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bakabe-group.com/components We have some serious issues in the oil field: But there is a problem: The few available girls that are not married are either 1. The men at my second job at a local hotel lounge have shared plenty of these woes with me, and I feel for them. Should we start a mail order bride service?

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Lure fellow females here by some other method? To my knowledge, the party never happened, but I think it illustrates a pretty desperate need for better balance of gender. Read the article here.

These ideas are extreme, but there just might be another, simpler way. A few months back, my friend A, another teacher, thought of an excellent plan: An Oil Field Dating Service. I think this could be a new calling for us. Lessons on making a first impression on a woman. How to be a gentleman.

How to woo the few available ladies here with your charm and wit. How to show manners and therefore have the upper hand over all your rivals. I think we could do some good here.

Oil Field Dating Service

Maybe even charge a fee and make a little extra cash, without having to give out our phone numbers on random highways. Some situations are humorous, others not so much. Ok, I should put in a disclaimer: I think there are plenty of courteous, well-meaning men here.

Just a couple weeks ago during my hotel shift, a man in his mids observed as two other, rather forward men made an uncouth comment or two in my direction. I had to smile to myself a little at that one. But his manners actually DID impress me more than the other two men next to him. Maybe this guy could be a coach at our Dating Service once he sobers up. Yes, times are tough in the oil field. Both are working hard to make a living, but humans need a little more than just survival. Hopefully as our boomtown continues to adapt to the growing pains, the lopsided numbers will even out a bit and love will flare up all over the oil field pardon the pun — I admit, it was bad.

I am a single female in the oilfield working W. I think this is a great idea!

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Its does get old being alone when you get off your hitch and having nobody to call at night while on a hitch. I would deff be interested in something like this! You are commenting using your WordPress. Use privacy policy patent: Using pro-active marketing and gas, latest groups. Victoria, find himself a precaution, - mosquitoes were off and roll, anywhere.

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Our matching algorithm helps to find the right people. You can chat, see photos, have fun, and even meet! About; | Contact us. (c) Oilfield Dating lihazoqefe.tk is an online dating company geared toward matching up individuals who are looking to meet their lifemates in the Oilfield.

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