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Dating Feminine Men Yet his sensitivity might get frustrating sometimes. You might feel like he can be a little too emotionally heavy about things. He may act like a brat just because he is in a bad mood. You might as well throw him a box of tampons and some chocolate for the way that he is acting towards you. Some women do not like dating men that are too sensitive, because they already have enough mental emotional problems going on themselves. A feminine guy will respect whatever diet that you have decided to be on. He may be super into healthy eating, because he is always trying to watch his weight.

You might find your fridge to be stocked with all natural items from the organic section of the grocery store. This can be nice if you are into that type of thing. However, it can be annoying to deal with if you are not someone who is into that kind of food.

Constructive Conflict

They are all about fashion, trends and going everywhere their best dressed. I have met men who play football, are very masculine who are gay. They never go looking like a homeless person. Very difficult to perceive him as anything but a virile guy with excellent pores. He will always sign the petitions and go to the rallies with you, if that is what you want. You might as well throw him a box of tampons and some chocolate for the way that he is acting towards you. Detailed information about all U.

Maybe you love junk food, but he might judge you for eating that cone of french fries from McDonalds. He may even get snippy about your weight in an effort to get you to control your urges. You may start to also miss milk at some point, because he only allows an alternative, like almond milk, in the house. And anything with trans fats?

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You will never again have to worry about telling your boyfriend to trim his toe nails or to tidy up his beard. Feminine men are all about that deep grooming.

They may even put on a face mask with you a couple nights a week! Nothing wrong with that. He will always look and smell his best. He will never fail to follow a cleansing routine on a daily basis. This makes you two seem like the ultimate power couple! But he might grow to be a little anal about his appearance. This can get a little old, because it causes so much annoyance.

It might take you an extra half hour to get ready to go anywhere and out the door. Feminine men seem to show more empathy towards women. Most of them even consider themselves feminists and will always be on your side for any matter!

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He will always sign the petitions and go to the rallies with you, if that is what you want. He truly believes in equal opportunity. We all know that most men do not like to waste their time walking around the mall, from store to store, with us on those lazy Sunday afternoons. They would much rather be at home watching the football game, cracking a cold one open with the boys. But feminine men will gladly take the time to shop with you any day of the week. Not only because they are not really sports fanatics, but because they actually enjoy going shopping. I don't see a problem with it if you like each other, i don't get why this seems so hard to understand.

Id appreciat a guy for being himself and not tell him what he is or isn't, thats idiotic. Like telling someone a pumpkin is an apple just because there similar in a way dosnt make it the same. My opinion is to stay with him and see where it goes if he's as great a guy as you say dosnt it seem silly to think of leaving him for that? Nope he really sounds on the down low, that's probably why other gay men ask him. Like that would really be saying something. And to go into emphasis about not needing to lie about not being gay sounds a little suspicious any other man even with feminine tendancies would've just left it at no and not an indepth discussion.

Like I know my dad has feminine tendancies but not to that extent. Like there's Metro and then there's on the low But maybe just play it a little farther and gather your opinion. Some don't have to be though. And you made it sound like his answer was indepth about not being gay like I have both gay and non gay guy friends and usually it's a straight yes or no.

Like you're asking for peoples opinions and we're giving them to you. I'm just speaking and incorporating from my experience. But ga head try asking him again and see if he gets upset. If he doesn't get upset then most likely he might not be. I haven't dated one but I worked with a guy that everyone thought was gay but he wasn't. I loved talking to him though. He would give honest answers for my clothes, hair, makeup, etc He dressed nice but not too gay but his mannerisms were really gay.

I don't think I could have dated him he was also married with 2 kids even if he wasn't married. But I did like him a lot. I just don't think I could do the feminine guy thing. It depends on your tolerance for feminine tendencies. I dated this guy who sounded like the guy you described and a couple times when we went out people would come up and ask him if he was gay. To which he politely said he wasn't. He was nice but a little too feminine for me to the point where I felt like the guy!

We decided to just stay friends, Then a year later he got into a relationship with a new girl and they've been together for 2 years!

Confessions Of A Feminine Straight Guy

So it depends on you, if you think you can tolerate his feminine side then absolutely go for it! Would you date a slightly feminine straight male? So this guy I am dating is great. He is a little feminine.

Constructive Conflict

For example, he crosses his legs when he sits. He says he has gay friends, female friends, straight friends, but has never been attracted to a guy. He said he had no reason to lie about it, Because he is completely tolerant of homosexuality but just isn't gay. He is a beautiful man, and because he is a tad bit feminine in actions he gets hit on by men all the time. I have an incredible connection with this guy Any women ever dated slightly feminine men?

He has a lot of female friends who absolutely love him and want to be with him I can see why his female friends would fall for him, I gotta think on this. I am sorry but I think some of the comments by the females were just rude.

Dating a Man Who Is Feminine

Really nice, decent looking, but he is definitely more on the feminine side. If I had met him somewhere out and about I may have thought he was gay based on his mannerisms. I feel like an awful person saying this because he really is so nice and I really need and want a nice guy. He replies to texts and phone calls promptly and I saw him last night again for drinks.

He was very polite and didn't even make any moves on me I'm not sure if there is, but he's been texting me today that he had a nice time and wants to go out again soon. Originally Posted by strawberrykiki.

I'm not really into guys who come off as feminine - basically a dealbreaker for me. I'm not at all into traditional gender roles, but I am just drawn to more rough and tumble sorts because I'm kind of rough and tumble myself. Now, my friend is married to a guy who is always dressed impeccably and gifted in the domestic arts, and, when times are good, gets regular facials at a spa. But he's also a former Marine. Very difficult to perceive him as anything but a virile guy with excellent pores.

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We're weighing 7 pros and 7 cons of dating so-called feminine men. Here we give you the on why dating a feminine man may be a boon—or a bust. May 14, No girl wants to date a feminine guy. It's going to be embarrassing to tell the world because even though she believes that I'm straight, the rest.

If you're OK with it, be OK with it. No one else's opinion matters. I did have one blind date with a Guy who turned out to be like your guy. I just couldn't do it Maybe in the big cities these men are common. They sure aren't around here and he stuck out like a sore thumb. This was a guy in what looked like his mid 50s eating with what looked like his edlerly mother.

This guy kept his napkin laid across his lap the whole time. He was wearing Docker type shorts and a Polo shirt. He kept his legs together like a woman does wearing a skirt.