Prime minister is dating ep 12 eng sub Da Jung tries to do what's best for the kids. Da Jung is insistent on breaking up with Kwon Yool in order for the kids to be with their mother. Woo Ri finally comes face to face with his mother. Da Jung's father's condition worsens. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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The prime minister is dating ep 5 eng sub

Showing of 3 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. And he seemed to have wanted to yell for help If she showed up and accidentally caused his brother to have a seizure -- enough to challenge this ages-long coma I don't mind in organic storytelling but when it goes off the charts in order to create a dreaded HEA I just lose all patience. Did she not miss her children or is Su Ho more important to her..

Well if she is seeing a psychiatrist, she may not be on her right mind. I just hope drama won't make it that she had an amnesia after the accident and then just got her memory a while back, please don' do it.. I hope the reappearance of Na Young won't affect the relationship of Da jung with the kids, if it will, I hope it will just be for a while.

I really hope their relationship won't falter because i really love the family moments here. I love love LOVE this show! It's perfect for me, and I'm super glad I'm watching it! Even stabbings end well in this show, hehe. Also, thanks for the clarification about the initial headlines! I liked Hye-Joo a lot this episode, but then again I usually like her.

We'll see how things shake out!


Drama Recaps My Strange Hero: Will he succeed in hurting Yul? Even if this was planned from the beginning, I'm still ticked off! Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Da-jung admits that she did and Yul feels bad for disappointing her father again for making her cry because of him again.

I really liked Hyo-Joo's bit in this episode. The way she confronts Joon Ki, even if it was slightly misdirected. I love her loyalty and just how bad ass she is. Despite the jealousy towards Na jung, she still fights on her behalf. She is like a female version of the Puppy character in Dramas, I can't help but root for her and I hope she gets her happy ending.

I started to like Hye jo on this episode. She is not like other second lead who would squeeze themselves on someone else's relationship even though it is pretty obvious that there is no chance. Same goes with In ho, it was so sad to hear him say that it is okay for him to watch Da Jeong at the back. Da Jeong's blood stained pink coat reminded me of Jackie Kennedy's blood stained Chanel suit. Another interesting choice from the costume designer.

Except for that fur thing on Seo's suit last week. That looked like someone spilled coffee and there wasn't a backup jacket to me. The latest plot developments give us so much to think about. And there are so many directions the story can take. Including straight into full on makjang. There were a lot af awww moments for me on this episode. When i thought i already have my favorite episode, here comes another one.

The family moments is just awesome: When I saw Na Young, i couldn't believe it at first that i had to watch that part again and focus. I initially thought that she was declared dead, where was this "presumed dead" or "missing" part? Thanks so much for the recap.


There were so many wonderful moments in this episode I will only say that if wifey returns, I will totally drop this drama. Heck, we have coma-hyung on the verge of dying and would-be avenger In-Ho getting his anger back -- powerful stuff! Why derail that particular plot thread by messing around with such a twist?

I have no patience for this kind of tomfoolery. Work with the theme you start with, go deeper into the plot ramifications! Possibly, this IS the story the writers wanted to tell. The headlines about the accident of Park Na Young in earlier episodes clearly stated that she was "missing" and not dead. This fact has been brought up by the Chinese fans in earlier episodes as crucial information to the possibility of Park Na Young being alive. Even Woo Ri when talking to Kwon Yul referred to his mother's accident as when she went "missing.

I'll accept that this is the story the writers wanted to tell but wow! It's a cheat nevertheless. The main question in the drama concerns In-Ho: Now their question is: What are we to do now that the lovebirds have finally confessed their love? Whatever the title of this drama, the hero of the story is In-Ho. But even so, the character that pushes the plot ahead is In-Ho and our wondering: By suddenly introducing Sultan's ex-wife, the writers have shown that they had NO intention of taking In-Ho's question seriously.

The following questions are suddenly made moot: Will he risk the anger of the woman he loves by hurting the PM? Will he hurt the guilty party even if it cannot heal his brother? Will he won't he? All these questions are now turned into a new "WTF? I've been confused all along! I should question if I have the real facts. Whenever this kind of thing happens in a book I'm reading or a film I'm watching, I can just grown and say, "Well, you definitely took the easy way out.

Didn't want to deal with all the questions you brought up?

