Dating relationships reddit She told him she broke up with her boyfriend and even paraded him around her friends and family. Then, while at a concert, she kissed him - only to disappear a couple days later. In the end, everything made sense thanks to a picture of the couple on Facebook: She even got married to that same dude! It definitely ended up hurting someone, so was it really worth it? Besides, most men think that a woman willing to engage in that kind of manipulation isn't worth any time or love.

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She definitely makes it very very hard for me. I don't think I'll keep pursuing, to be honest. One thing is trying to keep some mystery and drawing attention to yourself; another is acting like a plain narcissist. Definitely, one of the things that can make a man but anyone to be honest!

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One guy started getting with a girl which was fine but then rumors started that she was with another guy on the side turned out she actually was and he was also in the friend group. I guess she wanted a relationship while the first guy just wanted something casual and she thought getting with another guy would somehow help the situation. To cut a long story short the group split in two depending on which guys side you were on and we haven't talked to the other side much since. The story this Reddit user shared can definitely look over-the-top, but it happens more often than you might think.

Matter of fact, playing two guys against each other on purpose even worse if friends , thinking it will result in some romantic gesture by one or both of them, will in reality only create drama and a social disaster! What did you expect? The idea is that a man is supposed to buck up and push a little harder whether that day or some undefined period of time after every rejection he gets. And how could we blame them: By the way, this is something not only this Reddit user - or in general men - complain about.

As an alternative, you can always plan your dates on Facetime! And a part of knowing the other person consists in discovering their preferences, one at the time. Do you really want to build a long-lasting relationship with this foundation? Or how she should warn me now that Valentine's Day is a really big day for her when we're on our first date and it's April. Or, you know, saying she's in love on our third date.

Instead, give the affair some time to evolve and see if you like it. Keep in mind that not everybody likes to play it at a fast pace!

She never discussed those things even though I asked in many ways on many occasions. So, she is my ex. This comment wrote by this guy on Reddit said it loud and clear: Quality men have high standards when it comes to finding the person they want to spend their life with. They could avoid a lot of dating issues if they just learned to love themselves and be honest, open, and more direct about their needs.

Lack of confidence paired with a tendency to hide needs or feelings can be a dangerous combination. It will surely scare them away; in addition to making you feel worse and guilty. Simply enjoy yourself and be there. How would you feel knowing that someone is constantly judging every move you make and that your future will depend on what you do? This guy on Reddit strongly complained about women being late at dates, and who could blame him?

In general, being late is considered to be a rude and disrespectful gesture. You would never normally cherish your friend for being 30 minutes late, let alone if done on purpose - or if you put some serious commitment in organizing everything. This is supposed to get them more attention and respect from men, but in reality, it seems to be having the opposite effect.

In conclusion, ladies, try not to keep your next date waiting, unless you want him to leave! In other words, too much or too little will never work. Not every time, at least! What do they say? The heart wants what the heart wants. One guy on Reddit revealed what he learned from his experience in the dating field, saying: A guy that just went through a divorce or whatever is usually going to play the field for a while This also seems to happen a lot with a guy that seems out of a woman's league, and so she's trying really hard to make things serious asap. But he's lowering his standards because he isn't taking it seriously.

People play a sport. Just like this Reddit user, Osmodius, said: You have a whole lot of hobbies and activities that deserve your attention other than an online conversation! A quote attributed maybe wrongly to Einstein reads: Likewise, not giving someone a chance because they're not their "type". I understand finding someone you can relate too and share stuff with but I don't understand how some girls can like somebody and find them nice and good company but give a pass because they're not picturesque, or worse, go back to dating someone who they genuinely cry over daily because they're treated poorly.

Seeing girls go through this makes me both sad and angry. I don't know how many different types of people there are but the chance of you finding exactly what you 'expect' without shopping around is going to be pretty hard. Once again, we need to distinguish between what works in the movies and what does in real life. Not everybody works the same, so hoping that the one guy you met at the bar last night is going to be exactly what you need in your life is pretty unrealistic.

Sometimes, we idealize people and relationships and expect them to work in real life in the same exact way they do in our heads. The sooner we realize and accept this, the happier we will be in our love life! Either go dutch or stay home. Also, openly showing that you want to pay for your part can play in your favor: This gesture will definitely impress a worthy man and can be a great foundation for a serious, long-lasting and equal relationship. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Not the love should be about problems, just that we go from being attracted and wanted each other to care about each other. This guy said on Reddit that when he wants to make someone his girlfriend, it's all about "mutual vulnerability" and talking about things that actually matter in each person's lives, even if it's kind of an unhappy conversation. We can all probably agree that this is relatable and very logical. We often hear that a first date can seem like a job interview and we should do everything within our power to make it much more enjoyable than that and less nerve-racking, too.

