love is like and what the recovery process is like.

Coping with Loss 2. How Life Goes On 3. Getting Serious about a Relationship 4. Into the Future I found each of the chapters to be intelligent, realistic and honest. I felt that the author really has felt what I am feeling and has a pretty cutting edge approach to his understanding and to his perspective on solutions. He is frank about depression, about not being able to get out of bed etc. The guts of the book are about forming a dating strategy to find your next spouse. They will ask you the right questions, try and figure out what you want from the relationship, and only then get into it.

They want someone to have their back just like they would have yours. Once they understand your good intentions, they will stand by you.

Well, here is a little secret about men with street smarts — they know that women can be badass. They know that brushing you off will have serious consequences, and they really do not want to be dealing with it. This leads them to respect women in general and trust their decisions. And it makes them an ideal partner, as they are the right blend of respectful and protective.

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Street smart people know for a fact that nothing in life is going to come easy. They have probably paid a price for whatever they have, and also know that they will have to for whatever they want as well. But there is another little thing here, they also know how to get whatever they want.

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Street smart men are the ones who make their own path and ensure that they get what they like. They are ambitious and will work to achieve their goals according to their plans. Inside a relationship, this works perfectly.

You will not have to coach your man into being career-oriented and focused. In fact, you might actually learn a thing or two from them. Now, here is the major difference between book smarts and street smarts — what interests them. A book smart person is going to love knowledge, and that is his idea of fun. But a street smart man is going to want to get out there and try many things. Traveling, understanding the depth of cultures, taking risks at different levels of life, making career decisions which are may be risky, and figuring their way out of different situations, are all something they enjoy doing.

When you have a boyfriend like that, there is no way that you are going to have a dull day in your relationship.

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No one is born with street smarts. They probably come from a place where they were responsible for many things, and they have managed to carry out their tasks successfully. They know that if they do not accept responsibility, they might really lose a winning battle and it can be costly. They stand up for themselves and they are going to do so in all circumstances. This makes it easier to carry a relationship with a street smart boyfriend. You will not have to take most of the burden. A responsible street smart boyfriend will understand love many degrees further than a book smart one.

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He is going to know what you like, what you dislike, what are your weaknesses, what are your strengths, and what makes you happy and sad. He is going to work around that and try to take care of every little thing that there is in the relationship. When the little things are taken care of, there is no chance that the relationship is going to be an unhappy one.

The street smart man is all about people, their behaviors and learning how to be appropriate in different situations. He is going to be straight in the relationship, and is never going to try to play any mind games with you. He understands the value of the time both of you have invested in the relationship, and will never waste any of it. This means that there are going to be fewer fights in the relationship. There are only discussions because you both understand the problem.

It also lets you be expressive about what you feel at different times. The best part about men with street smarts is that they are never going to shy away from owning up to their mistakes and understanding the right way to do something. They are always up for learning, and this makes them all the more attractive. It is great to be with someone who will understand different perspectives and will love to learn other ways of doing things. As much as they like to hide it, street smart boys are always emotional. They have a side to them which is a little teddy bear waiting to be hugged tightly. Well, this might bring some responsibility for you as the girlfriend, but when you least expect it, he will take your baggage upon himself and fight your battles with you.

If he is in love with you, he is going to do all that it takes to make you happy. He will get emotionally involved and will ensure that there is nothing troubling you.

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