Libra woman dating tips

How to Seduce a Libra Woman: 11 Useful Tips

Gemini wants to try everything at once, and Libra agonizes over making the right decision.

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These ladies are in love with the idea of love and having that special someone in their lives. The Libra woman will also be attracted to the Scorpio male's burning glances. She has written on numerous topics, but her favorite subjects are history, culture and interpersonal relationships. The fact that you are going out of your way to make her feel special will mean a lot to the Libra female. The Ram's tendency to bring conflict and disharmony will unbalance your Libra scales.

While there will be romance in abundance, a Libra woman may find the Cancerian man's desire to nurture and protect a little overwhelming. Libra seeks balance and fairness in all things, while the Crab acts from instinct and emotion. The two of you can build a life and a home that is nurturing, welcoming and warm.

But Cancer doesn't mind a mess, while Libra prefers order. In the end you may simply want different things from life that you cannot give each other. Of all the fire signs, the Leo man is Libra's best bet.


Sometimes conquering woman's heart can be quite a challenging task. And it goes really complicated when dating a Libra woman. You trying. I'm here to tell you that there's nothing sexier than a Libra woman. to tip the scale too much in one direction, the Libra woman befriends.

The Libra charm looks great on a Leo's arm! The Lion will take pride in the way you care about your appearance, your home and your reputation. What's not to love? The way Leo tries to control your every move may unbalance your scales. He may not like the way you harmlessly flirt with someone new, and may put a damper on some occasions. But if the two of you click, you will have a lifestyle that is the envy of all your friends.

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This could be tricky. The Libra woman has a sense of style and knows what suits her. This won't stop the Virgo male from focusing on small details, like the color of your shoes and whether or not they really go with your dress. He will notice everything, and eventually drive you crazy with his "helpful" comments. Virgo tends to be too outspoken for the diplomatic Libra woman as well. And you will never agree on the color of the curtains. A meeting of true minds? Or someone's cruel joke of a "perfect match"?

How will they ever know if they don't make up their minds? While a Libra man and Libra woman are the most charming couple imaginable, never ask them to decide on anything. Both need partners who will occasionally take charge. The Scorpio man will always notice Libra, because he has an eye for beauty and reacts to it instantly. The Libra woman will also be attracted to the Scorpio male's burning glances.

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But after a while, the cracks will appear. Flirty Libra will arouse the Scorpion's jealousy and possessiveness, and Libra will feel trapped and unbalanced by it. The two of you can be the hottest couple on the planet, but if you don't achieve a balance between Libra's lightness and Scorpio's intensity, it will burn out quickly.

The Libra woman has dreams, but does not always know the best way to realize them.

Dating a Libra Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Libran Girl

A Sagittarius man will show the way, making everything seem possible. What a wonderful match this can be, with Sagittarian fire driving Libran ambitions. The trouble is, will either of them stick around long enough to find out? The Archer is likely to fly in and fly out again, while the Libra woman may find her dreams and ambitions didn't include following him on his adventures. But if they do, the world is their oyster.

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If you are an ambitious and career-minded Libra woman, this is your perfect match. The Capricorn man will bring structure to your life. If you want nothing more than to be seen on the arm of a successful man, then the Goat is your best bet. He will parade you around and put you in a perfect setting as if you were the rarest jewel.

Love Advice for Women by Zodiac Sign

But if you are a Libra girl who just wants to have fun, move on. It doesn't get much better than this. During a conversation, you can trust her to fill up any awkward silences. Also she is usually very observant and will be quick to pick up verbal as well as non-verbal cues from her partner. If she is having a good time with you, she will find a way to let you know without being obvious about it.

Agreeable manners, a light seductiveness and only a touch of mystery - all these qualities make a Libra woman one of the most delightful and popular dating partners.

LIBRA WOMAN: Understanding Libra Women! ✔

However, Librans are slow to get involved in emotional relationships. They find deeply sensitive people slightly bewildering and will shrink away from messy personal situations. Excessive display of emotions is almost embarrassing for them. This could be because the ruling element of this zodiac sign is Air, which is why a Libran treats personal relationships with an airy detachment. So while your girlfriend may make an excellent partner for a casual date, if you are depending on her to accompany you to a family occasion like a wedding or a Thanksgiving dinner, she may ask for some time to think about it.

The most definitive quality of a Libra perhaps is a balanced temperament.

People of this sign are capable of looking at a situation from various perspectives instead of rushing to take a stand on it. Small wonder then that the icon which symbolizes this zodiac is the Scales which stands for a balanced outlook and an equable temperament.

16 Ways Dating A Libra Woman Will Set Your Life On Fire

Librans find it necessary to have harmony in their lives. They are repulsed by outrageous behavior and an ugly mentality. In their external manifestation, these traits take on the form of an immaculate taste and a highly evolved aesthetic sense. So when going on a date with a Libra woman you must pay the greatest attention to what you wear, how you smell and appear to others.

More likely than not, her tastes will veer towards the elegant and the timeless with clean cut designs and classic styles. It would be a good idea to refrain from loud colors, knockout colognes and gold bracelets. If they can afford it, Librans will most often be found to possess expensive paintings, sculptures or other works of art. Even those who are not as well-off will at least surround themselves with some evidence of beauty like a Persian rug, a potted geranium or an antique vase. So if you keen to give your Libran girlfriend the perfect gift, keep an eye out for something beautiful and classy.

Another quality among Librans that is exemplified by the symbol of the Scales is a desire for fairplay and justice.

16 Ways Dating A Libra Woman Will Set Your Life On Fire | Thought Catalog

Their innate ability to see an issue from multiple perspectives makes them a natural diplomat or a conciliator. For this very reason, A Libra is a master collaborator too which is evident from the way he or she will convince people of diverse opinions to agree to work together. You can see this trait in your Libra girlfriend too when she plays the peacemaker in the family, soothing ruffled feathers and bringing about cheer and goodwill.