Sure, that's all well and good, but don't we have to ask the guy questions so we can get to know him? Doesn't he expect us to ask him questions? And if that's the case, then what questions should we be asking him? Let the conversation flow naturally without thinking of a set of questions. Try to pick up things on the initial "about me" and expand. If you're really interested it will be easy. This guy's Reddit post is super helpful and also really comforting. We should definitely take his advice and approach the first date like this.

He wants to feel like he's talking to an old friend and like the conversation just works and there's no stress or particular questions that we have to ask or answer. That seems so much more enjoyable than coming up with a list of questions ahead of time, so this is great to hear. When we start dating someone new, we immediately wonder about the girls that they've dated before us. What were they like? Does he like us more than he liked them and, of course, we want the answer to be "yes, of course"?

How many girlfriends has he had? On the flip side, do guys want to know how many guys we've dated and do they care about our romantic history? It's a question that has for sure crossed our minds. This conversation doesn't need to happen in my opinion. According to this guy's post on Reddit , some guys don't actually want or need to know. And that makes sense. When we have this discussion with our new boyfriend, we just get jealous and upset when we hear about his romantic past, and it's really not information that we need to have. Does it really make our lives better?

Sure, some of us might want to know the basics of our boyfriend's past love life, but we shouldn't get too caught up. And we shouldn't be surprised if, like this guy who posted on Reddit, our boyfriend doesn't want to ask us for any details. He just might not care. Movies and songs tend to focus on how a girl feels when she falls in love. We've heard the cliche of picturing your wedding day on the first date or feeling like it's love at first sight, but we tend to hear that it's women who think that way, not men.

So what's the deal with men? How do they really feel about love and what is their perspective? This Reddit post shines a light on this topic and is really fascinating. My whole life and my interests were reevaluated when I fell in love for the first time and it is the one thing I am now extremely proud of and confident in now Things may not have worked out, but the fact that it took falling in love to make me become the person I am most happy with was worth it. It's good to know that some guys feel like falling in love allows them to become a good person and a person that they are proud to be.

That's such a nice, lovely thing to hear, and it's especially nice since it's the opposite of what we sometimes hear that guys are "whipped" if they're in a serious relationship or if they're married. We often hear that guys aren't big fans of girls who wear a ton of makeup.

They like the natural look and would rather that we didn't put anything on our faces.

Of course, that's super sad for us to hear because while not all of us are into beauty products, some of us do really enjoy putting on makeup every day. Whether red lipstick is our signature look or we're into eyeshadow or mascara, we probably have products that we wear on a regular basis. They make us feel even more confident and good about ourselves, plus it's just fun. If you look like two different people when you have it on, that's too much. But how do guys really feel about makeup? As this guy said in a Reddit thread, he's okay with girls who wear makeup After all, we don't want to be piling on the products every day since that's not the best thing for our skin, and plus it would get pretty expensive.

The caked on look isn't that attractive, either. For many single people, both men and women, using dating apps or online dating is the norm, and there's nothing wrong with that. However we want to find love is what we should do, and once we do meet the right person, it won't matter how we came across them. When we're putting together our bio on a dating app or our longer online dating profile, it can be pretty stressful and we wonder what we should and shouldn't say.

There must be things that guys hate seeing, right? And these things would be a total turn-off and make them swipe left or not send us the first message? This guy said on Reddit that if a girl describes herself as a princess, he's not into it at all. And, well, we would have to say that we agree, don't we? Calling yourself a princess is not attractive and makes you seem high-maintenance. Yeah, we should have high standards for the guy that we date and we should expect him to treat us well, but we don't need to demand the royal treatment or we just look way too full of ourselves.

Just like many of us enjoy putting on makeup, we also enjoy a good manicure. Whether we get our nails done at a salon on a regular basis or paint our own nails at home, we like having perfect, painted nails. It just feels good and puts an extra spring in our step.

I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE DID THIS!! Ruined Reddit Relationships #1

Some of us have been painting our nails since high school so it's just part of our routine and something that we don't think twice about. We've always wondered how guys feel about our nails and whether they notice if our nails look good or not. This guy posted such a funny, adorable comment on Reddit and this definitely settles the issue for us. Yeah, guys will notice, but they won't really think about it much beyond that, and that makes a lot of sense.

So if we don't have time to get a manicure or do it at home because we're busy this week, we can rest easy knowing that it's not that big a deal to the guy that we're dating not that we need his permission, of course. Do guys notice what we wear? If we go on a first date, will the guy care that we've got on a nice dress? If it's date night with our boyfriend, will he notice? Or should we just keep things casual with jeans and a t-shirt? Even if we truly could care less what a guy thinks about our outfit choices, chances are, we've wondered if guys even notice when we wear something out of the ordinary and a bit more special.