I simply must disagree about In Ho being the protagonist. He is a crucial character, yes, but this series, to me, was never about his revenge. He was just an obstacle or possible obstacle for the main couple's happiness, as compelling as his own subplot is. But the series is about two people meeting, sorting out their past, adjusting their present and creating a common future.

So I understand why you would be disappointed, since you see an entirely different story than what others are seeing. A story can have more than one protagonist. So I will agree that the PM is also a protagonist But he is not the main protagonist. MAIN Protagonists do stuff. Their choices matter and at each turn, they make new choices which stem from their first choice. So yes, the PM makes choices but for the most part, stuff kinda "happens" to him.

The Prime Minister and I

His one choice so far was to marry. But IN-Ho pushed this on him. And this has caused In-Hoto always deal with the ramification of his choices and other choices which stem from that primary choice. The PM has to deal with the ramification of his choice as well but his choices don't affect the plot in the same way. A protagonist is a prime mover, has a quest or plan or deed to do throughout the story, acts upon his world. A protagonist wants something from the beginning of a story and is willing to go through all kinds of conflicts to get it. The PM had no great goal at the beginning of the story.

Let's assume PM wanted love but "didn't know it" and now voila he has it But the ripples don't lead to newer deeper conflict, they lead to stasis. Joon-ki doesn't hate him anymore or less because of this love. The PM is not the prime mover or the main protagonist and his love is not the main quest. The only quest the PM has had from the beginning is the environmental one The writers have given him this particular quest because they want the PM to DO something, rather than to be acted upon. But the environmental thing is the only thing the PM is actively pursuing.

We have here a very reluctant protagonist who is dragged kicking and screaming into a plot created by IN-Ho and the heroine who happens to be a true protagonist because she DOES make choices. But let's say that In-Ho is merely an obstacle and not a protagonist. Seriously, hasn't this new change affected his whole game-plan?

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Hasn't it affected the thrust of the story? So now what do we have? We have the PM's future affected by what is happening with a secondary character? How then is the PM protagonist in charge of his own life? In any story, the protag makes choices then deals with the ramifications of each choice But the PM is pretty much acted upon. In writing, this is called a lazy, passive, or a false protagonist.

He is a protagonist who is more acted upon than acting. He reacts more than he acts. In-Ho's story is a side story to the main story. It will feed into questions about the OTP staying together, but that doesn't make it the main story. He isn't the center of the action. We aren't brought into the story through him--but through his dealings with Yul, and then Da Jeong.

The goal of this story isn't this man getting revenge--the goal is if the couple in this contract marriage will wind up HEA. If you want a comparable character who is driving his own agenda in a story that feeds into the main story, then In-Ho is most like George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice.

Yul and Dam Jeong are the protagonists of this story, because everything is working towards whether they will realize they are in love and plan to stay married. Will he succeed in hurting Yul? Is it possible that the central relationship is the feature, but the story is thematically centered on 'moving forward' from things that have you stuck in a holding pattern?

Personally - the emotional consequences of betrayal Relationally - the fact that he is still married. Professionally - Now the double jeopardy of being a politician who built his career on an image of righteousness; yet he deceived the public about his wife's death and then deceived them again by entering into a contract marriage. Professionally - obligation to pay her fathers hospital bills Personally - needing to stay by her fathers side.

Professional - Aiming your whole career to put yourself in place to undertake a mistaken quest for revenge Personal - Interfering one sided love. Personal - Interfering one sided love Professional - Ambition that can only be fulfilled by working through the right man. Personally - Past indiscretions that resulted in a loveless arranged marriage Using her father to secure her relationship.

And maybe - Thinking her dad is an elite businessman, and not knowing he's actually a mobster. Public dissatisfaction with corruption and cronyism Need for ethical politicians. In this way of looking at it, the OTP relationship would be central, and the other elements present barriers to that relationship working out.

The story needs to get them all 'unstuck' for the OTP to connect. Does this make sense? Kang In Ho was supposed to have evil intentions of revenge simply because he only knew one side of the story the one told to him by his older brother , and even then what he actually knows is possibly just the tip of the iceberg. And clearly in recent episodes, Kang In Ho was just that - conflicted.

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Prime Minister and I: Episode 12 of the story is In-Ho. The writers put the sub- plot/love story up front and placed the main story/vengeance. When tabloid writer Nam Da Jung chases Prime Minister Kwon for a lucrative subtitles settings dialog; subtitles off, selected; English; Español; Português.

