World of tanks matchmaking 9.2

Preferential Matchmaking Tanks in WOT? Now, after using a consumable, you can re-use it after a cooldown of 90 seconds. For better visibility, the minimaps have been given a new style. The Maus has its own branch now. VII has been introduced as well and can now be researched via the VK A vast variety of vehicles, mainly British and German ones, have been improved. The Swedes have arrived!

Exclusive to high-tier Swedish tank destroyers, those modes either increase the firepower or speed of the vehicle. Several dated Premium vehicles have been improved to make them more competitive and profitable. Damage panel, battle-performance badges and fire-direction indicators have been added to the battle user interface.

Fixes to Preferential Matchmaking

Changes to the visibility system: The spotting delay has been reduced, therefore vehicles are spotted faster when they leave their cover. Now you can compare vehicles in the game with different setups modules, crew skills, etc. Better sounds for different damaged modules, the magnitude of damage and more have been introduced to the game. Sound improvements Personal Reserves can now be purchased in-game.

Update History

New HD models Full patch notes Update 9. New style with collapsing and expanding categories containing combat parameters.

Said parameters are now more interactive and change depending on the crew, equipment, and consumables. The mode and the missions have been disabled. Many Japanese, but also other vehicles have been rebalanced. The movement physics have been updated.

How Matchmaking Works

Ravaged Capital has been added to the Rampage mode. This map is based on Paris.

Because of the physics improvements, some maps have been changed to compliment those improvements. The FV has been removed. New players will be fighting bots for their first battles to get acquainted with the gameplay and controls. Berlin was introduced to the Rampage mode. New low-tier American TDs: A new branch has been added with Japanese super-heavy tanks, with the Type 5 Heavy at the top. A new game mode was added to the Rampage mode. A critical error has been fixed that caused low-penetration guns to punch through thick armour.

How Matchmaking Works in World of Tanks

Several vehicles saw changes to their visual appearance. The first game mode of the Rampage mode has been introduced. A new type of bonus has been added to the game. Activate Personal Reserves, whenever you want and benefit from different bonuses for one or two hours. Komarin is no longer available in Random battles. The view range of most SPGs in the game has been drastically reduced. Several new low and top-tier vehicles have been introduced.

Overlord, dedicated to the Allied landing in Normandy in , has been introduced. Northwest, however, is no longer available in Random Battles. New combat reserves introduced, Artillery Strike and Airstrike, which can be used in battle Stronghold mode only. Amount of hits going directly in the very centre has been slightly reduced.

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New friend list and chat options have been introduced. Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire have been removed from the game. Further inaction will result in a cut of rewards and ultimately a game ban.

The Situation

Matchmaker (WoT). Matchmaker (WoT) . Important note regarding camouflage skins: All (as of ) of the maps listed for battle tiers are. The worst part of the many bad parts of is the matchmaking. With only three top tier tanks in every match, the game is in the bag for the.

Stalingrad, a city map, has been added to the game. Major improvements and changes added. Both the War Department and the Legionnaires feature have been added to the game. Existing light tanks have been rebalanced. Some vehicles with the transmission in front are no longer set on fire when getting hit. However, the engine can still be damaged. Complete change of the map. This past May saw us test changes to the KV Had they proven agreeable, they would have been applied to other preferential tanks. As the feedback and testing showed, the reason you take these tanks onto the battlefield or bring them into your Garage in the first place is their preferential status and unique characteristics.

In response to your comments, we went back to the drawing board to work on another round of adjustments. Here's a look at where the current setup is falling short and how the upcoming changes address those areas. We'll kick-off the preferential tank revision by tweaking combat parameters.

We originally set these parameters so tanks can play comfortably and competitively in Tier VIII-IX battles, where they are weaker than other machines in combat given their stats. With this in mind, at Tier X, these tanks would be ineffective, which is why they have preferential matchmaking.

We will definitely look at their stats to ensure their effectiveness is comparable with the performance of Tier VIIIs and remain competitive in those battles.


Join us on Facebook 2,, in the community. Already I have seen a significant drop in the number of players on compared to before the update. This is done to allow new players to familiarize themselves with these smaller maps while they learn the basics of the game. Other maps were corrected and slightly changed or have been removed for specific modes. Increase the penetration value of the standard shell from to mm Minor improvement of the vehicle that does not require major adjustments. Join the community More than ,, players.

Combat parameters will be improved to better suit the Tier spread, while also keeping their gameplay-defining characteristics intact. The vehicle receives significant improvements to all characteristics crucial for tank destroyers. Getting matched at the same position for several battles in a row slows progression and degrades the overall experience for all vehicles. As you can understand, to find the optimal solution will take some time about half a year and we ask for your patience. We have already laid down a plan and work on the matchmaker is underway.

We will give more information when we have it in a separate article. Share on social networks or discuss on the forum.

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Is it only for statistics and stats to increase MM value of some tanks? Oh, I understand now. Your MM have problem limit tank class what can enter in a battel, team match aka time to set filter like: Kieme 11 Posted 24 December - Quote How this works: Match-making system defines type and tier of every single vehicle. T - tier 7 heavy tank. See 7-heavy line and find out which battle tier spread it has. In our example, from 8 to The exact battle tier is chosen on a random basis.

Then match-making system begins processing the waiting queue, and chooses the tanks that can participate in tier 8 battles 8th column and makes up 2 teams from them. Light tank tier 5 vs tier Banelord 14 Posted 27 December - Kieme 15 Posted 27 December -