It's impossible not to wonder. I notice it, I love it. It means a lot to me that she cares enough about me that she wants to look good for me and others when she is with me. Well, here's our answer: It's good to know that they appreciate the effort that we put into looking good. Sure, we dress well for ourselves and because we feel confident, and maybe because we're super into fashion if that's something that we care about, but it doesn't hurt to know that our boyfriend likes it, too. It's totally normal to want him to notice.

Not everybody works the same, so hoping that the one guy you met at the bar last night is going to be exactly what you need in your life is pretty unrealistic. Notification of Changes Whenever we change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this Privacy Policy page, and other places we deem appropriate, so our users are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. However we want to find love is what we should do, and once we do meet the right person, it won't matter how we came across them. We do not collect any other type of personal data. To ensure that our Website remains secure and is not subject to any hacking or fraud. When we go on a first date, we know that we're a bundle of nerves and hope that things will go well, but does the guy feel that way, too?

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then something else is true: Then we get into a relationship What's going on here? Do guys love cuddling or hate it? We need to find out the truth and we need to find it out now. We can't go on in the dark about this. Nothing can improve a TV show more than a snuggle. According to a Reddit thread on this very important topic, guys definitely like cuddling. As this one guy put it, guys especially like when they're watching a TV show with their girlfriend or the girl that they wish was their girlfriend.

So there we have it, once and for all: This Reddit thread just confirms what we've always known to be true: It's just pure bliss and it seems impossible that anyone could ever hate it.

Reddit is also anonymous so you can be yourself, with your Reddit profile and persona Relationships (lihazoqefe.tkonships). submitted 8 hours ago * by Express_Birthday to r/relationships submitted 5 hours ago by bitchplsss to r/ dating. r/Relationships is a community built around helping people and the goal of providing a Personal issues (lihazoqefe.tkonships) . Dating (lihazoqefe.tkonships).

If we believe the movies, when a woman is in love, she is in a total daze. She walks around with a big grin on her face, the sun is always shining even when she's indoors , and she says hello and is super polite and friendly to everyone that she crosses paths with. We've for sure wondered how guys act when they know that they're in love, and this guy on Reddit summed it up really nicely. It's hard to think of a more perfect explanation than this one.

When we're in love and it's real, we feel the same way: It's so cool to know that guys feel the same. These days, when we meet a new couple or hear that a friend has found love, there's one question on our mind: A few years ago, that would have been a strange question, but now it's super normal. We've all asked ourselves whether all guys want to online date or if some of them are open to meeting someone the old-fashioned way. Most of us have most likely online dated, but if we're still single, we might prefer meeting people through work or friends.

As it turns out, yes, guys do still want to meet girls IRL, and as this Reddit post suggests, there are some good reasons for that. This guy totally sums up how tough online dating can be. We don't always know how to make our personality stand out when we're messaging or chatting with someone, and we might get rejected by someone for silly reasons. That just wouldn't happen IRL. Our society tends to think that guys are the ones who do the asking out and girls just can't do it. That's hilarious to those of us who have asked someone out and are now in a happy relationship because of it, or to those of us who know quite a few couples where the girl did the asking.

It's super outdated and old-fashioned to assume that the guy always has to be the one to ask the girl out.

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Will I be good enough for this girl? If I'm not good enough for her as well who will I be good enough for? This can be overcome, but I can definitely see how guys get caught in it, especially after multiple rejections in a row.

We've asked ourselves the question if guys are nervous about asking a girl out probably too many times to count. This is something that we wonder if we like a guy and are waiting for him to ask us out or thinking about asking him ourselves. As this guy says in his Reddit post, guys do worry about rejection, and it can be tough to keep asking girls out when everyone keeps saying no. If we hear that men don't like commitment or cuddling, we also hear that they either don't have emotions or don't like to show and talk about them. Of course, it's nuts to think that they don't have feelings, but there's this whole thing where we expect guys to be macho all the time and not emotional.

I'm immensely selective on who I allow to see me in a vulnerable state. As this guy shares in his Reddit post, guys do get emotional, but for him, he doesn't want to seem weak because society thinks that's just super uncool. It seems like a lot of guys feel that way and that definitely makes sense The best thing that we can do is when we find the right guy, make sure he knows that we'll never think that he's being weak if he shares his feelings with us. It's totally normal to have emotions, of course. It's just good to know the answer to this burning question that we all have and all the other ones on this list, too.

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