There are more than enough character beats for Kang In Ho to suggest that. Way too much overplotting, and the typical k-drama habit of not going deeper into the conflict they already have!! As of now end of this episode , I don't think the ex-wife being alive would change In-Ho's revenge. Whether the wife is alive or dead it doesn't change the fact that his hyung is in a coma, a coma that he believes was caused by the Prime Minister. Her being alive does raise questions but until he gets the full story his evidence will still point to the Prime Minister being the guilty party.

And I'm pretty sure her being alive will rise even more questions, not make it the easy way out. Especially if the Prime Minister knew he was alive. Even if this was planned from the beginning, I'm still ticked off! I know these stories aren't meant to be about organic storytelling I have never once considered the PM or the heroine as protags in this drama.

In some strange way, In Ho is the prime mover and shaker. His actions, choices, decisions set the plot in action. And while I understand that seeing dead wife will have him questioning his vendetta, reappearance of dead wife is a bit of a cheat to keep the love-birds safe from In-Ho's vengeance.

That's like suddenly putting up an escape route on a plot highway. Yes, yes, I know Was his anger misplaced, yadda yadda? Why not have Prime Minister be at fault? I still don't think PM was driving the car but that's a plot twist I could've dealt with. Why not have In Ho go through with his vengeance or not?

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Why add all this So annoyed right now. I always thought Na Young was the protagonist of this story, but you know, we all see things differently. I don't think her reappearance will "keep the love-birds safe from In-Ho's vengeance". I see like this, yes she is alive but wouldn't it still cause pain to In-Ho if he finds out let say So his hyung has been in a coma for years and the Prime Minister never bothered to inform anyone that a key witness to what happen is alive and well?

Wouldn't In-Ho still feel cheated by not only the Prime Minister but his ex-wife as well. For all he knows they could have planned the accident together to give her a chance to have a new life. Or what if she lies and says that the Prime Minister did all this and has had her in hiding. We don't know her character, all we know of her is mostly through the Prime Ministers eyes so she could very well lie to save herself and keep the revenge plot going.

I still feel that this new plot twist opens a whole cans of possibilities for what happened. I think today's episode will serve to give us a better idea of where this is going instead of making all this speculations. Just give it a chance, maybe it wont be how you wanted the story to go but it might still be worth watching. He's not only one of the biggest reasons the OTP is together, but also a huge reason for their staying together--and then he's the one who basically introduces us to the woman who's been seeing the big brother.

Furthermore, InHo is not and has not been the the person that has been driving any of the numerous domestic scenes which are having such a profound effect on the contract marriage. He can't be part of that. If he were a huge part of the story, as you seem to think, then he would be part of all of that, too. He's not the main factor leading up to the main goal of the story, the HEA. Honestly I don't think they do it for the sake of rating.

I mean, even since the first episode it was subtly hinted that Na Young was "disappeared" and not dead. Now that it might be happening for real I'm just wondering how the show will handle her return. Well, at least it seemed that the writers have planned her being not-so-dead since the get go so I hope they handle it well and making this show even better, hopefully. It was written into the story from episode 1 and the car crash scenes showed her body missing when it hit the water.

So as disappointed as you are, it's not a sudden rating-boosting decision. He is a man full of confidence and ambition, and is currently in a political marriage with Na Yoon-hee. He works hard for his career, and awaits his time to shine. During his university years, he and Yul were very good friends, but their friendship ended when he found out that his first love, Seo Hye-joo, was in love with Yul.

He assumed that his sister Na-young's death was due to the weariness caused by her husband, and thus cannot forgive Yul. His only ambition is to win against Kwon Yul in every field. Kwon Woo-ri, 15 years old, is the eldest of Kwon Yul's children. Woo-ri is in his first year of high school.

Kwon Na-ra, 12 years old, is the second child and only daughter of Kwon Yul. Na-ra is a sixth grader in middle school. Kwon Man-se, 7 years old, is the youngest child and son of Kwon Yul. Man-se has just recently started primary school as a first grader. Noh Young-shim was the music director and theme music composer of the drama series. A representative from the drama's production company said that the song "complements the snow fall of winter" and is "set to make the drama warmer. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

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