Dating separated man forums Patiently wait it out, not taking it personally? Put some sort of 'time limit' on things which seems wrong, but also at least gives me some of my power back?

I'm second-guessing his real feelings for me and his ability to back them up with action, and I guess I just need some advice. I'm not asking for a wedding ring, but I'd like to at least be able to say that I'm no longer dating a married man. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to write. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by michelleco. Mature love is a warmth that we radiate. My usual advice is to make a plan and stick to it. Plans involve time limits so putting a date on it is not a bad thing.

It has to be your plan so input from here should be considered but never let it change your plan. When I came on here in Oct I made a plan and stuck to it despite much criticism and I am happy I did. I set a date of Feb 3rd, even set a reminder in my phone that the 3rd was the day I would intiate and carry out D with W if things stayed the same.

I never let her know my plan or the secret date I had set in my mind. I agree with the feelings I know you are having that he is slow playing his divorce because he testing the waters with W. You understand why he's doing it too, because it's his family. Don't be his doormat, be firm and direct. His actions speak louder than his words.

Do you need him to D W or do you want him to D W, big difference. For one of my family members in said situation, as the divorcing H with children, there were two factors that lead to the slowness on the divorce papers: Financial matters, and he wasn't able to get together all the money for the filing fee and was too proud to ask. An honest fear of submitting such things.

It wasn't that he didn't love his girlfriend immensely. They are married now, happily. He knew the benefits.

He just, as a person, was very reluctant to file that. Or his taxes, among other things.

They say they are separated. She has a boyfriend who stays at the house. I have never been there, certain I do not want to be either. I know that will not work without a lawyer. He stays with me most weekends and lives there during week to go to work. We live an hour apart.

I am divorced which happened quickly for me because I just did an uncontested one. I have been living alone and single since last June. I care about this man. He seems to feel the same about me.

Dating a Separated Man...

I just feel that this is vastly unfair to me. I have a great job, kids that are thriving on their own, I am an attractive I think smart and , stable woman. Except that I am put in this position by his situation. I know I should put this on hold, wait for him to leave her but, he is very unique and awesome guy that I do not think I will find again , ever. I know I am holding back on my own natural instincs due to his situation and think its going to be an eventual road block.

Dating a separated but not divorced man! need advice

I know what I should do but its so hard as I am falling for him. I have no doubt that you are the whole package and a smart woman. But you should never have allowed yourself to get into this situation to begin with! If there are no children what exactly is his excuse for staying especially if she has a boyfriends who stays there?

I mean she has a boyfriend and he has you so why prolong the inevitable? What do you think the odds are he will have a long term relationship with the first woman he dates after his divorce?

You are setting yourself up to get your heart broken here. DD- True story- My ex and I lived together for a time.

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He had cheated on me with a woman and after we broke up, we stayed in the same house. So basically, she thought he was a GF, he thought she was a convenient sex partner for the time being. As soon as I moved out, he dumped her and began dating the women he wanted to be with.

I understand the technicality, we are still married till the divorce becomes final, but when the difficult decision of divorce is made, and the two of you act on it, then why am I supposed to be alone? She is supposedly "looking for a job" and he insists on this arrangement because otherwise she would move into welfare housing and he "doesn't want his kids living in the ghetto. I agree with all of you! This is a big world. When I moved out then I was able to invite them back to "view" the house for signs of female habitation. I'm a separated male who has not been yet divorced. I have been separated and living in a different house for 3 months with the divorce just beginning, and would like to ask how come I am considered still married and not dateable?

He met a new girl fairly quickly- maybe months. You are a convenience for this guy. When he gets free he will find a woman with boundaries that he respects. I once got involved with this guy. I recently met this guy. Mail will not be published required: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc.

Dating a separated but not divorced man!

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Is It Ok Date A Separated Man - Dear Women With Love