Dota 2 auto accept matchmaking Winning the specified number of games is the only way to remove the Low Priority penalty. Depending on the history and type of behaviors, a variable number of low priority wins will be required. If an account already has a 5-game penalty while being assigned a new penalty, a temporary matchmaking restriction may also be assigned.

The Conduct Summary will provide a history of the behaviors associated with Low Priority over a span of the previous 25 games that an account has played. As mentioned above, the only way to remove the Low Priority penalty is to win the required number of games in Single Draft mode.

Steam Support may be able to help you address the underlying cause of the behavior that led to the penalty; ie, crashing issues. However, Steam Support does not modify or remove these penalties under any circumstance. An account with a Low Priority penalty will also experience the following consequences while the penalty is active. If an account in low priority engages in any of the activities outlined in the above section, more Low Priority games will be assigned to the account. If an account is already at the max five-game penalty, a matchmaking ban will be applied in addition, preventing matchmaking of any kind.

We know this happens, and we've built in a small threshold to accommodate occasional abandons. A single abandon will not put you into low priority.

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I wish DOTA 2 would enable feature for auto-accepting matchmaking result so as to avoid unnecessary failure to ready up. DOTA 2 gamers. Dota2 Accepter - is a simple autohotkey based program that will left click on Accept Button, so you can press find match then press accepter.

If you have launch options, like -dev or -console that enable the console, they override this setting. Grants access to the Valve console, which can be used for commands and to get some technical information. The console can be toggled with the assigned hotkey.

Game settings

Causes all own and allied units to appear green and all enemy units red. This does not affect anything outside of the minimap. For spectators, Radiant players appear green and Dire players appear red. Causes the entire minimap to turn black, instead of displaying map features like trees, cliffs, the river and fogged areas. Only icons and names remain visible.

Auto accept matchmaking option

Replaces the minimap's detailed background with a simple greyscale minimap. Causes the minimap to display small hero icons , instead of full hero names when holding the ALT key. Causes the minimap to always display hero icons or names, without needing to hold ALT.

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Holding ALT causes the minimap to display arrows and drops for heroes again. Changes the hud layout so that the minimap is on the right side.

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The order reverts to the whatever the autoattack is set to upon giving a manual attack order. This is a display, showing how much the user's microphone is currently recording. Games Jun one newcomers. When you received or purchase new items, automatically add them to the Collection view under the Armory. Causes the entire minimap to turn black, instead of displaying map features like trees, cliffs, the river and fogged areas.

Also moves the Killed By box and event messages to the right and the unit query to the left. Causes the camera to jump towards the player's hero as it respawns. This includes respawning with Reincarnation.

Does not move the camera when the player has another unit under their control selected. When checked, you must use the left mouse button in addition to the Camera Grip key to start camera movement. Adds the left mouse button as a required combo-key in addition to the set camera grip hotkey to move the camera. Causes the player's screen to shake a bit whenever the main hero gets disabled by stuns , sleeps and disabling forced movement.

There are also some other spells usually ultimates which cause a screen shake when the casting hero is selected. When spectating, dragging the camera with the middle-mouse button allows for smooth camera motion. When using camera dragging, causes the camera to accelerate and decelerate smoothly, instead of starting to move or stopping abruptly.

It also causes the mouse cursor to disappear while dragging. The speed at which the camera comes to rest after moving. Larger number equates to faster stop.

[Release] Dota 2 MM Auto Accept + Source v1.5. upd 29.07.13

Causes an green arrow to point on the player's hero when holding the ALT key. Only highlights the main hero. Does not highlight Meepo clones, illusions or any other unit. Causes the spawnboxes of neutral creep camps to be visible when holding the ALT key. The spawnboxes are outlined in bright green. Causes the attack ranges of all towers and fountains to be visible when holding the ALT key. Allied towers display a green ring, enemy towers a red ring. Does not show range of fountains. Causes every targeted spell to display a green line on the ground when getting selected.

The line is between the unit and the mouse pointer. When within cast range, the line appears clearly. When outside of cast range, the line gets less visible and the portion of distance which exceeds the cast range and the caster would have to move is displayed in red. Causes every allied and enemy player's name to appear above their heroes, in the player's slot color. Hides the small red and white damage numbers which appear upon the player dealing or taking damage. Does not affect the numbers upon taking high damage and the crit numbers. Selecting another unit will show their details in the main HUD instead of in a separate display.

When turned off, selecting a unit not under control shows a separate HUD on the side of the screen with the unit's details. For spectators, it also turns neutral creeps' over-head health bars teal. Also changes Power Treads ' agility color from green to yellow. Ally healthbars display as yellow to further differentiate them from your own green healthbar.

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This mode is incompatible with Colorblind Mode. Causes allied health bars to appear yellow, similar to the neutral creep health bars for spectators. Also affects all units under the player's control, except for the main hero.

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Causes Steam's default chat pop-ups to not appear and sound to not play. Instead, steam chats are displayed in the menu in the chat section as whispers. Causes the current chat channel to show chat messages from other channels. It allows the party chat, whispers, or area chat to all be included in the same channel.

You will only be replying in the channel you have active. Prevents other players from seeing whether the current player is in a party or not if the party isn't "open. Prevents other players from automatically joining your party if it is "open" stats. If this option is on then you will have to manually accept their invite even if you are in an "open" party. If you have a low end network connection, setting this to 'LOW' may help your network performance.

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