Airport hookup stories

Guide to the Airport Hookup

In Sarajevo, I chat with a handsome year-old man for some time.

5 TRUE Airport HORROR Stories - Darkness Prevails

He plans to meet me one evening after I finish dinner — but ends up as a no show. I find one friendly local gay man who immediately asks me if I need a tour guide. In the summer I make a decent income connecting with gay tourists on Grindr, the app has opened up an entirely new means to making a living.

I spend the next week in Croatia chatting with a collection of blank, obscured or torso-centric profiles. I find one open gent who lives in Dubrovnik.

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I arrive at the Frankfurt airport shortly before 8am to discover my connecting flight has been delayed until 6. The problem was, as always, we were flying to different parts of the country.

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The heartbreak lasted about seven seconds before I started trying to figure out ways to get upgraded to first class for free. Nonetheless, if this is your situation, just lie. If you have moral compunctions about this you pussy , just look at it as a chance to be creative.

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Somehow, my nerves were not quieted. I had always known that a lot of gay men view their sex lives as inherently deviant, something I believe to be the result of society, which has historically, and in some cases legally, fortified this notion for young gays and lesbians. A hookup in terminal E has an added bonus of possibilities since both domestic and international flights run out of there. You walk in and sidle up to that long, sticky bar, the faint aromas of beer and seafood wafting through the air. I've never met someone off Grindr before," I told him. Isn't it beautiful that airports still have payphones?

This step is designed to make you a bigger person by subtly insulting her destination. For a woman, it gives her the chance to embrace her wild side.

A Surprising # of Women Are Having Sex In Airports: Here’s Why & How to Do It

So take the pressure off. Just as she can be anyone she wants, so can you.

Keeping the conversation steering toward your goal is also important. You want her to feel like this is a chance to do something a little wild, outside of her comfort zone, and that this opportunity is only created by the airport setting.

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You have proof that women want to do it just as much as you do, and you know that there are places you can go to do it. The laws of attraction are powerful—let them do most of the work.