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Stetson Hat Boxes Customer service was the word of the day! These tags had other uses, too.

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It was also a way for Stetson to keep track of what was going on in the factory. The tags helped track what hats sold the most and where they were in the manufacturing process. Whether on a Stetson tag or on that of another hat maker, some of the information on these tags were crown depth, hat size, blocking number, finish style, sometimes even color appeared on them but not often.

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Now, one way to date your Stetson hat is by re-order (“To Duplicate”) and inventory tags. Dating Stetsons by inventory, style and sizing. Dear Sirs, Today I bought a vintage Stetson hat in Poland. If you are able to, could you help me with identification of this hat, please? Name of.

And, of course, the name of the hat company and sometimes its address were also on these tags. On Stetsons there were two of these stickers glued to the felt behind the sweatband, at the back of the hat. This is the inside of the hat. Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags. Here is what it looks like when you turn down the leather sweatband. Now, be very, very careful when you turn that sweatband down. On older hats the sweatband stitching can be very delicate.

Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking. If you are afraid of damaging the hat, just take a peek behind that leather. If the hat is in great shape, though, go ahead and turn it out. But be aware that a leather sweatband is NOT made to be constantly flipped in and out of the hat.

Hatters may suggest that the sweat be turned out when drying a modern, newly made hat, but this is NOT a good habit on vintage hats for the reason noted above. A leather sweatband is generally manufactured to stay flipped inward to hold the proper shape of the hat opening but the bigger problem is age. It is not usually safe to flip sweatbands in and out on an older hat.

So, once you see your reorder and size tags, best to take a photo of them and then never flip that sweatband out again if you can help it! Late in the s Stetson instituted a great idea for customer relations.

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Once he found a hat style he liked, he usually tried to stay with that as long as possible. A man was making a personal statement with his hat. So, Stetson implemented a way for a man to replace his favorite hat with exactly the same style as his lost or worn out hat. The ultimate in customer service. This reorder system lasted from the late s to about when Stetson finally dropped the service.

The separate re-order tag seemed to appear in a myriad of different versions. The first was a brown tag that was almost square—but not quite—and lasted to sometime in the mid to late s. Then came a second version in orange. Finally came an orange version that was a bit more rectangular than the second. But there were several other types, to.

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Still, it is currently unknown just when Stetson started using paper tags inside hats to denote size, style, reorder numbers and block and crown depths. The earliest tag I have seen is from somewhere between the s and In any case, Stetson seems to have had well over a dozen different tags that all appeared in certain eras. This English Bobby-like police hat was popular in American cities until the early s when they went out of fashion for our police departments.

This one is similar to the one above, but has the categories moved around a bit. So, it was made between and The black and white tag is often seen on bowlers. This one has only been seen a handful of times. It perhaps from the s or as late as The color based on the pictures can be "gun metal", "granite" It the tag is still there intact it will have the color name.

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The tag behind the sweatband is this one. It can be different since Stetson changed it in the 90's or 's. Sep 23, 3. According to the information found in this http: I just acquired a similar Stetson that has the United Hatters Cap and Millinery Workers label which was in use from until Sep 23, 4. Welcome to the Lounge! From the Hat Band it looks like a Carson , but I think they may have used that type on another Model or two. Pinheads get all the great Hats as Joao says.

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But for a guy in Portugal he does better than most here , must have a Hat Homing Locator device. That Hat could be Caribou , too , I guess , its a gray color. But it may just come on the OR and Dress Hats , still just a gray , but nice. M Hatman likes this. Apr 7, 5. The Union label on your hat indicates it was made between Hope you didn't pay too much for it. Most people tend to think that any hat with the word "Stetson" in it has value. Of note, any Stetson hat made at the original Stetson factory in Philly would not have had any union label inside, pre or otherwise.

The Philly factory never used them. Only hats made after the Hatco buy-out, and once the hats started being made in Texas at the former Resistol plant, would have a Union tag inside them. Apr 7, 6. I focused on the hatband and JBS hat "pin" and from my recollection having sold a few Stetson working retail, I'm putting closer to '95 than ' Of course, that is because there were thousands of companies stretched out from the s all the way to the s, so it is a huge swath of time to learn about.

The hey day was from to , of course. Early hats are far and few between and the various companies went out of business a lot between and as hats started to be worn less and less as time went on. Many say that President John Kennedy "killed hats" but the truth is he wore them almost as much as any other man of his day he was the last president to wear a top hat at official functions, by the way and hats were dying out before he ever stepped into the White House.

Anyway, more is known about Stetsons than any hat and Stetsons are my big interest--as you can see by my webpages. So, thanks for the welcome and I hope that my pages help you folks out when you are looking for a few tips on dating a hat. The Vintage Merchant likes this. Thank you for sharing, you are so generous for posting this hard to find information for us all.

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We do have some male members, and many women who collect or enjoy learning about men's hats. I have to say that I learned a lot from you already, you really get into the details. I have been collecting and researching hats for about 35 years, mostly woman's but I do have a small collection of man's hats and antique and vintage hat boxes also, from to s.

I often wear a man's hat if the occasion presents itself. My early 's stratoliner fits me to a T and I love it. I have a large Western with a Cody, Wyoming stamp inside that I want to show you and get some more information on. While I have not done a huge amount of research on the male side of hat making, I can see you certainly have. I appreciated seeing some hats in person in your photos, hats I have only previously seen in ads or drawings, or not seen at all.

I hope you come around the VFG Forums often, with more hat news and photos. You're collection is insanely fantastic. I have been looking for a boater for years. I find the greatest thing about keeping hats well is to have the box. Are you a Jack White fan? You need to send your information pages to "his people". He will love to read them.

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I hope you wear a hat every chance you get!! Yes, I do know who Jack White is and know he's a big "hat guy. Maybe I'll look up his facebook page. As to wearing them, I wear a fedora every day. I don't wear the antique Stetson cowboy hats as some are delicate and all are too rare to play with much, but the fedoras I wear daily. Since we are at a time when fashion is nearly "do what you want" I find a fedora goes with any type of clothing now.