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With love, from Turkey. But, hey, in the meantime you are free to fuck your brains out, and that is the important thing in life. I find it interesting how alike Muslim extremists are to Christian extremists on the subject of sex. Neither of them can tolerate the idea that someone, somewhere might be enjoying purely recreational sex. Lorenz, I bet you got a hard on reading the article.

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Go a please yourself also know as rayado de yucca with a picture of Hillary Clinton when she was about 40 ears old. Then anal-yze what you wrote and go to the corner for 5 minutes to think what you did wrong. However, sometimes the original reason for a custom or a taboo gets completely forgotten. A good example is the Muslim and Jewish prohibition against eating pork.

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Try to find a definitive reason… there are various theories, but nothing you can hang your hat on. But, that taboo still hangs in there.

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Eventually, someone has to test whether a seemingly irrational prohibition is still valid. In the case of recreational sex, like eating pork, most people do it. And the world as we know it has not come to an end. I think Chesterton and you agree, reason should be applied to a prohibition, the thing is that too many are shallow thinkers and follow the crowd.

For example, my parents generations all smoked while my generation rarely does. I doubt anyone thought much about it, but the fashionable habits of the crowds had real consequences on the health of the generations. Talking about recreational sex, it does not seem to be the milk and honey paradise that was promised to us. I would point to the metoo movement as an example on this subject, which could be seen as boorish men trying to get some.

Sex is not the problem, for these young women, settling down and having a husband and a family is way harder in millennials. You are uncomfortable with accepting reduced reproduction rates as normal. However, historically and statistically, as any society becomes prosperous and stable, reproduction rates drop. This has been true for a long time, regardless of anti-conception technology.

The only thing constant is change itself. Not in a country where the minimum wage is dollar and half per month. The distortions of the economy here make direct comparisons to normal countries useless. Then the Hotel Notel will lower its prices for the 6 hour nookie especial, or go out of business because they cannot meet their costs at a price that enough customers can afford. He got it about right … for here. Comedy is comedy, and I take the piece as successful satire of really bad conditions.

People who pretend to be so liberally enlightened jump up and slam down any opinion not their own. How are gays or lesbians going to have children? I feel sorry for both or either. In my experience, fast love is like fast food. But hey … a lot of people go for it. And a lot of society and social order is breaking up like a ship on rocks. I went shopping yesterday in a b-i-g supermarket, and could not stop thinking about Venezuela and what I read here and other places the day before. This place had food from all over the world. Twenty different brands of sauces, too many varieties of salad dressing to make any sense at all.

Buying toothpaste is confusing, there are so many choices. They did not have one item I wanted, and I was actually angry for a moment … then I thought of Venezuela. On one aisle, I passed a couple of women who were chatting excitedly — in Spanish — about something or another as they struggled to make a decision between one brand of chocolate cookies and another I guess. I just enjoy the sounds, giggles, laughter. You have to know your history of the relationship, and use it, as well as be there. I stopped by a deli. While I was waiting, I noticed some coconut shrimp.

Got a tongue sandwich.

It came with chips and pickle. I was about to get some cheesecake, debating between that and some pastries, when the guy came up with the roast. This is capitalism and free markets, the straight white males. We fart, and complain about shaving our faces every day. Some of us give up and grow beards. Some of us are just not funny, no matter how hard we try.

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Thing is, we deliver product. If I was aiming for comedy, I would have said 6 hours is at least 5 hours and 45 minutes too long.

But, that would show my age. Gringo, my mouth was watering reading about your adventure. Man oh man I bet that was good. Served with a dill pickle?

Just him and one employee running the place now. I bet the had a dozen working back in the day. The other Chinese merchant left here late last year.

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He had an air-conditioning business there and his family several brothers were each in the furniture business with their own shops. He said it was just impossible to keep the doors open. His kids are all in Miami studying there. With all that doing-business-in-shitholes know-how, I bet you could do alright here, even with a small store. I retired at a young age, 47, after 20 years of very hard work in the oilfield.

I had great parents but inherited lousy genes. And, there may be another odd component to my current insanity. Growing up I heard all the stories from my dad about what it was like growing up in the Great Depression, he having been born in Always wondered what it was like to survive, and even proper as his family had managed to do under such terrible conditions.

Venezuelan Women

Support independent Venezuelan journalism by making a donation. Bare Shelves, Empty Wallets: Kafka on the Guaire: For Venezuelan women being beautiful is not only desirable, it also carries with it a sense of duty or responsibility in their minds. With all that doing-business-in-shitholes know-how, I bet you could do alright here, even with a small store.

I now have a pretty good idea. Venezuela today is obviously in a great depression, arguably worse with the political situation. MRubio — I know that. I wrote for the contrast, and possibly inspiration of proof positive that most people here in the capitalist world can freely shop just as I did. I did not intend to gloat and ridicule. It is just the way it is here. The dill pickle was very crisp, actually so dill I got a tiny touch of stomach upset, wolfing the sandwich.

And I added one more set of plastic fork and knife and napkin to my collection. They may come in handy some day. Some other people saw it too, Venezuelans as well as foreigners. Girls got married, young men became immersed in their jobs and companies. Maybe by now, many of those have left, but I know some have not. And the foreigners who worked there, and left, who saw their work wasted. Ordinary people, emptying desks and gathering personal belongings, saying goodbye to friends and associates, homes.

Hopefully you would not have to use it. You guys will win, in Venezuela, eventually. Cuba itself will be a mess for a while, but will turn capitalist. Tourism dollars for Cuba. Investment zones for Cuba. And in time, the investment zones will spread and the remaining socialist enclaves and structures will disappear at the stroke of a pen. That will leave many communist loyalists wondering what to do, wondering what happened. They can drown their rue in rum and find peace in sleep — until the real world begins to make sense to them.

In Venezuela, the majority want free markets, I believe. They want better lives, and the transition may be more abrupt, more like Russia than China.

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But eventually, it will transition. The ambitious and strong Venezuelan lady will use her best efforts to make her partner happy and pleased. She would be an ideal pick for the man who wants an independent, bright, attractive, yet faithful woman. Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. Venezuela borders Colombia, Guyana, and Brazil. Its capital city is Caracas. Venezuela's territory covers around , km2 , sq. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Venezuela. Sign In Join for Free.

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